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HawkeyeJR 02-22-2013 07:02 AM

Hi again. I hope you all can find us, I will send all of you an email with the new thread on it in case you didn't see my last post. Have a great day and I hope, Evon, Emile, Becky are feeling better today.

Love and blessings to all, JAN :aprayer::love:

Msevon2 02-22-2013 03:24 PM

Hey Jan, I was kinda getting lost when we had all those other pages, so thanks for starting a new one. Hope all are doing well. Did you get some more snow? I hear we still got a chance for another shot tomorrow. I am so ready for winter to be gone. It has been such a long one this year. Does that mean it will be mild next year? Yeah before last was the one that we had so much snow and it was so cold here. It has not been all that low of temps here, none of the single digits and not many of the upper teens, but it has lasted forever. I saw some buttercups blooming the other day so it is somewhere on the way. So bring it on. My knee gets better every day. Sleep a few hours on the couch again last night. Did not check the time when I woke up and knee did not wake me up. I had to go empty my bladder last night. Been lots today too because I am fasting. we are going for seafood tomorrow night. Can hardly wait. I love seafood. Hope you have a good weekend. Talk later.

HawkeyeJR 02-22-2013 05:45 PM

Hi Evon, we just got in. I had to go to buy something without meat in it because it's Friday. We had tuna for lunch and we were going out for fish for dinner but every parking lot was packed so I got some seafood salad and rolls and that is what we ate. It was really good.
It is getting so cold and it smells like snow is right around the corner.
Brock, Janine and the girls left Texas at 8:30 this morning and are in TN already. I just asked them when they planned to stop for the night so the girls can get a good night's sleep but I haven't heard back. They were going over the Mississippi Bridge at around 5:30. I've had a candlelit for them all day and have been praying for their safety. :aprayer: I hope they don't run into any really bad weather on their way home.
I am so happy to hear that your leg is feeling better every day. I hope you enjoy your seafood dinner too.
That's the good thing about Lent we get to eat a lot of seafood. Well keep on getting better and I hope soon that you will be back to normal.
Did you see the nice picture of Emile that Claire posted on FB. He looked so cute in his hospital bed. He is such a sweet little guy and so darn cute. He has the bluest eyes. No wonder Claire fell in love with him. LOL!

See you later. I hope everyone finds us. Love to all of you and be safe! :aprayer::aprayer::love::love:

Msevon2 02-23-2013 09:15 AM

I actually went to facebook this morning but did not see a post from her. Maybe I will look it up later. Is it snowing yet? I heard it is on the way north. We just have a very cold rain. I got a shower this morning. 1st since 14 Feb. I have been taking bird bath and washing hair in sink. I got the walker beside the tub, but did not even need it. I feel so much better. I thought I left my brace in the car cause I looked aorund and did not find it. Then I remember it fell off after i got in last night, so put it beside the chair. I slept a while on the couch last night again. Be glad when i can sleep in the bed again. Having a bowl of veggie soup and peanut buttered crackers with some cinnamon cane tea for lunch. So good. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and saving rest of my calories for my seafood. Have a good day. Praying kids beat the snow or atleast dont get marred up in it. Let us know when you hear from them. luv, me

HawkeyeJR 02-23-2013 10:19 AM

Good morning Evon, I am so happy that you are getting around better and and sleeping better. That's means you are on a good road to recovery! :clap:
I haven't checked the weather report but I think they are driving across Virgina and then catching 95 N straight up to RI. They want to stop in CT for the night and then make it to RI in the morning.
Kaitlyn cried when they put her in her car seat this morning. She must have said, "Oh no not another day of driving?" Poor baby was good all day yesterday but she wanted to stay in the hotel this morning.
I can't wait to see her. She has grown from a little baby to this gorgeous little toddler since they left 14 months ago.
Well I am going to check on the weather and see if Janine responded to my last email.
Do you think the rest of the Angels can't find us. I sent everyone a regular email. Did you get it?
See you later. Love and blessing to each and every one of us and our family and friends. :aprayer::aprayer::aprayer::aprayer::aprayer::love :

Msevon2 02-23-2013 07:35 PM

I got mine, but claire is probably at the hospital with emile and lynn is busy with the wedding prep and val is home with her honey, so it is just you and me kid. I had a very good meal and then we came back to the house and had ice cream cake. It was too sweet. Now I am home. Barbara has a cold so wanted to go home and go to bed. Have a good night so you will be well rested when they get in in the morning.

