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mykneesareback 05-03-2013 09:17 PM

SATURDAY'S Roll Call, May 4
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Happy belated Anniversary to Mary Mary..........:)

Saturday, let's try to enjoy what we can, and to heck with the rest of it!!

Begete 05-03-2013 10:06 PM

Spent the entire day in the garden except for the hour I did the cheesecake. I am really tired, and fell asleep during Bill maher.

Finished, finally, the fall cleanup. Now we have to work on spring weeding, and plant some of the new plants I bought.

Have a good one.

modon69478 05-04-2013 06:32 AM

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Good morning everyone,

Doris, The dog did not get to go on the trip. The people boarding him just took a picture of him with the container of gelato next to him to let me know that he got to taste it too. The tour I went on was not associated with work, it was part of an alumni association. We had a good time and are planning a reunion for sometime in the Fall.

The first week back to work was hard; I'm glad it's over - hopefully, it will get easier from here. Today is full of lots of errands - laundry, bank, dry cleaners, car dealership, grocery shopping, house cleaning. Hope my energy holds up!

Enjoy your day as best you can -

tatehouse 05-04-2013 06:50 AM

A rainy day here in Georgia. Feels like it is raining all over the world! Tee hee!

Will spend the day with movies and my new book!

Have a great day all.


Norfolk Mermaid 05-04-2013 07:03 AM

Good Saturday to all.
Gray and drizzily with storms tomorow- will dodge the rain drops and lather the Jeep up with a little hose action and let the storms rinse off the rest. My neihbor "Joe" across the street is loaning me his step stool but I am hoping my kitchen mop will be a big help with the top. Speaking of neihbors I have not talked with Anita for some weeks... her insulin or just plain diabetes leaves her with a lot of rage and it is very neiative in general. It is a shame but I just have to shield myself in extreme cases. She does have valid reasons as her Daughter and Son take really take advantae of her- especially in the money department with her late 30's Son livin at home with marinal thanks at best. The daughter drives a late model Mustang Convert. and it comes out of (500.+) monthly payment that comes from her good ole Mom and Pop. Of course her daughter goes on cruises taking friends and live in boyfriend paying from her excellent pay from her Dr. ofc. managing job. It sickens me to see all that so I just stay away. If a friend is not a jewel in my crown or me a gem in theirs I move on. Of course I consider myself the "center and largest) jewel in my crown. Never ever co-sign people if there is a history with that person of abuse.
Sorry for rant!
Gotta etta going. My house, garden, jeep, etc. jewels are neeiding some polishing.

Shalbrihil 05-04-2013 08:48 AM

Very good advice Lainey. Staying away from excess chaos is a very healthy way to live. :)

This morning is quite different from yesterday's weather. It overcast and should reach 70's later in the day. Much nicer for this ole lady.

Michele your trip looks like so much fun. i bet you had trouble re-adjusting when you got back.

Dh just took a picture of the pigeons that visit in the morning. Laughing here as of course they all flew when they heard the noise of the screen door. They are wild ya know! HA!

Doing a little straightening and later some net flex. Begete, would love to see your garden. I remember you saying when you first arrived on your island that you had a bunch of rocks. They make beautiful gardens.

See you all later.

ocali 05-04-2013 08:51 AM

Anne, now you've got me singing that song..lol
Doris, we all want to see pics of the house because we feel like we are buying it, too. We are so involved with each other...tee hee (as Anne says).
Michele, your trip sounds wonderful. Two of my kids and one grand-daughter have been to Italy and loved it. The grand-daughter went with her high school travel club.
Lainey, you are sure keeping yourself busy as usual with your constant gardening. Take some pictures of your yard, etc. so we can see the results of your work. Sorry that you and your friend, Anita, are not close anymore. She was a nice walking companion.
Begete, I can imagine how beautiful your flowers and veggies look with all your work. Would love to see, too.
Hi to all that follow...including all the 'new' gals.
Shalbrihil, we were posting at the same time.......hi!

Mssarge 05-04-2013 09:07 AM

Good morning all...we're cooling off a bit today. Didn't hit 100 degrees, but the thermoes were sure flirting with it for the last couple of days. Now they're saying we may get thunderstorms Monday morning...WT????

Cleaning today...yesterday N wasn't able to come over, her GFN man is really messing with her...glad I don't have that kind of problem. What do they say? If we all put our troubles in a big pile, we'd each take out our own after seeing other's...or something like that.

Lainey, I certainly agree with you...I don't hang with folks that raise my ire.

Speaking of which, I have a sign on my door from the San Diego Zoo along the lines of Please do not mess with the animals, with a long list of synonyms for "Disturb" One of which is "irk" Had a solicitor yesterday who asked me for the meaning of that word...he had never heard of it...he was young, but not that young. I guess the youngun's today don't have much of a vocabulary.

Time to feed the fur kids, get dressed and ready for the cleaning crew...have a great day folks.

SuSUN 05-04-2013 03:17 PM

Hi All, just a quick run in. We are having gorgeous sunny weather up here. The geese are back in droves. Went to the park with GF this morning we had two hours walking then sitting on a bench looking at the boats being put in the water after dry dock for the Winter. The river is so pretty when the weather is nice.
I am off dancing tonight with two other GFs so hopefully that will be fun.

Working tomorrow but hope to bb later tomorrow...

Norfolk Mermaid 05-04-2013 03:59 PM

SuSun, them geese went home to get warm.
It is in the 50s but the wind makes it feel really cold and I ain't never cold.
The hardest part of gardening isn't weed pulling to me- this indecisive "Libra" will choose 5 spots for one plant moving it hither, dither and yon before commiting to one place... I have about 20 plants sittin in a roup and I place maybe 7 of them today... did frame out in my mind maybe 10 more. One herb I picked out a place for- front steps spot down by the drive way and of course the exhaust from the Jeep will not reach it there. I plan to plant the other herbs in seperate ood sized clay pots as I did not like doin them all in one very long plant holder that hangs over the railing in the back... course I could put the herb pots down in those holders hmmm.
Made some ice tea and stevia and now have a killer heart burn- gave up on tums as my Dr. says leave them alone cause of my thyroid.
Gladys, I always forget to ask- are you near Bourbon Street and all that fun stuff- oh I would love to visit there.. crazy mad for those street funneral bands.
welp, I give in and will put on some heat for a little bit just to take the chill off.
bbl or t

LoveMontana 05-04-2013 04:15 PM

Running in finally. New water heater is installed and working fine. The old one sprang a leak after only 5 years. What a PITA.

Lainey, you are so right. People who are not upbeat and real friends have no place in our lives.

Waving to everyone.:hiya: Must run.

birdlady 05-04-2013 07:41 PM

Nice day today but still didn't cut my grass.lol
Got invited to DS1 camp for a crawfish boil,so spent the afternoon with DD, DS1,DDIL and DGD Alyssa.Alyssa took a math test and scored 7 points short of a perfect score,I asked what happen she just looked at me said I don't know and we started lol.She did very well as Miya is BBF and that is heavy on her.They go most every day to help out and cook supper for them.

modon69478 05-04-2013 07:47 PM

Has any of you discovered 'The Bletchley Circle' yet? Saw it for the first time tonight - Very good! Anne and Susan will certainly enjoy this one!


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