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modon69478 03-02-2013 07:04 AM

Sat., Roll Call, 03/02/13
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Spring is on its way - yay, yay, yay!


tatehouse 03-02-2013 07:36 AM

Good morning all.

Thanks for starting us off Michele.

As a lot of you from FB know I got robbed last night. That sounds much worse than it was...someone came into my garage and stole my lawn mower and took the phone out of my car. So I spent about an hour and a half with a very nice policeman. He said that the neighborhood was very safe and he gets few calls from here. That was good to know but didn't bring my lawn mower back.

I'm pretty well isolated up here on my hill. You can't see any neighbors from my house nor can they see me. I have flood lights going all the time but who can see someone walking down the street with a lawn mower when everyone is sleeping. It was very disconcerting that they came while I was sleeping. Someone that close...yikes...

Well, I'm ok and the dog and the cats are ok so I guess a lawn mower is replaceable. Still had to take a sleeping pill last night to settle down. Yes, the alarm is now set on the house and the car. I thought I was safe...guess no where is really safe these days.

DD and I are going to go eat lunch and buy a new lawn mower. Always something.


modon69478 03-02-2013 07:50 AM

Anne, Sending hugs to you - I'm sorry that happened, but am very glad that is all that was lost and that you are safe and unharmed.


ocali 03-02-2013 08:03 AM

Anne, I can imagine how you feel now. Someone must've known you had a new mower. Any teenagers in your neighborhood that would've seen it?
Too bad your alarms weren't set. But, thank goodness, nothing worse happened.

Hi Michelle....

Norfolk Mermaid 03-02-2013 08:38 AM

Good morning- thanks Michele.
Oh Anne, how very dreadful.
My neihborhood is second and third generation and I feel very much at risk. My house is not alarmed at all and of course I am alone here. I keep my extra jeep alarm on my bedside table and my next door neighbor knows to call 911 the second she hears it o off. I could still be much more careful and will take your incident as a word to the wise! Prayers for emotional peace to come for you riht away.
I like postin later as I do not seem to whine near as much...after my second round of pills I a just about human so I'll post later from now on.
Shopped my buttsky off at Sam's and even ot some exercise as most of their "ride arounds" were stolen. Was limping pretty good but today my le feels great so I guess the shopping acted like a bit of re-hab.
Have a reat week end everyone and I'll bbl.

Mssarge 03-02-2013 09:53 AM

Good morning all...temperature is 70 degrees on my patio at eight-something. This is the warmest it's been in some time, so looking for a good sunny day...It's Saturday, so I'm a stay-at-home...too many people out there doing too many things.

Anne, so sorry to hear of the theft of your lawnmower. Thank goodness, tho's it wasn't much more. But there is such a feeling of invasion whenever your ramparts are breached. Hope you feel better soon.

I've a sinus headache this morning and they've been dripping all night. Allergy time and I'm already taking a couple of pills for it, so will probably just wash them out with the ol' salt water treatment.

Hope you all have a great day and do sumpin' good for yourself today.

mykneesareback 03-02-2013 10:11 AM

Thanks for starting up Michele, I was busy with dh's issues and just went to bed, forgot until I was half asleep, lol.

Anne, the others are right, it's someone who "knows" about your lawn mower, especially since that is all they took. Our son that lives in Stockton has camera's and lights set up, he can check on stuff from his computer at work, too. I hate this kind of stuff though..............mother in law had an intruder who came in while she was sleeping, beat her up, and her dog didn't do anything because the guy fed it treats, they never found out who it was.

I need to rush off to finish the bike time, be back later.

Have a good Saturday friends, if you are able to.

SuSUN 03-02-2013 10:11 AM

Oh dear Anne, what a rotten thing to do. I hope you are feeling calmer today. It is like being violated a robbery. Take the time to recovery dear friend.

Thank you Michele for our kick off. Love you pup in you Avi. My FB page is full of pups and kitties. I sure hope Spring is on its way and this is the last of the snow...lets hope.