Blessings on all angels and their families.

HawkeyeJR 02-24-2013 08:09 AM

Good morning Evon,

I will have to send a second email to the girls. When is Lynn's wedding taking place, this weekend? That would be nasty. We are having rain and possible snow all weekend.
Janine just emailed me and they are on the move again. They will be traveling all day today and end up in CT. I won't see then till Monday at the least. Brock has to be at his first seminar on Monday morning so we may not see them till he get home from work. We will be able to drive to see Janine and the girls as long as Janine doesn't have plans to visit her sister or brothers in CT.
We will have plenty of opportunity to see them while they are here so we have to be just a little more patient.
They haven't had any weather problems so far and today driving up the Coast they will likely run into rain and possibly snow flurries. Nothing Brock can't handle growing up in NE.
Have a great day today whatever you plan to do and take care of yourself. :love::aprayer:

Msevon2 02-24-2013 06:18 PM

I dont think the wedding is til sometime next Month, but dont really know. Maybe Easter or near there. Just a wild guess. I went to see Madison today since she had a birthday on thursday and was at school and I had to work. I asked her if she wants to come spend the weekend with me and she said yes, so have to makes plans for that. Then her little girl friends came overr and it was out the door for all of the kids. Brought home a car load of clothes and food and stuff though. Even got vitamins. Guess they might have gotten to the area by now. Hope you get to see them soon.

HawkeyeJR 02-24-2013 09:08 PM

Evon, that's so nice that you will have Madison for the weekend. Great that you got clothes, food and vitamins. Someone is taking care of their mama.
Janine will be dropping Brock off at work tomorrow at 11:45 and will be at our house by 12:00. I am so excited about seeing them. Went out today and bought them a few little gifts. I haven't seen them in so long. I got their Easter bunnies too so they can take them home with them. Save me some postage. Then I will send them a card with their ice cream money. That's something I started doing since they moved to Texas. I send them a card with ice cream money in it. They get the biggest kick out of that and they enjoy going out for ice cream.
Well I am going to bed now so good night and sweet dreams. :love::aprayer:

Msevon2 02-25-2013 08:25 AM

And I am excited for you seeing them also. Have a great visit.

Blessing on al the angels and their familys.

HawkeyeJR 02-25-2013 03:31 PM

Hi Evon, I got to spend the whole day with Janine, Jilly and Kait! We all had a great time. Shannon and Ron were home with us too of course and Jillian had a great day and wants to come back tomorrow. So they are. :jumpjoy::jumpjoy: Jilly had a great time and of course wasn't shy at all but just as I thought Kaitlyn was. She stayed very close to her mama all day.
I gave them each a stuffed cat and they loved them. We made lunch for them... Buggy Macaroni and Cheese and they ate all of it. The macaroni is in the shape of bugs and butterflies.
They just left a little while ago to pick up their daddy. We will see Brock tomorrow for supper. I can't wait to see him. I miss my boy! :sad:
How are you feeling today? Hope you are doing better and better. See you later. Love, JAN

Msevon2 02-25-2013 06:36 PM

I am sure you have that same smile on you face as is in your picture today. I am glad you got to see your family and spend the day with them. Good to be around the kids and the ones we love. I spent a little time with mine this past weekend also. Amy is meeting me on wed morning and we re going to have breakfast while they check it out. I seem to have an alignment problem. Have fun tomorrow and get some rest. Ron still staying in the bed?

Blessings on all angels and their families.

