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mykneesareback 05-12-2013 06:49 AM

SUNDAY'S Roll Call, May 12
Just getting this in, wishing everyone well, Mother or not..............

Norfolk Mermaid 05-12-2013 07:13 AM

STILL feeling a bit punky but OK.
Dreary, wet day here but hope to start diggin for sure today.
Let us all do WHAT WE WANT today!

Begete 05-12-2013 07:56 AM

Thanx for the start, Doris.

Lainey - glad you are feeling better. Sounded like some sort of food poisoning.

We are off to the mainland for some plant shopping to celebrate Mother's Days and brunch at a favorite restaurant with friends. Got a card from Gabe and a box of sugar free candy. Down 8 pounds as of today.

Let me explain about the - imagine your own favority profanity adjective and insert here - landscapers. As we are getting up in years, but love gardening, we are trying to eliminate as much bending, lifting and heavy work as we can. So we decided to eliminate the 105 feet wide strip about 10 feet deep of grass that separated our cultivated front garden from the street because even though 2 years ago, when we started the cultivated garden, I, myself, put in edging material, it didn't really stop the grass and weeds from spreading into the cultivated garden. So we decided to eliminate the grass and put in gravel.

When the company owner came out to give an estimate for that as well as adding gravel to our driveway, and saw our RV parked at the end of our driveway near the garage, he talked us into his also expanding that area into a RVparking pad.

Friday, they "finished" the pad, John pulled the RV onto it, and it was so far from level even mild mannered John got upset. Their explanation: Our contract just called for an RV pad, not a LEVEL RV pad. Anyone who knows anything about RVs know that RV pads must be level or you risk ruining your refrigerator, etc.and the edging they put in? I, an amateur, did a better job at age 63 two years ago than these "professionals" did. So we are refusing to pay them til they fix everything and this project is taking forever.

Mssarge 05-12-2013 08:19 AM

Happy Mothers' Day to all
Good morning...nothing planned and since NASCAR raced last night I don't have that to look forward to, so it's curl up with the book and the tail-waggers and try to stay cool as the temperature climbs.

Babette, my heart and vibes are going out to you....one of the frustrating things in life is the person hired to do a job and then doesn't do it well. Hope you can get something done about it. We ruined a fridge in our trailer by forgetting about it and parked it on a slant...so we know what you mean.

Lainey, glad you're feeling a bit better and hope you continue to improve. good vibes coming your way,too.

Hoping you all have a great day, do something special for yourself.

Doug_H 05-12-2013 08:30 AM

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

We will be doing a Tri tip on the grill today.

After all the talk about tater salad and deviled eggs yesterday I had to do some HB eggs this morning. :D


birdlady 05-12-2013 08:47 AM

Good Morning gang.Sunny and 64 nice.
I hate having service people here,it's always a problem and home builders are the worse.I will leave it undone first.
Nothing planned for today,it's Mother's Day here everyday.lol

mykneesareback 05-12-2013 09:06 AM

Begete, that is the PIT'S, and we would be livid, around here, also. :hugs: It's not life threatening, but p i s s e s a person off!!! We are supposed to have 2 old refrigerators removed from our property, the people that were set to buy it wanted that, yet we can't find anyone for any amount of money to come remove them!!! And we arn't going to pay someone 2 to 3 hrs. away to come up here to remove them, either.

Gladys, you are right about not wanting "official" people to come to your property to do something, seems to invite problems. We had a heck of a time after we were flooded out, with odds and ends messed up, and we were luckier than most, some had to file lawsuits.

Lainey, I'm glad you are better, I think you had food poisoning and dehydration just messes your electrolytes up, especially being diabetic. Hope you improve soon, and can rest today. Inside!!

Mary, wishing you well and to relax indoors, too.

Doug, thanks for the wishes. How far to you have to travel for Joann to have the knee surgery? lol, I cook H/B eggs practically every day here, use the same old pot I warmed baby bottle in 39 years ago, too.

I think several of our crew members are off with family today, hoping it's fun!

Michele, how are you doing, is it "warm" there? ;) I haven't talked with our son yet.

Off to fix breakfast, the usual zucchini stuff. Yes, did 2 hrs. on the bike.
And so it goes.

Waving at everyone not here today or yet, hugs to Louise and Bob, Verleen, if she still is able to peek in.

modon69478 05-12-2013 09:09 AM

Gladys, No, you didn't miss it - I just didn't mention it because it was minor and mostly annoying. I've had this pain in the bicep area for several months now - I've done all the xrays and MRI, and, thank goodness, they were all normal. So, now it's time for physical therapy. I hope it helps! Thanks for asking -


modon69478 05-12-2013 09:13 AM

Doris, The weather has been unusally cool so far this May - yesterday, we might have reached 80, if that. But, we know to enjoy it because it will heat up fast around here!

Enjoy your day!

Shalbrihil 05-12-2013 09:46 AM

Have a nice Mother's day today!

We're heading to the In-laws to enjoy a bar-bq. There will be 6 dogs. :D

SuSUN 05-12-2013 11:28 AM

Happy Mother's Day right back at YOU Doris and to All here.:heart:

Sorry been MIA this darn summer cold and taking the meds puts me in the 'twilight zone' Ha! I have declined all offers to celebrate today, just want a quiet day with no demands going at a turtle pace.

Picked DS up from the airport yesterday. He is here for a trade show for 4 days then up to Montreal for another one. Good news is he might be back staying with me as his base, works out less expensive for him that way. I know he really wants to settle in Florida but until he can afford it best at home.

DD and DGD were at the Stables since 6:30am DGD was competing again this morning. I just couldn't drag myself there today.

Wishing All a pleasant day and hope to bbt...

Doug_H 05-12-2013 11:46 AM

Doris, they do the surgery here in Bullhead City.
Lots of old people here on Medicare. :)
Actually this area has 2 fine hospitals and an abundance of medical specialist.

Been over 100 here and expected to stay that way for the next couple days.


ocali 05-12-2013 11:53 AM

Happy Mothers Day to all. Heard from all four of my kids. Nice. Got beautiful bouquets from two of them (a waste of money, is what my opinion is). But I love the thoughts. Also phone calls from some of the grandkids.
Not going to the dessert/entertainment at clubhouse tonight.

LoveMontana 05-12-2013 04:33 PM

Thanks for the start off, Doris. Was going to do it last night but got busy and forgot.:dunno:

PITA not to be able to find anyone to come take those two refrigerators. Good grief!! Does your town have a trash day or will your garbage people do it for a reduced fee?

Babette, Can't blame you one bit for not paying those jerks until they get it done right.
Guess you need to get everything in writing these days.

Wishing all of the moms a great Mother's Day.

mykneesareback 05-12-2013 06:48 PM

Our town wouldn't have a trash day if their lives depended on it, the trash comes from the county, and the county won't take refrigerators unless a certified person removes the freon from the thing, and even then, YOU have to take it to their dump site, they don't pick up anything extra besides the usual garbage. That's why so many people keep every car they have ever had in their entire lives out on their property, and old furniture sits outside, etc. This county isn't the only one that does that, all over America, people have collections of all of their cars from 1920 on up, lol. Just can't get rid of the stuff.........:hyst: New Mexico comes to mind........

SuSUN 05-13-2013 04:31 PM

Doris, put them on craigslist for free, someone will come to get them.

LoveMontana 05-13-2013 04:37 PM

Great idea Susan, but if you don't want to bother with that Doris, just put them out with a "for Sale" sign on them with a price of $50.00. Leave them out all night and with any luck, they will be gone in the morning.;)
People around here do that with things they just want to get rid of.

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