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modon69478 03-23-2013 05:42 AM

Hope you all enjoy your day!



tatehouse 03-23-2013 08:07 AM

I'm looking forward to enjoying a day of peace and quiet. The Egg hunt went really well. They each found 12 eggs. 6 with the first name and 6 with the last name. Maggie did really well. A lesson and eggs, too.

The picnic was fun but of course, Maggie was too excited to eat so when we came home we finished our lunch at the kitchen table.

Doris, your house is darling. I would love to have a house all on one floor. Hope your move is uneventful. Safe travels.

Nothing else going on...have a wonderful weekend everyone.

mykneesareback 03-23-2013 08:09 AM

Thanks for starting Roll Call, Michele, are you getting any heavy rain or hail? We have heavy rain here at the moment.

Thanks for all the good wishes on the house. We "downsized" on the acre we have now, but this house is way bigger than anything we ever had in our lives. Has lots of closet space, which we don't have now, our current place doesn't even have a hall closet or linen closet. There is a walking trail nearby this place, I already saw several gals my age walking by while we were talking to the home inspector yesterday.

Wishing you all well, we head back to Calif. early tomorrow. Trying to get back earlier so paperwork can be faxed back as soon as possible.

Linda, are you dealing with your pain allright until Monday, do you need to lie down or just sit and rest up? Hope that the surgery goes smoothly for you!
Hoping our sick folks here can feel better soon, Lainey, Loretta, Begete, and Verleen, wishing you extra energy to get through this moving phase, and stress.

Enjoy your weekend, if you are able to. Mary, waving at you on the way back, lol.

modon69478 03-23-2013 08:18 AM

Nope, not a drop, Doris. Safe travel tomorrow -


mykneesareback 03-23-2013 08:53 AM

I'm also wondering how Louise is getting along by now, and Bob, having to deal with so much now? The motel we are staying at has several people undergoing chemo and surgeries, and they have to stay here for weeks at a time, usually with a friend or relative with them to help them get around. Some of them are from other states, in fact, not Texas. They say the hospitals here are better.

It stopped thunder and lightning, but it's cool, for here.

Anne, sounds like Maggie had a good time doing the Easter egg hunting :shake:

How many of you friends have "land lines" and cell phones both? At home, we need the land line because the cell does not work well at all, but I noticed there doesn't seem to be a land line at this house. What are your thoughts, if I can pick your brains? I know Loretta let go of her land line.
Sorry if I'll be asking "dumb questions", we are not used to city life at all.

ocali 03-23-2013 09:09 AM

Doris, do you now have to put your 'old' house on the market? Or, have you already listed it...or sold it? We will go step by step with you. You must be so excited!!

Mssarge 03-23-2013 09:24 AM

Good morning all...foggy, but clearing so it's nice and cool. Up early with the puppy. He doesn't seem to need it anymore but my brain won't let me sleep in; sure wish I could stop that and get another hour of sleep. No takers for the puppy at work, so if I want to find another home for him, I'm going to have to seek other means. Not likely as I'm the pack master/mistriss...once they come through my door they stay...oh well, TPTB know what they're doing.

Doris, I have both land line and cell phone. The land line is just a hold over and I keep it because everyone I know has that number and it's tied in with my DSL with Verizon. TWC keeps trying to get me to "bundle" but the same thing with my e-mail address...everyone has it. If ATT had its TV service in this area, I'd change in a minute and have my TV, phone and internet with them; but they don't so I won't change. Had to do it over or could change without too much trouble, I'd just have the cell phone. But I'm too lazy to change unless I must. I would think you could check in to see what is the least expensive way to go, and go that way...hopefully you'll have good cell phone coverage, not like in the mountains. My brother has the same problem...no cell or DSL coverage in the mountains about San Andreas.

It's Saturday and NASCAR is in town...glad I'm not on the roads around the track as traffic is always very heavy around them. I miss the excitement of emotions of those around the track, but not enough to move these ol' bones to take part. Don't have any plans for the day, so I guess that means I'll get into lots of trouble.

Have a great day folks...hope the health fairy is sitting on you shoulder if you're ailing, the roads are safe if you're traveling, and lots of good friends and family about if your staying near home...good vibes and great things coming your way.

tatehouse 03-23-2013 09:30 AM

Doris, I have a land line but don't use it. I only keep it for the alarm system for my house. I use my cell phone.

Msevon2 03-23-2013 09:56 AM

Good morning ladies. Hope you are blessed with a great day today.

Doris, I love that house. It reminds me a lot of my house, with the tile and lots of light and spanish design. Sounds like a great deal. About the house phone. When I moved, finances seemed tight, so I did not think I could afford to have a phone and high speed internet. So I took the high speed. But then my cell did not work well in that location. So I went to walmart and got a magic jack. It works thru your computer. I love it and for only $20 a year you cant beat the price. The origional packages comes with the 1st years payment. But no long distance, and have all the bells and whistles.