InTheLight 02-26-2013 11:04 AM

Hello Angels! I'm here, had a hectic week and even more busier weekend, and I'm tired ... It has been difficult to get up in the mornings for work, but thankful and Blessed to have this job! :clap:

Well I have just been eating too much sweets, almost like I can't help myself ... So I went to the store last night and got steamed green beans, 2 big containers of baby spinach to stir-cook, small bags of popcorn, more healthier things to eat, and the sweets are staying on the shelves. I am embarassed to admit it, but with candy, I was totally out of control ... Getting that sweet craving out of my body right now by eating good stuff when I get the urge. I want to lose the pounds that I've gained since my weight loss, and now is the time to do something about it!! :kicking:

Jan, I did get your emails about the new link, and even saw where you posted at the end of the old one to come on over here, so I'm sure everyone is just running and should be over here real soon! Sooooo glad you got to spend time with the family, and I love how you light candles and pray for safe traveling, healing, everything, that's such a precious thing to do!

Evon, hey, glad to hear that your knee is doing so much better, Glory to God for His healing mercies and for answering all our prayers!! You know I can identify with having to work around knee issues such as showers and all that, it can be such a pain - I remember that for a while, I couldn't get my surgery areas wet, so I had to sit on a tub bench and it was just so awkward ... And I see that you are doing well with fasting, proud of you, Amen!!

Love my Angels, have a great day and I'll try to peep back in later on, Val

Msevon2 02-27-2013 03:57 PM

Val, it is certainly not fun. Dont know how you did it after surgery. But both of mine are acting up at one time too, so I can imagine how much worse it would be when they were cut open and scraped out and replaced. Did they put in new knee caps? I wondering if they did that. Since that is what I broke. I will have to go see my ortho pretty soon and talk to him. He saved me from so much pain in the last year with his miracle shots.

I did get my car to the car doc this morning. He aligned it. Then I asked if that makes the steering wheel shake when you brake when going 65 and he said no, that could be the brakes. So going to have them rotated tomorrow and then we will see about the brakes next week. Amy is supposed to get me some new bolts for my toilet seat. and they got some potting soil and put it in my car. Maybe she will get it out when she comes to do the toilet. But I may just start taking it out and put it in the pots to start my seeds . It is getting late.

InTheLight 02-28-2013 02:32 PM

Hey Evon, yes, they do replace the knee caps if needed. I know that when they do the knee replacements, they will replace the knee cap as well if needed. I'm such a dummy, I don't know if I got new ones or not, but I have a feeling that I needed to have everything replaced. And I don't know why, but for the last week, especially with all the dampness and rain we've had over here, they have been aching me. Nothing like the pain of the original knees, but they are not feeling fine and dandy like before. A coworker here (who had one knee replaced 2 years ago), told me that I have been using my knees a lot more, now that they are working good. I'm going up and down stairs here at the office, and doing a lot more walking. I don't know, when I get home and just rest and relax, they ache. If I come home and do some housework, mop a floor or two, they ache. I will give my bike a try, see if that helps, I'll get on it tonight -

Hugs and love to all my Angels, TTYL!! :kicking: Val

InTheLight 02-28-2013 02:33 PM

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Claire,

:yahoo: :D :birthday: :up: :cool: :birthday: :yahoo: :D :up: :cool: :birthday:

Msevon2 02-28-2013 04:07 PM

Happy Birthday Claire. Hope it is a good one. My daddys birthday too. But he is having his party in Heaven this year.

cl2gas_1 03-01-2013 09:43 AM

Hello Angels, I tell you ..never so glad to have a birthday this week.. It was great to hear best wishes from all my friends.. It was a difficult time with my girls.. They want me to get rid of all my crafts.. Stop selling it and my stuff.. And sit there and watch my husband .. They do not understand this is my pastime.. They don't want me planting my pots anymore.. Like I have them come over and help me.. Emile and I do this.. When Emile came home ands they left.. J could not help it... I cried for 2 nights..:cry: They cleaned out my pantry cupboard.. Even the GF stuff I jusy bought for Emile.. I guess I am not doing a good job caring for the 2 of us..
Hoping all is well with all of you.. We have a wedding to get in shape for. Emile does not have to worry. He aready lost 10 pounds while sick..
. Our granddaughter Kristen is getting married November 1st..
Thanks for all your prayers.. Nothing like the force of prayers.. Love you all.. Claire:heart::hugs:

