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mykneesareback 03-03-2013 08:57 PM

MONDAY Roll Call, March 4
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Howdy Doody, friends

birdlady 03-04-2013 12:04 AM

Last time I used one of those was in Germany in 1958.We would get together and rent one for the day and do clothes all day.
Have a good Monday gang.

Norfolk Mermaid 03-04-2013 05:21 AM

Good morning- Monday and Morning...double whammy!
LOL Doris- for us it was a wash tub and a scrub board- memories. Dryer was the bushes.
Eye appt. follow up this morning.

ocali 03-04-2013 06:12 AM

Doris, I wasn't sure that your avitar was your GS because I couldn't believe he was that big yet. He's really handsome and looks so grown up. How old is he now?

Our temp went down to freezing last night. Of course, it'll be up close to 70 today but I seem to remember that March usually doesn't get that cold. Waiting to see what my electric bill will be this month..more than I want, that I know.

Was supposed to go to a little birthday party on the street last night, but it was just too cold for me to go (sorry!) and I did want to watch 60 Minutes. Hope they'll forgive me.

tatehouse 03-04-2013 06:27 AM


I watched a dvd last night that was so disturbing to me. It really threw me. Had nightmares all night. So needless to say I'm tired this morning. It was a show I have followed for 7 seasons...won't watch season 8 since it took a turn to the dark side!!

Have a great week all.

Monday again!


Mssarge 03-04-2013 08:53 AM

Good morning all...cloudy and cooler here this morning. Anticipating the possibility of rain later this week. It's been so dry the ground squirrels are hoarding water.:dunno:

Had the spa guy out to check it out as the heater isn't working and what's the use of a hot tub that won't heat up? I've not used it that much as I've been fearful of falling, but was looking forward to it to help ease the Arthur Itis in the back and knees. If it's too expensive, guess who's not going to pop for it.

Other than that, it's an N day to clean the house and I'll see about getting her to wash the dogs and trim their nails, too. Exciting day around the ol' homestead.

Doris, I remember those washers well. Momma used hers 'til I was about 11 or 12. Warsh day was all weekend long. In fact, my paternal grandmother got her physical appendage caught in the wringer...the old joke was really based on fact and was no joke in our family. !:hyst:

Hope you're staying warm in these last throes of ol' man winter and good things come your way today.

Shalbrihil 03-04-2013 01:30 PM

Here it is the start of a new week. Thanks Doris for the start off. Your picture reminds me of my stays in the summer with my grandparents. They lived in Highland Park, Ca and I use to help out putting clothes through the ringer. First with the hottest water came all the whites then as the water cooled down came the colored and finally Grampa's work clothes. My what nice memories. I loved going to my Gramma's house.

It's in the 70's today. There is talk of light showers mid week but I still can't see it. Maybe a couple of splashes.

Mary, I use a dremmel on my dogs nails. They don't get as excited and there are no mistakes with getting too close. Dh holds em and I do the grinding. It goes fast if you don't wait too long in between. How nice to have N help out.

I'm sorry you had nightmares because of something you watched on TV, Anne. Now you have me wondering what program that was. I hate it when a program turns dark. I think they want to raise ratings and use that to keep you pulled in. I'm like you and run the other way.

Time to get moving will Check back later. Hope your weather is treating you well. Wondering about the absentees.

Shalbrihil 03-04-2013 01:48 PM

I'm just playing.

Norfolk Mermaid 03-04-2013 02:28 PM

Had to be THE APPRENTANCE! I skipped that one and will
all of them as the stars are some real bad eggs.
Ham and butterbeans with homemade bisquets at Anitas....can't wait till 7ish.
bbl or t

mykneesareback 03-04-2013 02:58 PM

I've heard raves about butterbeans, never had them, do you get them at your market there, Lainey?

Julie, thanks, grandson is 2 yrs. and 2 months, lol. We will be seeing them again in 2 weeks, he probably will have grown by then.

Been busy trying to get reservations made, then changed as minds get changed, and so on around here.......

Wondering about Louise, Bob and Verleen. Also Begete and Ginny.