I am in love with Atkins again. I have had a hard 3 months, but time for another weigh in at work and I was hard pressed so started it again 2 weeks ago. Have lost 8 lb since I started back. I just have to learn to hang in there. When I dont lose for a couple of days, I feel like the diet has quit on me. I got to get over that feeling. I really want to lose this weight. I started out a few years ago at 310 lbs. Today I am at 238. But in between I have all over the chart. I did lose down to 139 one time. But I lost me in losing the weight and ended up putting it all back on. Now I am trying again. Wish me luck.

I dont post a lot but I read all the post every night. I think all of you are great.

Shalbrihil 03-23-2013 10:15 AM

Doris, we have a phone program for our house phones through Verizon for unlimited calling anywhere in the US for around 20 bucks a month and a cell phone that we put on a pay as you go type of thing. We don't use our cell but only for travel or emergency so that last us for a year at a time.

Our little seeds are starting to show in our garden now. Tomato plants are perky and our lemon tree likes where we put it. All is well with the world.

Anne your day with Maggie finding eggs sounds like fun. Now you have a day of much needed rest. Those little ones can sure make for a lot of activity. She is growing so fast!

Happy thoughts going out to all who need them. Thanks for the start off Michele. Lainey sure hope you will be kicking that cold stuff soon. You're doing the right thing by resting. Make sure you get plenty of steaming broth so you don't get weak. Enjoy your book. I've read that whole series and loved it. Stephen King is one of my favorite writers.

:hugs: going out for Linda, Louise, and Verleen. Hope you're Dh doesn't balk too much over the rules set for him in the new house. Your boundaries seem reasonable to me. Give the puppies a hug and treat.

Time for my second cuppa. Will check back later.

Begete 03-23-2013 10:35 AM

Good morning

Doris - love the new house. Is your current home on the market yet?

Today will be a cooking day to prepare for Induction again starting tomorrow morning.

Verleen 03-23-2013 12:12 PM

Hi folks. Doris, your possible new home is lovely. I like the one floor living but my daughter wanted a victorian and I wanted what she wanted. All the rooms in our new home have been sheetrocked and new wiring, except for one. Cathy's sitting room upstairs. The contractor is starting it today and will be done next week. Cathy bought some victorian antiques for her sitting room - a settee and 4 matching palor chairs, and a victorian Tiffany lamp. Monday they are putting in the stair lifts and the contractor will do the electrical for them after that. Then the dog yard. Coming along. There is an upstairs balcony/porch that Cathy has claimed as part of her area. She is putting a table and some chairs out there.

This new puppy is driving me crazy. He's hyper, a glutton, a bully and so on. Molly won't protect herself. Every day she's all bloodied up. I give each of them a treat and he quickly wolfs his down and bolts toward Molly. He holds her down and pulls the treat right out of her mouth. I'm getting after him and Rich gets mad. He doesn't like his puppy to get disciplined. Molly, who is generally a slow eater, is starting to wolf her food before Max can take it from her. So she has been choking on her food. Not good. Those dogs with pushed in faces have enough trouble breathing and eating. I've started to feed them in separate rooms. Rich thinks its funny that Max beats up Molly. He laughs. He's not going to think its so funny when Mom starts beating up Max. ;)

Michele, I ordered meals from that place you found the link to. I got a mixture of stuff to test it all out. The meals should arrive on Wednesday.

Louise, how are things going with you and Bob? I think of you each day and hoping for good outcomes.

Evon, we are so glad you joined us too.

Doris, we have a land line, sort of. Its part of our TW bundle. And I have a TracFone, which I rarely use. My daughter who lives in Texas only has a cell phone, as do all her friends. Its a Texas thing. Its interesting how we are all different. At first, I was contemplating moving to Texas so family could all be together. After a couple visits, I realized that I could never live in Texas. My oldest daughter moved there and gave it two yrs. She came back home before the two years were up. She is worse than me. She hates Texas. My youngest and her husband and two grandchildren are trying to leave too. But afraid to right now because of the economy. And yet, many other people just love it there.

Anne, that grandchild of yours will keep you young.

Sharon, I envy you and your garden. It was one of my greatest joys - to garden, and I can't do it anymore. Dang.

Lainey, are you feeling any better? If not, you better see a doctor.

Doris, I don't know what you are planning with your current house in the mountains. We are in the same boat. Once we get out and clean up the house, we will have a realtor come in and give us some pros and cons. Selling versus renting it out. I can't imagine Rich being a landlord and I can't physically handle it. Maybe if we had a realty co handle it. The market is not good for selling where we are at. That's why we got such a good deal on our new house.

Babette, have you seen your new dr yet? How did it go?

A big "hi" to everyone.

Verleen 03-23-2013 03:42 PM

I can't remember. Was Linda having the face surgery today? I hope all is going well.

My good friend and scrapbooking pal, Barb, just passed away from cancer. I'm going to really miss her.

Doug_H 03-23-2013 07:33 PM

We haven't had a land line since 2005. Don't miss it. We do both have cell phones.

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