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gettingsmaller 05-30-2013 08:40 AM

Ideas for losing weight in Golden Years
When I had weight to lose in my 40's, eating a high fat diet and very low carb worked for me. Now that I am in my 60's, the former way of eating is not resulting in weight loss.

Please post recommendations for tweaking weight loss that have worked for those of you who have been successful in reducing weight in the Golden Years.

Mssarge 05-30-2013 09:45 AM

Well, Getting, I'm sure you'll be hearing from a few of our regulars but most of us here follow our own way of eating. Best advice I can give is decide on a plan and stick with it. Move however you can and you may find listing your menus on our weekly forums may help as those who keep a food journal seem to lose more and quicker. Remember that metabolism slows for us, so you may have to limit calories as well as carbs...find a plan and stick with it. Yep, it's slower for us than it was when we were younger...it just takes time and patience.

I've been a low carber for years and got tired of losing and finding the same ten pounds or so and finally discovered alternate day fasting last year and have taken off 40 pounds with another 40 to go. There is a thread for JUDDD (Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet) in the weight loss forum....of course there are threads for most other weight loss plans there as well.

Good luck on your journey.

ravenrose 05-30-2013 09:52 AM

gettingsmaller, you don't say how much you weigh, height, etc.

the fact is, very few people lose more than 5-20% of their all time highest weight and keep it off. the same metabolic problems that led to the original gain are still there, multiplied as we age, and added to by the damage of being overweight for years. the biggest goal is to STOP gaining right now and watch that like a hawk.

losing weight and then regaining it is much worse than never losing it at all, for your health, your self esteem, AND your budget (another new wardrobe???)

good luck, and maybe you can be very successful, but I want you to realize that if you aren't it's NOT YOUR FAULT. just do your best. *hug*

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