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mykneesareback 05-08-2013 10:04 PM

THURSDAY'S Roll Call, May 9
This month is buzzing by :newbie:

Norfolk Mermaid 05-09-2013 06:06 AM

OWEY, I hurt everywhere.
Overdid the gardening yesterday and then "Joe" across the street dug up over a thousand daffs from his yard and delivered them to my front yard! I was just about to drop and still had to go get some cat food to last them till I did a big shop. Anyhow, I sorted them all out and gently laid them in my stash of Sam's Club boxes and must plant them today because I don't want the to get burned by the sun. I have dug out about ten gardening books that I had forgot I even had... one is a editable flower garden that I have always wanted to do.
Gotta go I collapsed last niht without taking my niht pills and now I am paying by being chained to the potty.

ocali 05-09-2013 06:58 AM

Lainey, for heaven's sakes, don't overdo the gardening. You will really make yourself sick. Wish you could get a young teenager to help you in the planting and weeding. It would be worth it.

LoveMontana 05-09-2013 08:13 AM

Thanks for the kick start for Thursday, Doris.

Hopefully you will have some good news on the house soon.

Geez, Lainey. That is too much work for us old gals.:console:

Have to take a hose I bought a few weeks ago back. Darned thing leaks at the connection to the water supply.:mad:

Mssarge 05-09-2013 09:38 AM

Good morning all...enjoying the morning sun and my first cuppa coffee. Just remembered I didn't call my brother last night to wish him a happy birthday. Give him a bit of time to get moving then call.

Lainey, those daffs sound so good...love 'em. Just keep 'em covered until you get them in the ground. Sounds like you're really getting it going, just be careful about doing too much and don't forget the pills...

Hoping you all have a great day with good things coming your way.

Msevon2 05-09-2013 05:52 PM

Good evening ladies. Guess this is a busy season for all of us. I am pushed to my restraints lately. It is so busy at work. I had 2 doctor appts on Tues. Got presciption for new glasses, then had a phsyical. Had to spend Tues night and wed night with my daughter to take the kids to school and then went to Greenville. The 1st day I took the presciptions and my gps and I had a falling out. I finally stopped and got directions. Then went back this morning and picked them up. I got reg bifocals and the sunglasses bifocals. Both were only $220 and I love em. A whole new style for me, but it was time. Then when I got home this morning, after stopping at the grocery, I get a call from this colon doctor office. My doc did not tell me about that. Dont know if I need that or not. Had one 6 years ago. What do yall do?

I will have a busy weekend also. I want to go yard sales with my friend Sat morning, then keep the kids sat afternoon and have a date Sat night. Then the guys at church are cooking breakfast for the moms on sunday morning and my son in law is taking his mom, wife and me to dinner at lonestar. My daughter just started Atkins on Monday and is falling in love with it. Already lost 3.5 lbs this week. I would be insulted but she is happy, so I say nothing. She was the carb, low cal queen and good to see her feeling so much better. She is looking forward to the steak and salad and brocolli. I have not told her yet that she can have a sweet potato. Do you think it is too soon for her? I was surprised she lasted this long, but her friend is doing it also and she lost 5 lb this week. So I am happy for both of them. I am fasting today.

Why is Verlene not posting any more. Does she not have computer service, or just too busy moving?

Hope everybody has a nice mothers day. evon

SuSUN 05-09-2013 06:48 PM

Hi All, just running in to report for roll call, menu and exercise.

Wishing All a pleasant evening and refreshing sleep. Hope tbbt...

mykneesareback 05-09-2013 07:06 PM

We are back on track trying for the same house, place your bets...............:hyst:

LoveMontana 05-09-2013 07:15 PM

:jumpjoy::jumpjoy: Doris, wishing you both the best.
Details when you can, please.;)

Meveon, If you had no problems with the last colonoscopy, why so early? Mine are done every 8 to10 years.

Hi to Susan and everyone else.

Msevon2 05-09-2013 07:35 PM

Love Mt, they like to give you one every 3 years around here. It all started with an eye doctor. He has some new equipment that took picture of the inside of your eye (so they said.) He come in there all excited and told me I needed to go to a doctor asap. I asked why and finally saying I was not going to a doctor if he did not tell me why, he told me he thought I might have colon cancer because I had all these tumors in my eyes. He even wrote a note for me to give the doctor. I did not have one at the time, so my friend at work suggested hers. She thought he was crazy, but scheduled me for a colonoscopy. They took out 3 wrinkles and nothing wrong anywhere. So I have not had one since. But later on she asked me about my eye. I did have this place that always itched. And I would scratch it and it would bleed and then scab over. So she sent me to an othomologist. He took it out and it did come back as skin cancer. That was 5 years ago. I told my eye doctor about it the other day and he dialated my eyes and told me they were just freckles on my eyes and nothing to worry about. I had been told I had freckles before also. I thought I had read if you have not outstanding problem, you only needed one every 10 years, so I may not sign up for it. I am not having any problems. And the copay is ridiculous and those pills were awful. I asked this lady about this when she called and she said he did not reccomend the pills, he like the liquid laxative. I dont like any of them.

LoveMontana 05-09-2013 07:46 PM

Good grief!!!:eek: Every three years? You should ask your family care provider about it. Every three years sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

My 88 year old mom had a pre malignant tumor in her ascending colon and had surgery to remove it. Now she has a colonoscopy every 5 or 6 years...and we are east of the Mississippi too.:D

Shalbrihil 05-09-2013 08:25 PM

I had a pre cancerous polop sp. so now I need one every 5 years or so. I'm in California :)

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