Msevon2 03-02-2013 07:37 AM

Good morning Claire. Sorry you are having problems with your girls. What do you mean they cleaned out the pantry. They eat it, or did they throw it out? Our kids dont understand. Most of the time, mine come when I need them, but when things are normal, dont hear anything from them. Heather sent me an email telling me Tylers first baseball game was this morning. It is a long walk to the field. And the expected hi is 47 degrees. Why did she even bother to tell me? She should have known i would not come. If I could manage to get to the field, after I cooled off, I woud be out of there. Congratulations on your daughters upcoming marriage. That was my and Davids anniversary. Hope you had a good birthday. Love ya

cl2gas_1 03-02-2013 08:03 AM

They threw it all out.. # bags ..and a cardboard box full.. Stuff we had just bought.. I thought they were checking dates.. But when I went to make Emile a soup.. They had thrown out his chicken broth ..My onion flakes ..jello, all his pudding mixes.. One is a whole food junkie ..The other is one of my cekiac twins.. She knows what Emile's food cost.. I am so glad they never found his cache of mixes.. Bob's red mill and the like..
Wishing all of you a great weekend.. I hopewe are in for a quiet one.. Love you all.. Claire:love::heart:

Msevon2 03-02-2013 10:32 AM

Claire, you sure they threw them out, might have just taken them home with them. I can see my daughter doing that.

cl2gas_1 03-02-2013 01:06 PM

No Evon, they definitely cleaned out my pantry(closet).. They haven't been here sincetheir Dadcame home.. SorryI bothered you Angels with my problems.. I am still upset with them.. Telling they are going to havea meeting and thereare going to be changes.. I am not going with either of them.. Love you Evon..

Msevon2 03-03-2013 12:23 PM

Claire, I am sorry you are having to go thru this. Sometimes, they forget we took care of them for years. But sometimes, we do need a little help. Seems they mostly show up at the wrong time sometimes though. I get that too. But they are glad I have a place of my own. And so am I. I have been alone so long, dont know if I could live with any one else.

I had a bad stomach ache all night. I never have a stomach ache. But I was up for a couple hours after it waking me up at 2;30. i Heather an email and told her to call and check on me this morning. I was sleeping a lot better by that time. I finally figured out what gave the tummyache. I had eaten a bag of coconut and evidently, it clogged me up. So will try not to do that again. I thought I was going to die, wave afterr wave of pain.

Hope your day is good and you and Emile remain well. Love both of you.

cl2gas_1 03-04-2013 05:41 AM

Hi Ladies, While my Lori was with me.. She made me a chia seed pudding.. I just ,ake it by the half cup.. I/2 cup Almond milk..(I use Vanilla with a little more van syrup.. And about a 1/4 cup of chia seeds. stir well, cover and put in fridge.. It will solidify a bit.. Stir.. And eat a bit at a time.. Especially good if you have the mumchies.. It tends to make you feel less hungry..
II am still at 251.. Hope to see the scale down again this week.. Have to get in shape for the wedding..
I have a bit of a nasal cold.. Head feels like I have been drinking.. Nothing special this week going on.. until Sunday Gtanddaughters birthday.. then 2 dr.'s visits that same week..
Have a great week all.. Love you.. Claire:love::heart:

Msevon2 03-04-2013 06:57 PM

Hey Claire, glad you like your chia seeds. Dont think they would be my thing though. I started back on atkins this morning and plan to try to stay on it for the next 3 months anyhow. I got to lose some more weight. I have been going back up. Have a good night.

