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LoveMontana 02-22-2013 08:16 PM

Roll Call, Sat. Feb.23

Getting us started for Sat.

Norfolk Mermaid 02-23-2013 05:33 AM

Good morning and thanks Linda for the wake up.
Been up a while and slept good all niht. Eye is itchy and I started the 4 X a day eye drops. Sure looks ugly though.
Will be picking up the Jeep at around 10: or leavin for the 20 min. drive.
Real hungry this mornin so will do some egs. and first get my coffee.
Steady rain all day. Hated leaving the warm covers.
Have as best you can day today.

modon69478 02-23-2013 06:37 AM

Good Morning,

Lainey, I'm sorry to hear about your fall and car troubles. But, it sounds like you've got things moving in the right direction now - I like your positive attitude!

My day includes a trip to the eye doctor (annual), oil change, grocery store, gym, and a Netlflix this evening (Moonrise Kingdom).

Doris, I hope you're enjoy the special family time.

Waving to Anne, Loretta, Susan, Sharon, Julie, Ginny, Linda, Verleen, Louise, Glenda, and anyone else I may have missed :hiya:


ocali 02-23-2013 06:49 AM

Go Lainey, go! Hopefully, now you'll have no more Jeep problems. And, if you do, it should all be under warranty.
Michele, it sounds like you have a busy day. I 'treat' myself by holding off and watching my Netflix movie on Sunday. Maybe it's a reward for me for getting thru the week.....lol.
Mary, what a fun day you had yesterday. How many miles do you have to drive to the casino (s)?

tatehouse 02-23-2013 07:39 AM

Good morning!

Going to be a lazy rainy day. Going to finish my book and just laze. Maggie is starting back at the private school on Monday. The public school just didn't work out. It was just too late in the year for a 4 year old to change and try to catch up with the rest of the class. Next year they can all start at square one together. So I'll go back to 1/2 days. Whatever is best for Maggie is best for me. She really tried but just seemed she was wrong every way she moved and that is not a good way to start your schooling out.

I'm checking out your movie on Netflix, Michele. I have Arsnic and Old Lace to watch. You just have to have a Cary Grant movie every once in a while.

Have a good weekend.

Msevon2 02-23-2013 09:32 AM

Good morning ladies, Hope you have a great day. This is the day the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it. Even if we dont want to. It is cold and rainy here. I had to go to the car and there are mud puddles out there and not seen them before. I will be glad when it warms up, but I trust God knows why it is not.

Lainey hope you got your car and it is good. $900 is a lot but if your jeep is paid for, and in good shape, it is better than paying for another. I have to have some alignment work done on my camry, but waiting til I can get around better. My knee is healing, but because of the difference in it, it makes my back hurt to walk too much. Dr told me not to walk too much cause it causes clots anyhow.

Hope Doris is enjoying her cruise. My new friend want me to take a cruise with him. It sounds so nice, if it is going somewhere warm.

Anne, sometimes kids do have a hard time at school. My granddaughter used to beg to good to school so she could have some friends. When time came for her to start, she had a hard time. She had a little brother she bossed around and the other kids did not like her trying to boss them around. But she has finally settled in and enjoys school more. Her mom just got married again and she married this guy with a very big family and every body goes to church and there are lots of kids there, so it has helped a lot for both the kids.

Hope all have a good day and remember, be good to yourself.

Norfolk Mermaid 02-23-2013 09:53 AM

Leavin it till monday- since my neihbor uy JOE said he would have uessed 1,500. for the work they did I called this mornin and went for the "tune up" he said I would need in 1 or 2 thousand miles I told them to o ahead and do it. They were busy today but would start it and finish it monday and it would be ready around noon then. I just felt the "rough idle" would be stressful. In for a penny- in for a pound as Mom used to say.
Just put in the second round of eye drops. The black bruising is now on my under eye as well. 4 times a day is such a bother but necessary. Feeling for Mary's eye trouble.
My hair lady Beverly is having her husband pick me up and even lettin me run into the store for my pads, baby wipes, some bread and heaven for fend runnin out of coffee lihtner. Just enough to last till SS day Friday. Cannot seem to make thru the whole month no matter how I try.
My monthly S.H.A.R.E food box came today from the church. Imaine a box of perfect foods (the frozen fish not so much) for 1/2 or even less the cost. I can stand being poor but this poverty is gettin on my nerves. uess who dove into the red velvet cake??? lots of fresh vegs & fruits which I never get to buy. SHARE is open to the public but mostly the churchs poor use them.
My printer died but served me well for many years... they are much smaller now and I like that so will look at them at Sam's friday or saturday.
What Netflix movie did you et? I ot The Paper Boy today but will wait till tonight or try to and then watch.
Stuff to put away. At least the rain stopped for now.