Gladys, I'm surprised that you could rent a machine back then. We had one of those when we immigrated from Germany, it took the whole family that all lived in that old two story house, to get the wash done. Hated the sheets the most, holding up those long, wet, ends to keep them clean, lol. I was too young to do more.

Need to hurry off and prepare dinner stuff before dh gets up from his nap.

Waving at the rest of you guys :hiya:

SuSUN 03-04-2013 04:12 PM

Yes, Doris Your GS is adorable and a full head of hair and just look at those eyelashes. A heart breaker for sure in 15 years time.

Yes great memories of those old wringer washers. Kids today don't know what the term means, "She's been thru the wringer." LOL!

Anyone got a tip how to clean the screen on a GPS? I have a micro cloth but not distilled water. I have eyeglass cleaner too.

I met a GF today for coffee and a chat this afternoon. It is her BD tomorrow 68 yrs. We had a browse around the shops. I almost bought a purse and a top but I restrained myself and will think about them. Both were under $100...I should spoil myself more but old habits die hard.

DS is back in Ft. Lauderdale from his cruise on the tall ship. He loved it again. He has two more weeks down there to get more sun and sand for his vacation and then he will return home and will soon be packing up to move South again.

Waving to All and hope to bbt...

Mssarge 03-04-2013 04:39 PM

My goodness, Doris, I didn't know how deprived you have been...never having butter beans. I grew up knowing the dried lima beans as butter beans...a big ol' pot was the way to use up the ham bone...my favorite and still have it when I can afford the calories and the carbs. Momma used to use the limas or pinto beans, being Okies that we were.

I discovered that different parts of the country have different varieties of butter beans. A Navy petty office from Arkansas introduced me to theirs and then a Air Force Master Sergeant introduced me to Mississippi butter beans...each variety was different. I'll still have my kinda butter beans with a big slice of corn bread and a slice of raw onion if I can't get some corn relish....ah! That brings back other memories of momma's...I have the recipe but it starts off with two pecks of sweet corn...ain't gonna make that unless I can sell it.

Just got back from the commissary shaking my head over the high cost of groceries and wondering how folks are paying these astronomical prices. When I checked my slip, I discovered the cashier had charged me $30...yep! Thirty dollars for one package, one pound of carrots! :dunno: Unfreaking believable. I, of course, called them to report it immediately and the customer service rep didn't seem surprised. Are they so blase? They'll refund when I go back...will probably make a special trip for that, too. Gotta make a copy of the receipt, tho, as I'm sure no one will believe me.

Hope you all had a good day and great things came your way.

LoveMontana 03-04-2013 05:59 PM

Evening gang,

Doris, my goodness. That picture of the old ringer washer sure brought back some memories. My grandmother and I used to do laundry with hers every Sat., and it was the first washer I had right after I first got married.:love:

Mom and my brother got home from the NC trip last evening and said they had a great time. Mom will be 89 in May and her sister will be 86, so it was nice that they got to spend some time together.

mykneesareback 03-04-2013 06:06 PM

Well good grief, Mary, were the carrots $3.00, is that what happened? Lordy, good thing you checked, some people don't..........and so it goes.

It warmed up a bit today, but some kind of cold storm is supposed to come Tuesday night, wouldn't yah know, when we have to head down to Sacramento very early in the AM for dh's liver doctor appt.

I'm thinking to buy a small backpack, carrying "stuff" for my dh's diabetes and other issues is wearing my purse out, and the tote bag seems to get fuller and heavier all the time. Never used a backpack before, maybe I'll get one in bright pink :laugh: ;)

Susan, is your son prepared to pay New York prices for an apt? Oh my, I've seen on tv how expensive that kind of thing can be. Would you go down with him to help find one? Road Trip for you!!! :shake:

Pleasant evening, friends......and, I never knew what a "thing" those butterbeans were, or that Lima's were considered that, used to buy frozen Lima's for myself, hubby doesn't care for them.

Mssarge 03-04-2013 06:58 PM

T'were I you, Doris, I'd pick up a wheeled thinga-ma-jiggy to carry all the accouterments. I finally did that with DH's stuff for the dialysis and what a difference it made. They have some cute thingies that will hold all the stuff you need...and cheap, too.

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