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LoveMontana 04-25-2013 08:08 AM

Thursday, April 25 Roll Call
OOPS, looks like no body started this off for today, so I guess I will.

The twins with mom and dad.


Begete 04-25-2013 08:12 AM

LOL. Linda and I were posting at the same time so I edited mine to send folks here.

I am off to the mainland this morning for Drs appointments.

Susan - please read my reply to you on yesterday's thread.

Have a good one!

Mssarge 04-25-2013 09:10 AM

Just shows great minds work the same way. Good morning all....cloudy and cool still. Everyone must be having a busy morning, but I'm sure they'll all show up some time.

Had a good time last night with girls' night out and even won a bit. Doc's appointment for the left knee this morning so I'm out of here myself....just worried a bit because the electric company has a scheduled power outage for three hours. Making sure all unnecessary stuff is turned off and the 'puters are shut off, too. I won't be here when the power comes back on so keeping fingers crossed all wll be well.

Waving at all and hoping you all hav a great day. Hugs for all on the road and are under the weather.

Norfolk Mermaid 04-25-2013 10:05 AM

Good morning all (am for another 5 mins )
Having a ball playing with my plants I bought yesterday at Home Depot. 3 egg plants; 3 beautiful toms. with tiny baby toms on them; 2 red & 2 green bell peppers; 1 reek (G) orano; 1 curly parsley; seems I got more than that- Oh, a big box of Miracle Grow.... hmm let me go look as all is on the front steps freshly watered and dead (only a few) leaves removed. Some were very dry and that makes me mad but the stuff was picked over and I had to settle with what was left. Other stores are very, very bad with their care of plants. The one I love White's Nursery (gigantic) is perfection but quite the drive and $$$.
Going to phone Verleen or try.
bb in a bit- I am marking full sun spots for plantings. I finally have 1 lilac flower on a bush that has been in the yard for years- you know that puppie is getting a drink of MGrow.

Shalbrihil 04-25-2013 10:14 AM

Glad to see the sun this morning. Yesterday was overcast and just plain gloomy. Now our shopping day will be with the sun.

Our inlaws came by yesterday to see us for a bit. We had a nice visit. She told me about some Homeopathic pain relief gel that she buys at our health food store. So as I need to buy some supplies today will check that out. It has the herb traumeel in it? Something new to put on my heel and knee. :D

I put some chia seeds in my iced tea. It's kind of pretty floating around in there.

Have a great day and hugs who need them.

pfair143 04-25-2013 12:55 PM

Got in the gym yesterday but couldn't really settle in. Maybe it was being outside the two days before and was missing the Vit D and fresh air. Still took a walk of maybe a mile and a half in the late afternoon. Sun not so hot and had a nice breeze.

Husbands's eye doctor appointment this morning and then went by the library, one of my favorite places. I wish I could just walk down an aisle, and all the stories would just jump into my head slowly so that I could block the ones I didn't like and absorb the ones I do. Ok. may be I had a little too much sun yesterday. :o

Had to fend off a craving for peanut butter last night of all things. I don't even particularly like pb, but throw some honey on it and Nellie bar the door! :newbie:

Still determined. Have a great day all.

Loretta V 04-25-2013 01:20 PM

Thanks for the start up today. The twins are beautiful as well as mom and dad, Linda. How old are they? Is one of the parents a child of yours?

We had frost last night but it has warmed up to the 60s this afternoon.

mykneesareback 04-25-2013 03:58 PM

Those twins are adorable, my goodness, Linda!

Hope Begete has a safe trip to the "mainland". And some shopping gets done.

We were up so early, I never had time to start the thread, and I was on the phone with Texas son late last night, excited once again.

Loretta, glad you are busy and happy!

Anne, I think you are right about having your own place, as long as you can, we would drive our kids nuts just from our music channels.

Lainey, happy planting!!!

Susan, are houses selling well right now, where you live, would your house be easier to sell now?

dh had to have a whole new set of blood tests today, they think he has some kind of infection and need to figure it out.

Sharon, nice to have a visit with inlaws, since you get along, lol. I'll bet that tea ingredient is not new at all, just one of the old ones recycled to make money now, you know how that goes.
Mary, hope the knee injection works well for you.
Off to check emails and need to put asparagus away wrapped in paper towels. One of my brothers is coming for a visit with his wife on Saturday, he hasn't been here since 1997!!! Since we are selling, he wants to see it again.