Julie, How are you doing in the sunshine state? I met a lady last week from Ocala. She said that she lived, "On Top of the World." Is that community nearby to you?
She was here visiting her sister. We are thigh deep in snow up here so wishing I was there with you.

Lainey, enjoy your day shopping. You could always get a big dog for an alarm.

I am off to the lovely Mall to meet two ladies for coffee and a browse around the shops this aft. Work tomorrow.

Wishing All a wonderful Saturday and hope to bbt...

Shalbrihil 03-02-2013 10:53 AM

:hugs: Anne you know my dogs didn't hear a thing when we were robbed of our generator from our shed. Whoever it was had to go right by my bedroom window and it was open. Dh has everything locked up tight after sundown now.

It's going to be another beautiful day again. Mary it spose to be in the 70's. To me that's just perfect.

Take care and enjoy your day.

ocali 03-02-2013 11:09 AM

Susan, yes I know "On Top of the World". I have friends living there; it's about 15 miles southwest of where I live. In fact, we looked there when we were first looking to move to Florida. It's sunny but COLD (for us, that is) here this weekend.

birdlady 03-02-2013 12:09 PM

Sunny and 47 at 1:05.
Sorrry for the break-in,do you have a gun on that bedside table.Guess with Maggie you can't but our kids were raised with them so never touched.Most people are afraid of guns.We or our dogs didn't hear when they took the gun out of DH's truck and my money/stamp bag out of my car.They later got him to tell where the gun was.
Not much planned for the rest of the day,maybe play with my I-Pad/Kindle,that Cruz just a piece of casino junk.

tatehouse 03-02-2013 02:23 PM

DD took me out to lunch to get my mind off of things. Maggie had a tea party at the British Pantry and we had a good time. Ended up at Sears and bought a new mower. DD took it to her house to keep it in her shed that locks. My garage is sort of a closed in carport...no door...I am considering getting one. My house is very isolated and the neighbors cannot see the house from the street. Wooded lot. I thought the long haul up the long drive would be a deterrent but the cop said they might have "cased" it in the daytime and came back under the cover of darkness. They didn't take the other lawn equipment that was sitting right in front of the mower so the cop figures it was a lone walker and just pushed it down the street. Who would have seen in the middle of the night. The garage is on the other side of the house from my bedrooms and the house is all alarmed but not the garage. All in all it was just freaky and scary to be here alone when someone was helping themselves to the mower. I'm better now. I just have to trust that all will be as it is supposed to be.

Thanks for the concern. Our new mower rocks...wow...what they can put on a lawn mower these days.


ocali 03-02-2013 02:44 PM

Anne, I'm glad you feel better now. Hope you don't see a neighbor boy mowing with your mower. Or, maybe that would be a good thing!
I love when you tell us that Maggie had a tea party. Little girls are so adorable!

LoveMontana 03-02-2013 05:07 PM

Thanks for the start off Michelle. Yes spring is on it's way. Next week we spring "forward" and turn the clocks ahead.:clap:


Sorry for the break-in,do you have a gun on that bedside table.Guess with Maggie you can't but our kids were raised with them so never touched. Most people are afraid of guns.
Those are my thoughts exactly!!!:up:
I was confronted and robbed at gunpoint way back when I was much younger and I will NEVER be that helpless again.
I have my CCP and am not afraid to shoot at someone trying to do harm to me or my loved ones.
However I would never use one of my guns to come to the aid of people who hate them.:D Would not want to offend.:lol:

My goodness Doris, your mother in law is fortunate to have escaped with her life.:eek:

Mary, UGH!! Allergy season is no fun. That saline wash should help relieve that headache.

Gee Sharon, sorry about your burglary.Those generators are not inexpensive. We keep the doors locked even during the day because you just never know.

Lainey, did you ever pick up a new printer with that Wal Mart gift certificate? I was looking at them today and was amazed at how much they have come down in price in just a few months.