Mssarge 02-23-2013 10:45 AM

Good morning all...nice weather here with a high pressure sitting over the great plains and pushing warm stuff our way. We have an "inside slider" (a low pressure zone that came down t'other side of the Sierra's) that will bring more winds and probably bad weather for Doug...but not so much for us here. We'll have beautiful weather for the Oscar's Sunday night...they didn't put the red carpet down until Thursday and the rain was all gone.

I've absolutely nuttin' planned for the day, it's Saturday and the goofuses are on the roads and the stores so I sit at home. It'll be play with the puppy, snuggle with the pack, read, print some stuff for my income taxes, and watch TV all day (or listen to the music)...so it sounds like I do have a plan for the day.

Julie, it's only 25 miles to the casino...we have another one that's a bit closer but not as nice and it's down a two-lane country road the whole way. The one I go to gives better comps and is right off the freeway, so it's very convenient.

Lainey, sounds like a smart thing to go ahead and have the tune-up now. That way you won't have the added stress later when it's really needed. I really hope this fixes the Jeep for a looooooooooooooooong time. and I hope the bruise goes away quickly. Do you have vitamin C or citrus around the house? It helps the bruise go away quicker.

Hope you all have a great day...stay warm, folks, and keep the shiny side up.

ak_laura 02-23-2013 11:46 AM

Hello from Alaska!
Good morning All! I'm new to this group and wanted to say hello :hiya:

I'm starting my weight loss journey again but I'm hoping with an online group to check in and chat with, that it will help me stay motivated!

Have a good day!


Mssarge 02-23-2013 12:04 PM

Hey Laura from AK, welcome to the group...hope you stick around long enough to get to know us. We're an eclectic bunch with varied interests and woe so I'm sure you'll find someone with whom to cozy up. I spent two years in Alaska, at Fort Greeley, a hundred and five miles south of Fairbanks but used to come to Anchorage as frequently as we could. In fact, we actually recorded the sounds of traffic to remind us of home. Loved Alaska and had friends in Fairbanks that wanted us to remain, but the Army called and sent us away.

What woe are you choosing? I'm sure you'll find a compatible one over on the food loss forums. I've chosen the Johnson Up Day Down Day, a form of alternate day dieting, but have been a low carber for years, so try to restrict my carbs, too.

So, :welcome: We do get a lot of new friends (strangers are only new friends you haven't met yet, to quote someone) that sign in and then disappear, so good wishes whichever you do.

tatehouse 02-23-2013 12:12 PM

Hey, newbie from AK...wish I could visit there...I will one day...

Lainey, my printer died this week too. My DD said throw it in the trash and I did! It served me well for a long long time...I found one I liked to serve my needs at Walmart for $40. Can't beat that. I only print recipes these days!

My day is going well...doing nothing always suits me!!!


ak_laura 02-23-2013 12:44 PM

I've been to Fairbanks many times, I like it up there but not enough to live, it is too cold for this Alaskan gal! LOL

Right now I'm on a modified low carb but am trying to get rid of flour and sugar all together, my weight is out of control sincerely! I'm embarrassed, frustrated and ashamed of how large I am :P so I'm here to be motivated by folks who have been there or are there right now! :D

And thank you for the welcome!

LoveMontana 02-23-2013 02:41 PM

AK Laura, I Love Alaska, but it's too darned cold in the winter.:D
Sure do hope you can ease into the low carb lifestyle. Most of us here are serious about losing or maintaining weight. Others, :dunno:
Hang tough, you can do it.
Once you break the carb addiction, it's smoothe sailing.