Waving at you, Verleen, and Louise, how are you doing?

weezie 04-25-2013 06:11 PM

Hi all-

Had my first carbo/taxol treatment today, which went pretty well. Will go back tomorrow to get a shot to boost white cell production. Since I am filled with steroids and anti-nausea meds right now I feel okay, but have been warned that the carbo/taxol can cause muscle pain and the white cell booster will cause bone pain. Oh joy. The whole shebang will ultimately cause peripheral neuropathy. More joy. i have read, however that glutamine can offset this and my doc gave me the okay to try it.

For those who don't know, i have stage 4 endometrioid adenocarcinoma (with a possible simultaneous ovarian adenocarcinoma) and have no choice but to fight this tooth and nail. The 5-year survival rates are appalling, but I'm planning to do everything I can to remain among the survivor group!

On a positive note, this diagnosis makes me a shoo-in for federal disability. i've applied and the waiting period is 3-5 months, though they will expedite some cases. It will basically allow me to start my Social Security and Medicare coverage early. i've certainly paid my share over time and this will be a real boon.

Sorry to be so self-involved. I do read all of your posts and will try to get up the energy for individual follow up soon.

Meantime, love to all,


SuSUN 04-25-2013 07:37 PM

A huge Thank You Babette for your post of yesterday.
LOL! re your comment. "let alone another Country." :stars:

I have copied your insightful words for reference and talking it over with my son and daughter.
We would be looking at a large place, but I do like my own space here, just not the maintenance that is creeping up on a 30 years old house.
DS is moving back to Florida so I would be on my own in this house.
A bit too big for me 4 bedrooms.

Louise, :hugs: glad you had the strength to come here to post with us tonight. You are in my thoughts and :aprayer::aprayer::aprayer:prayers dear friend.

Doris, the Spring market has just started and the lower priced homes are selling but they are all done up to modern standards.
I didn't think I needed to put granite counter tops, new kitchen and bathrooms but is seems that's the standard people want today. Not sure if I want to spend on this place to sell it. If I did it up I might want to stay here. LOL!:D

Anne and Lainey, Thank you for your comments it really helps me make my decision when people are frank with me.:up:

Now Linda, Who are those twins? Your son's or another relative? Inquiring minds here...;) What are their names? They are just adorable thanks for sharing.:up:

Waving to All...:heart:

Hope to bbt...

LoveMontana 04-25-2013 08:14 PM

Finally getting back in here.

Babette, you have some wise words for people contemplating moving in with relatives. It's just NEVER a good idea.:goodpost:

Twins are my nephew's boy and girl. Cute things who will be two in Oct.:cool:
Names are Maveric and Eva

mykneesareback 04-25-2013 08:34 PM

Louise, sending you cyber hugs and prayers. How is Bob doing?

Linda, I love those names!!!

Glad to read everyone's posts, I'm just not focused today to answer, we got back late, and sort of in a tizzy here.

Norfolk Mermaid 04-25-2013 08:49 PM

I called Verleen today and left a message recorded.
She has not called back. Just said that we were awfully worried about her and missed her greatly.
I very much hope that my post on her baby talk post did not anger her. I am so sorry if it did and I apologise to her. I will wait a few days and call her again and apologise formally.
I requested her permission to give her phone number to someone wanting it and ask if I could have her e-mail addy- I may have it and will look around here tomorrow.
Sweet dreams everyone and I sure am exhausted from playing with my plants today and will pick out the spots for planting tomorrow- I visualized where the sun was full as most of the plants want that. I am thrilled to be putting in asparaus but have read they can be persnickity. I'll get some anti fungal spray to have on hand for next summer and I need some aphid spray for the camiias. My last fall mums wintered beautifully and I need to et them cut back and in the ground as well. Sure do love gardening.
Did I mention I will be taking piano lessons again this fall as a birthday present for myself Sept. 30th. Sure is a good thing I love oatmeal and grits. I have not touched the piano since a few months before Dad died in the fall of 2003- Sept. 19th.
Louise, wonderful to hear from you and I think of you and Bob so very often.
I admire your spirit so much. Prayers for you both.
Good Night all.

LINDA, love those names as well!

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