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mykneesareback 04-03-2013 09:49 PM

Thursday's Roll Call, April 4
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:) I'll be out the door early on Thursday, doctor wants to test my thyroid, but so far, my heel feels better, just after he held my foot in his hands....:hyst:

See yah later on in the afternoon, friends. Hang in there!

modon69478 04-04-2013 05:13 AM

Hope all goes well for you, Doris. Will be thinking of you today.


Norfolk Mermaid 04-04-2013 06:52 AM

Me too Doris- what Michele said! Oh and I got a few places that Doc can hold in his hands.

tatehouse 04-04-2013 08:02 AM

Morning all,

I only got one episode of Downton watched last night. I'm still in season one. Episode 6 I believe will be my next one. It is definitely addicting. I knew it would be which is part of the reason I waited so long to start it. Really enjoying it.

Rain has set in here for the next few days. I had to grab a sweat shirt since it had gotten cooler, too.

Hope you all have a good Thursday.

Begete 04-04-2013 08:52 AM

Good monring everyone.

Thanx for starting us off, Doris and good luck.

I am off to garden club this morning, with a non low carb treat for the members as I am one of 4 hostesses.

For those who asked about "the boys":

They really do love being with us. We watched TV for about 1 and 1/2 hours tonight, and the entire time Red was all over me while Blue purred in John's lap.

But we MUST get the litter issue under control before they can have free run of the house.

I spend a lot of time cleaning up after them on just one floor. But they are very cuddly and I miss having a kitty in bed with us.

Also, I think because they were shelter cats, and spent so much time confined in their cage, they needed the time to get their muscles working and develop more coordination. We have noticed that they seem to be a bit wobbly at times, though they r improving. We haven't let them climb stairs yet, fearing they weren't strong enough. But today they were actually chasing each other around the lower level at fairly high speed, so thy may be ready to climb stairs.

Norfolk Mermaid 04-04-2013 09:00 AM

Love hearing about the "boys" which is blue- the little one? They will be declairing their "Kingdom" soon enough. I saw a litter dome that washes the litter after each use and never need replacing the litter... also one that rakes and bags the leavings automatically. Search Hammer Ker Slammaker- you know who I mean.

Mssarge 04-04-2013 10:49 AM

Good morning from foggy SoCal. Wondering what to do today so taking my time over coffee.

Y'all have a good day...bbl.

Verleen 04-04-2013 12:06 PM

Hi friends. Sunny day here. Cold though. Cathy is off today and tomorrow. I need her to show me where the electrician can put the outlets in her sitting room that we're restoring. Or at least give me permission to do it for her. So, as usual, Rich and I are sitting here waiting to hear from her.

We want to go shopping at the lighting store to find a ceiling light for the stairwell/hall where my lift chair is.

Yesterday he and I went shopping and I found a TV console and a recliner for Rich for our family room. Its brown leather and he said its the most comfortable chair he's ever sat in. My two recliners are a moss green and his chair is a dark brown. I wanted some color in the room, so I found a loveseat with a victorian floral pattern. It has some of the moss green and some dark brown in it. Works for me. I went out looking for a threshold bench and bought 3 other pieces. :dunno:

The next time we go out to the house, we are taking Molly with us. Our neighbors, who always come out with their dogs, will want to see her. We have quite the assortment of pure bred dogs in our new neighborhood.

I hope everyone has a pretty good day today. Babette, it sounds like those two kittens are settling in very well.

Doris, any news on your house in Texas?

Loretta V 04-04-2013 01:19 PM

Winter is hanging on here in Ky. Rainy day with temps in the 40s.

Glad that your new family is setteling in Begete. Hope you all stay warm.

Verleen it sounds like you are moving along nicely. When is the move in?

Saw the eye doc yesterday about my cataracts and have surgery scheduled for May 2. The other eye to follow on May 16. Just a little nervous about it.

Still hanging out with John #2. Enjoying the relationship and am so happy to have someone to be there for me for these cataracts.

birdlady 04-04-2013 01:34 PM

Good for you,Loretta.
The Dr. could not find anything wrong with DS1 ear or what is making him dizzy.I don't like that,something is wrong but what.DS2 has similar problems.DD needs to have surgery on her shoulder for a work related problem,no Dr. wants workmen's comp.Guess it's our turn for Drs.
It's cool here and cloudy,but no rain says the tv guy.
Take care.

LoveMontana 04-04-2013 02:05 PM

Good afternoon,

Doris, wishing you good luck at the doctors. Hope all goes well.

Hope the cats settle in soon for you Babette. They have to be a hoot to watch.:love:

Loretta, good luck with that surgery. Mine aren't quite ready for surgery yet.