Michelle, good luck at the eye doctors. Strange to hear of one open on a Sat.

Anne, these days most electronics are disposable. We got an all in one wireless printer/scanner/copier/fax at Wal Mart for $69.00.

Marge, love the sound of your "nuttin" day. We all need those every so often.

Lainey, it's a wise move to get the tune up taken care of too.
Do check out wal mart prices for printers. They have a much larger selection and better price than Sam's, even though they are owned by the same company. Check on line there too. They have site to store pick up and don't charge for delivery.

Went to a Gun Rights rally today, and did some grocery shopping. Got some great bacon wrapped sea scallops that are now marinating in teriyaki sauce:yummy:

SuSUN 02-23-2013 03:49 PM

Hi All,:D

Just getting here. It was the 'Walk n Talk' group day today from the Hospice. I volunteered last night and talk about baptism by fire. I had two admissions back to back, then the nurses were running behind and needed to get their charting done so I ended up loading the dishwasher for them and then finishing up some binders I was filling for an administrator. It was only 4 hours but I was pooped afterwards. I slept well last night.

This morning's brunch/lunch was ALL Fun though so makes up for the volunteer hours. Then a couple of us browsed the shops in the local Mall. I did some errands and the bank then home to put the stuff away. I walked the dog as its been milder and now I am in for the night. I have my own nursing work tomorrow so I will need an early night.

Waving and sending hugs to everyone.:hiya::hiya::hugs::hugs::heart::heart:

Mssarge 02-23-2013 05:24 PM

Hey y'all, turned into a "pickin' day"...you know, pick up some stuff (took the puppy into back yard and started cleaning the patio), pick up a program for the 'puter (tried to do the crossword puzzle and was told I needed an upgrade on flashplayer, the tried to download and found out with Google chrome, the program was disabled), picked up the clothes and threw them into the washer (my goodness, amazing how that stuff accumulates), picked up the phone when N called so ran down to pick up some veggies and drive her home...so I call it a pickup day...still picking up after the pooches, but no wee gifties left from the newbie, so the girls are doing sumpin' right.

Hope your day was good, and our weather was perfect and hope yours wasn't too bad.

Norfolk Mermaid 02-23-2013 07:52 PM

OMG- worse movie I have ever seen in my life.
"The Paper Boy" was depraved and sickenin. Why I stayed to the end was just to make sure the "boy" made it and he did but sure wish I had never seen that movie. Horrid, horrid, horrid. LORDY!
Slept this afternoon but will read more of my #3 of the Dark Tower till I am sleepy again.
Here is an eye up date.

arrrhhh. let me try again.

Norfolk Mermaid 02-23-2013 07:56 PM

eye pics.
2 Attachment(s)
hope this one works.

LoveMontana 02-23-2013 09:21 PM

Yikes Lainey, that is quite a shiner.:eek:

Mssarge 02-23-2013 11:22 PM

Amen! what a shiner! my goodness it must hurt like hades...what are you taking for that. sending some good vibes, best wishes and a prayer it will heal quickly.

ak_laura 02-24-2013 11:05 AM

LoveMontana you are so right about it being too cold! As I age, I'm thinking I've got to become a snowbird as these winters are toooo long and cold!

And thank you for the words of encouragement!! :clap:

Shalbrihil 02-24-2013 11:07 AM

Lainey big :hugs: going to you from me. Are you able to see alright from that eye? Is that the one that had the procedure done?

Norfolk Mermaid 02-24-2013 11:13 AM

aawww, thanks Sharon.
course it had to be that eye. but I am ok. it is even faded quite a bit today but I still look like I hurted myself pretty good. The Wendy's hog out helped a lot.
Alaska is high on my bucket list now that a cruise is done. But to live there hmmm NO! but would also never live in Florida either.

BY THE WAY- VIRGINIA is just about 4 mos. winter, 4 months Summer with 2 spring and 2 fall- A six month rowing season is this gardeners biggest selling point with NO flowers or fruits/berries or veggies restricted from rowin.
Love it here.

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