cl2gas_1 03-05-2013 02:25 PM

Emile took me out today.. Went to Walmart.. Had a list with me.. Needed Naproxon..the damp weather will be here very soon.. with the pain..We bought some fitted sheet sets at Ocean state.. When Emile washed them all the threads had them tied in knots..when we folded them, the hems were down on the pillow cases..Today , we bought another set at Walmart.. nowwe have all the twin bed taken care of.. we stocked up on his jello.. That is GF so he can have that for dessert.. We are The getting back on the right road.. Thank God.. We took a ride to Woon. to find Koch.. If they would have told me it was right accross from the hosp. We would not have taken the ride..Oh well..Now we will have to get there for 8:00 on the 15th.. Jan, will be in Woon.tomorrow if weather permits.. My class luncheon is at the Buffet on Diamond Hill..Hope it is good.. Had Chinese Sat.. for a late birthday supper. I have been sick for 2 nights.. Of course my stomach has not been rightsinceEmile has been sick.. Nerves are my problem..
Well hope your weather is good.. Weare in for a N Eastener... Come on Spring..
Love you all, Claire..:hugs:

Msevon2 03-06-2013 07:27 AM

Claire, have fun at your luncheon. We have really heavy winds today and of course it is still cold. Only 40 right now and probably hi will be in the 40's also. My feet are cold, but I have to go exercise my knee before I get my bath and put on my shoes and sox. Talk to you later.

InTheLight 03-07-2013 09:31 AM

Hi Angels, taking a moment to read up and see what's going on. Well, we didn't get the big snowstorm that was predicted for the DC/Maryland area, but Western Maryland and Virginia got it hard. They closed the Federal Government, and my job extended the option for us to use leave, so I did, didn't want to get caught, since they said the storm would gear up in the afternoon. But all we got was a lot of rain, and the commute in this morning was very easy, no slipperiness, and for that, I'm grateful ...

I'm trying something new with my eating; whatever meal I have, I will only eat half of it. So this evening, hubby and I are getting subs, and I usually just get the half sub. Well, tonight I will cut that 1/2 sub in half, and then eat the other half for lunch on Friday. Also incorporating good exercise too, need to stop the laziness in that department. I have no excuse since the equipment is right there; did the bike last night, and tonight I will do my weighted hula hoop and lift weights. I will alternate every other day, and then see where that leaves me at the end of this month. I must admit, my knees do feel much better since my workout last night, so the trick will be to stay committed to this routine, and I know I can do it -

Claire, so sad when I read about what your children have been doing ... I know how much you love your crafts, and I encourage you to continue doing what you love to do, and that includes the planting as well. I was also saddened that they threw your food away, so unfair, you spent good money to get the foods that you and Emile need. Know that you can always come to your Angels to share any thoughts or feelings you have, and especially when you are upset ... I'll be praying concerning that whole situation; sending lots of hugs to you, along with lots of love as well ... :hugs: :heart: :hugs:

Evon, glad to hear you are going for the LC for the next few months or so; it's a good ride and definitely gets rid of the weight. And there are really good things to choose from, especially the seafood, yum!! :yummy: :up: I hear you about exercising our knees, it helps so much to loosen them, and spring guarantees a lot of rain naturally, so praying we get through that air dampness without a lot of stiffness in the joints - glad to hear that you are getting your workout in, proud of you!! :kicking:

Have to run, big hellos to all my Angels! :hiya: Love you all, Val

a lot has been going on since I last came here

HawkeyeJR 03-10-2013 12:19 PM

Good morning everyone,

Well I am back. It has been a lot of fun spending all the time we could with Brock and his family.
Our little Kait and Jilly are such a joy! They are so funny and loving and sweet. The baby was sitting across from me one night while we were having dinner and with a big smile pointed to me and said Gamar. We were all clapping for her her and she had the biggest smile. Jilly said, Grandma, I teach her every night to say grandma and it worked. :jumpjoy:
Ron and I went out for breakfast with Brock and Jillian this morning and I had to say goodbye to him. I won't be seeing Brock again till the next time they come to RI. He will be working till they leave and so today I said goodbye to him. Boy that hurts a lot!
We will see the girls and Janine a few more times this week though. She is going to CT one day to say bye to her family and one day she will visit with her best friend in RI. Then on Thursday Janine will bring all their laundry over again and make sure they are ready for the trip back to Texas. They will be leaving on Thursday at 5:00 when she picks up Brock from work. :cry:
It will be very had to kiss my babies goodbye on Thursday. :cry:
But I am not going to think about that today and I am going to enjoy them till they have to go home.

