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mykneesareback 03-04-2013 10:01 PM

TUESDAY'S Roll Call, March 5
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It's off to the races again, folks..........
Frogs are squaking out in the meadow that is sort of flooded, and the cranes and geese are eating them, weird night sounds.

High School breakfast Tuesday morning, so we will be "up and at em" for sure today.

Wishing you all well. :heart:

Mssarge 03-05-2013 12:21 AM

Gracious, Doris, just heard on the weather report the storm expected here on Wednesday will be dumping over an inch in the high Sierra's...guess you'll be getting it, too. Take care and stay warm....

tatehouse 03-05-2013 07:19 AM

Another day. Must have slept very well last night. My hair was suffering a REALLY bad case of bed head this morning. Had to start ALL over... no damp combing today! But I do feel better.

Someone asked me if my new mower started with a key. No, it is a battery powered push button. It is a push mower...my yard is too steep a grade to use a riding lawn mower.

Have a good Tuesday everyone...


SuSUN 03-05-2013 07:41 AM

Good Morning All,

Love the funny Doris, thank you again for our push out the door today.
Hope you don't get dumped on as Mary says in her post.

Glad to hear you are on the mend Anne.

I have some financial stuff to deal with today...Oh Joy!

I recorded the 'Vikings' last night on the History Channel it is supposed to be several parts. Has anyone seen it? It looked a bit gory at the beginning, so not sure if I will watch it or not. The History Channel usually does a good job with their programs so hopefully it will improve.

Have a Wonderful Day All and hope to bbl...

Norfolk Mermaid 03-05-2013 08:04 AM

Good morning. Thanks for start out Doris.
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Doris, I LOVE backpacks and sure regretted not takin one of mine on my cruise. Also my fanny pack- nice leather one that was my Moms and perfect for the passport and such. I dream of another cruise. A tiny back pack is super for my walks and the fanny pack as well but they let the elements know you are carrying a phone and money so I rarely use them. My "mixed" neighborhood is makin walkers leary. Too sad I think. Also up to my neck in pots and onions. hmmmm need freezer ideas.
I started my round turkey chilli this morning and need to prep the peppers and onions. Then make somethin with a stock pile of carrots.
Butter Beans are fihtin words down in ol virginy. FACT- butter beans are pale yellow and huge... Anita's last night were the smaller speckled grayish ones but tasted the same but milder. Lima beans are mid size and pale green and do not taste the same at all but I love them floating in butter. Almost all beans here demand bacon greese but of course the Bone from a ham with a little meat and fat left on it is the standard. My Dad loved Suckatash- corn and limas.
We are to et snow tomorrow afternoon and niht but too close to the ocean for much.... Richmond and D.C. might get up to 3 inches.
My left hip and leg are ailing me bad but trying to wait out till my Internist appt. in April. Gonna take a 1/2 pain med to get thru all this cooking.
Almost finished my "4 & 1/2" book of the Steven King's Dark Tower 7-8 book series. Hard puttin them down but will NEVER commit to so many books at one shot. I kinda like a little break between books.
Verleen, Bob & Louise plus Doris and her DH are on my mind a lot. Wishing all with troubles hope and best wishes to carry on.
Anita's doggie bag of thick slices of baked ham and two bisquits fried in a little coconut oil is delihtful this morning. Those of you not having tried coconut oil must try it.... so light that the true taste of the food is not altered at all. I bouht a huge container of mixed baby salad at Sam's and a bag of avacados and even splurged for some "on the vine" tomatoes so will eat on that for the next whole week.
Dern, my hip and leg are hurting me just sitting here so off to et that 1/2 Percoset 7.5....
a past big snow from some years ago. CLICK IT!

LoveMontana 03-05-2013 08:06 AM

Good morning everyone and thanks to Doris for the kick start. I LOVE my little backpack with wheels for traveling.

It's supposed to warm up a little today. :clap: It's about time.

Susan, The history channel is a favorite of ours. They have some good programs on there.

Good luck to Doris and Mary with that storm. Looks like we may get hit with that monster storm, Saturn, in the middle of the country.

Waving to Anne, Lainey and all who follow.

Mssarge 03-05-2013 10:56 AM

Good morning all...53 and sunny in SoCal but tomorrow will be another day. Think I'm gonna feed the pack then run out to the casino for a poker day. Stay warm and comfy, folks, and if you have to be out in the bad weather, drive carefully. Have a good day.

birdlady 03-05-2013 11:27 AM

Sunny and warm here,all's well.
Doris,I didn't cut my grass yet but my 80 something neighbor was cutting hers yesterday.It's tall in some places in the back yard,but the front is short.
Yes the little wheeling things are great,we use them for everything.We have several as casino's love to give them out,even saw AARP was offering one with membership.
Mary,enjoy the casino,it was not nice to me again.lol
We love the History channel also.
We say butter beans,lima is to up town for us country folks.

BeachyWoman 03-05-2013 02:38 PM

Yep, we say butter beans too. My favorite veggie, right up there with okra and tomatoes and peas. LOL All very carby sad to say. My sis wants a garden this year, but we haven't had any luck with things, the bugs or the heat gets everything. I am still very tired from the trip to AL, TN and MS. It was a lot of driving for this old woman. My cousin came home with me, and plans to stay for a while. He is still recovering from heart surgery and wanted to spend some time with folks his own age. We have been having a blast chatting about our growing up years.
Hope everyone is doing ok, I will try to catch up ...Stay warm Glenda

Mssarge 03-05-2013 06:16 PM

Well, poker was good, won a bit, but paid my reparations on the slots...

I hear the midwest is being slammed with bad weather...hope you're doing okay.

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