Keep your doors locked up tight and if you are OK with it, arm yourself. None of us should ever feel helpless.
Have you ever thought of selling the house and moving into a secure, senior high rise? My mom loves hers.
The catalyst for her move was coming home to a broken window and her house burglarized.

Hi to everyone else.

Off to watch some mind numbing TV, perhaps Restaurant Impossible.:dunno:

mykneesareback 03-02-2013 07:05 PM

Linda, that is a beautiful fish! Yes, my mother in law is indeed fortunate. A gun would have done her no good, she doesn't sleep with one attached to her hand. The guy was right by the bed, going through dresser drawers, and when she woke up he yanked her out of the bed and started beating on her head. She hit at him, and he rushed off and ran out the door. She crawled over to the phone to call the police. An ambulence came to take her to the hospital. It turns out, the old lady that owned the home before mother in law bought it, she had an adult daughter with friends who worked at a circus that came through towns in the valley, and she and her friends lived there for awhile with the lady, and had keys. So, mother in law bought the place, spend loads of dough fixing the place up inside and out, but NEVER CHANGED THE LOCKS !!! Anne, how are your laws in Georgia, if you would have woken up, had your gun, saw the guy walking away with the lawn mower, could you have legally shot him? Would you have?

It hit 62 degrees today, for several minutes, and we expect a bit of rain but not snow tonight, a bigger chance of snow next week.

Julie, it's always odd to hear people from Florida complain of the cold, but my brother's in Arizona also complained that it was cold and they needed to wear jackets. When we were down in the central valley for my mother's get together, it was barely 60, and we were disappointed that we had to keep long sleeved shirts and sweat shirts on, too. Son and Dil from Texas said it was too cold, too. lol

Susan, hope you enjoyed you trip to the Mall and having some friends to chat with. Have a good day at work tomorrow, they do need you there!!

Hoping Louise and Bob are resting comfortably tonight.

Wondering how Verleen is faring?

Michele, how did you day go today?

Mary, is your sinus headache gone for now? I hate those, hurts to bend over.

Lainey, is your Sam's extra busy on a Saturday?

Gladys, when do you have to start mowing again?

Sharon, 70's sounds just fine to me, too......

Off to finish some little chores, and watch boxing with dh, he likes my company even though I don't know much about what is going on, I like to watch the people in the audience, actually.......

SuSUN 03-02-2013 07:19 PM

Thank You Doris for your kind comments.

Julie, Oh I am glad to hear that you know of that other gated community. Small world isn't it.

Anne, That is just wonderful that your DD took you out to lunch to distract your mind.

It seems Doris' son has the right attitude those automatic lights and camera set up. I guess a Dog won't cut it these days.

I am off to watch Suzie Orman. Hope to bb tomorrow...

LoveMontana 03-02-2013 07:22 PM

Hi Doris, yes your mother in law is very fortunate that the burglar didn't do more damage or even kill her. My goodness, she must be one sound sleeper not to have heard him break in. That is frightening.

That is my oldest son, the professional firefighter who is also a licensed NYS hunting and fishing guide. That is a Steelhead salmon which are plentiful here in NY.

LOL one can never just shoot someone who is in the process of burglarizing a place in any state. That is only justified if there is a threat against your life or another's life such as a rape in progress or a violent assault.
Use of Deadly Force Law & Legal Definition

Off to watch more mind numbing TV.

mykneesareback 03-02-2013 07:53 PM

Wow, that salmon makes me hungry, lol. :)
The guy didn't break in, he was one of those low lifes that had a key..........

Susan, that is an unusual name for a community, don't you think? :D
Sort of like "Truth or Consequences", New Mexico, makes yah think if someone tells you they live there, lol.

Good Night, folks.

Shalbrihil 03-03-2013 08:50 AM

Doris your grandson is adorable. He has grown so fast! :D

LoveMontana 03-03-2013 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by Shalbrihil (Post 16292399)
Doris your grandson is adorable. He has grown so fast! :D

OMG, he is really adorable. Hope you took more photos.

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