Verleen, you are having so much fun decorating the new place. Good for you.

Gladys, perhaps a second opinion is in order for your DH. Wishing you the best with that.

Yeah, hardly any doctors like Workman's comp. Unfortunately it will only get worse.:sad:

Hi to Lainey, Anne, Mary and all who follow.

DH drove me over to wal mart to walk for about an hour and now my "butt cheek" hurts like a SOB.:sad:

SuSUN 04-04-2013 06:15 PM

Doris, Adorable Pup with all those wrinkles. :love: What a pleasant start to our thread today. Thanks again.
You are such a hoot re the drs hands.:hyst:

Babette, The boys sound like they are adjusting to their new home just fine.

Loretta, so glad you are enjoying life again. I will be interested to hear how you fair with the eye surgery. I hear good results.

Oh Linda, sounds like you are slowly on the mend, easy does it GF.:hugs:

Gladys, hope you and yours:heart: get the drs problems resolved soon.

Anne, hope you are savouring every episode as we don't get the next series until the Fall.

WOW! Lainey, that kitty litter sounds like something else.
Just be careful and mind those places away from the dr. ;):D

Hi Michele, hope You are not working too hard away or at home.

Waving to All.:hiya:

mykneesareback 04-04-2013 07:07 PM

Hello, finally have time to just cluck for awhile, lol.

Lainey, that's funny about what your doctor could "hold" for you, lol :high5:

Verleen, I like the type of furniture you are mentioning, perfect for that Victorian house. Hope Cathy finally arrived to help show you what she needs in that room, and you could find a light for the area of the stairs.

Michele, are you at home now, working at the usual place?

Gladys, I would wonder about that ear issue, still, don't know if another opinion is an option or not. It's so tiresome dealing with medical stuff, actually its a bummer with or without insurance.

Linda, wouldn't yah know, your poor "cheeky" area can't handle all that movement yet. Do you sit on a cushion at home?

Begete, I think those kitties will be fine, just let things move along slowly, but I understand about the pottie training business/litter issue.

Susan, do you have to work this weekend, or Sunday? Have you decided to look for a place with your daughter yet?

Loretta, I'm glad you have found a nice guy to hang with, and help you deal with these cataract surgeries coming up..........:) Does he like to walk the same as you?

Hi Mary, did you go visit some friends today, cheer them up and so forth?

We had a rather busy day, for us. Had to hurry out of the house for my bloodtest, and once the people heard we were planning on moving, everyone either had friends in Texas or wanted to go there, too, and were loaded with questions, took awhile to get out of there to go eat breakfast. Than went to Safeway, more meeting people and yakking, never knew we knew so many people, frankly. Then went to the drugstore here in our tiny town, needed to buy birthday cards, then went home. Turned on computer, the loan lady needed another form signed and faxed, so, back into town, to the drugstore to fax that off. Got back home, half an hour later, phone rings, drugstore lady said the fax didn't work, line was busy, so we just said the heck with it and will go in first thing in the morning. Wore us out, Man, are we getting OLD or something! dh had to take a long, loud, nap, and I just read a magazine instead of washing dishes, what's with that??? :hyst:

Ann, hope you enjoy the rest of that series, someday, I will watch it too. :)

Enjoy your evening. :heart:

Mssarge 04-04-2013 07:08 PM

Hi There again...N found a bike trailer in Murrieta Hot Springs for a song, so took her down there. Had a lot of fun fitting it into the car, tho' as it's a double wider. Now she'll be able to take her toddler along with her when she rides away.

That took about three hours so it was time usefully spent..I found some great salmon so killed two birds with one trip.

Doris, we were posting at the same time...sometimes magazines trumps washing dishes...

Hope you had a good day, too....

Norfolk Mermaid 04-04-2013 07:31 PM

woo hoo I DID it! I mowed the curb strip...
with the weed whacker and swept up all the cut stuff off the curb- I was too
slow though. Maybe I will get faster with practice. NOW LADIES AND DOUG that is 40.00 I get to keep every month all spring, summer and fall and I get the exercise I totally need a couple of times per week- ain't I great?
Boy this board is sure map hopping lately. I love all the details so keep them coming.
Nighty night- tis the bed for meself!

mykneesareback 04-04-2013 07:36 PM

Well, HIGH FIVE for you, Lainey!!! That is great, save the money and exercise and be outside, seeing what goes on in the neighborhood!! :)
Good thing you bought that weed whacker last year, after all.

Yes Mary, funny how sometimes we post at the same times, I do that with Susan and Linda alot.

Off to get something done on here, hopefully. Raining again, but not icy cold at all.

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