Evon, Sorry your knee is still bothering you but I'm not surprised. It takes a long time for a knee or an ankle to heal because of the weight we have to keep putting on it.
I just quit WW's. My heart just hasn't been in it this time around. With Shannon being so sick and not having the time to count points or pay real attention to the diet, you may as not even bother. Yes you can eat whatever you want but you have to be very conscious of everything you are putting in your mouth at all times for the diet to work. So I finally realized I was wasting my money and quit.
When the kids go back to Texas I will decide what I want to do and get on a new diet. :dunno:

Claire, I hate it when our kids do something when they thing it's in our best interest. They mean well...... but I say, we're not dead yet and we're doing fine without anyone telling us what we have to do.
Shannon can tends to be a little overprotective of us. She thinks we're too old to do things without getting hurt.
She gets mad if she comes upstairs and see that I bought pastry for snacks.
So now I hide it. But she doesn't throw away my stuff without telling me. I know how mad that must have made you and they should understand that your crafts make you happy so just keep doing them.
Don't feel bad about it there comes a time in our lives when our kids think they have the right to become our parents.
Did you like the Chinese Buffet on Diamond Hill Road. Ron and I used to go there but we haven't in a long time.
I hope you had fun with your friends. :love:

Val, that darn good tasting pastry and candy gets me every time. I have a half eaten chocolate cake in my cupboard right now. I keep saying I am not going to buy them anymore but when I go grocery shopping they just find their way into my basket. It's like I'm a little kid that needs a sweet reward every night.
I'm happy that your knees are being good to you. ;) I hope you can fight the urge to stick with more high calorie snacks and believe me I know that isn't easy.
It was supposed to hit 50 degrees today but I don't think it has. I wore my winter coat to go to breakfast this morning. It was very windy though so I felt cold.

I never got around to sending that second email to Lynn and Becky so I will do it now while I have the time.
Love and blessing on all of us! Love, JAN :love::love::love::love::love::aprayer::aprayer::a prayer:

lynnjp 03-10-2013 04:33 PM

Jan thanks SO much for the email-I think of you girls all the time and just really forget to check in here-things have been super busy-Janet's wedding is next Sunday on St Patrick's Day-so we have been super busy getting things ready. This week we have the final fitting on Thursday so I have to drive up to Massachusetts during Providence rush hour-UGH!!!!!! Hate the thought of it but I am hoping the weather is good and I get there within an hour or so. We leave to spend Easter with Dawn and Amber the following week and will be there for a week-so looking forward to seeing that little munchkin!!! As you know Jan they change so much so quickly and while talking on the phone and skyping is good it just is not the same.
Jan-I am sure it has been SO wonderful seeing the kids -I know how hard Thursday will be-maybe you and Ron can plan a trip down to see them some time in the fall? You do not want to be there in the summer that is for sure but I know you do not fly but it would be a nice time to drive down. ENjoy the final days as I know you will and make memories those little girls will always remember! :heart:
Claire-so sorry you had a tough time with the girls-hoping that things are OK now-our children sometimes do forget that we are the ones that raised them and somehow they managed to make it to adulthood LOL :rofl: Hope that Emile is feeling well and that you are too-
Evon-how is your leg doing? Hope you are recovering well and will soon be up and around just like you were before!! How is stuff at work-any thoughts of retirement?
Val-I am sure that your new plan will definitely work-the portions we get when we eat out are HUGE but if you are anything like me we are taught to eat what is put in front of us and not waste food. I did just what you have been doing today-went out for lunch after we hit the cemetery and I brought half of my calamari salad home for dinner tonight

well my friends I do apologize for not getting in here more often, I will do my best to get in more often and share what is going on in my life with you all-love you all dearly :heart: and I do hope we can plan a RI girl get together VERY soon!!!

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