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Norfolk Mermaid 02-22-2013 04:49 AM

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STILL no word on the JEEP! Waited all day then called and was told it was being worked on now (4:30 yesterday) and they would call- NADA!
I fell in my kitchen last niht and have a tiny line cut on my brow and this morning you can see the result. Waaay too much stress. Will still make the eye lazer appt. so she can look at my eye but still hope she will go ahead with the proceedure but doubt she will very much. Icy roads possible this morning but a warm up later this afternoon.
Be careful out there so you don't end up with a black eye like mine.

ocali 02-22-2013 07:08 AM

Oh, Lainey, I'm so sorry you fell and cut yourself. Be careful, girl!!
I hope the Jeep will be fixed by today and you'll have no more problems with it. You've been having trouble with it a long time so now that it's in a proper garage, theyll get to what's been the problem.
Went with 15 other folks to Carrabass' last night and had a fab meal. It was also Happy Hour so split 2 for 1 with a friend. We had a great time.! I'm not planning to go to a Hot Dog and Beans lunch today at one of the clubhouses...(Enough is enough!).
Hope our travelers are all having a wonderful time.

tatehouse 02-22-2013 07:29 AM

What a shiner, Lainey!

Another rainy day in GA...going to set in for the weekend. I just might paint my pantry door. It has taken a beating and not sure why! But needs another coat for real.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm going to be lazy. Reading a book I got for free for the kindle Nine Steps to Sara...maybe Sarah...anyway, it is pretty good. Cheesy conversations but the story moves along nicely.

Waving to everyone

LoveMontana 02-22-2013 07:30 AM

Good morning everyone,

Good heavens Lainey, so sorry about that fall. Did you trip on something?:console:

Hi Julie, LOL Hot Dogs and beans doesn't sound like a good meal after your nice meal at Carrabass'.

Heading out the door to visit family back home. Mom and brother are leaving Monday for NC to visit my aunt and then over to Newport Beach , VA to visit my nephew and wife.


mykneesareback 02-22-2013 09:28 AM

Lainey, wow, what an injury, scary to think of having that and no one around, doggone it! Hope the car gets fixed so it holds out awhile longer.

Julie, you sure have different kinds of places to go and foods to choose from available, but you are having a good time, too, which is good for the soul....:)

Anne, hope you get the painting done, is it a new color you are doing?

Linda, what a nice trip for your Mom and brother to take now, good thing you can go today to "see them off" in a way.

I'm sitting in the motel lobby, waiting for the kids to come down and eat, dh and I already ate. We will head over to brother's in a few hours, they are bringing our Mother there to see everyone and eat saurbraten, and later we take her back to her assisted living place, for a little party for everyone there. More relatives are coming, and, after they leave tomorrow, some more will trickle in, so she doesn't have to much going on all at once.

Have a good Friday and weekend, friends. Careful out there!

Mssarge 02-22-2013 09:33 AM

Good morning all...shivering in the night and morning air taking the new puppy outdoors, so far we've had a few mishaps, or gifties, from him but he is doing well. The girls are starting to play with him, so maybe he'll fit in to the pack. I still wonder why I'm taking a puppy into my life at my age. Maybe I can't believe how old I really am...lol.

Lainey, so sorry about the fall and the black eye...stress can really get to you, but slow down and take a few deep breaths. I've found that helps a bit, whenever I've fallen it's been because I was rushing. Good luck with the eye and more prayers coming your way.

If you're traveling this weekend, be safe. I'll just be hunkering down, reading, catching up on a couple of shows I've recorded, playing with the pack, and staying warm. You, too!

Norfolk Mermaid 02-22-2013 09:59 AM

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.
Seems the cheek took a lot of the brunt. Starting to ache pretty much now.
Hew boy- won't be a fun week end here.
Heard from the car repair...900. plus to fix her up. Thank G*d my credit cards have plenty available to pay for it. Sure could get depressed over it all but will fight that with all my might.
Very cold out but too warm too snow but could get some sleet.
bbl if I am able. Plan to rest after my eye appt.

Shalbrihil 02-22-2013 04:44 PM

Take care Lainey. Credit cards are really nice to have for an emergency.

Doris wish your Mother best wishes from all of us here. She is so lucky to have all you and what a nice surprise for her seeing her family all together. Have a wonder time.

Mary glad to see your new pup is getting along so well with your senior citizens. Do you have a potty pad for your little guy? That really helps in the beginning.

To everyone else here wishing you all well and have a nice weekend.

LoveMontana 02-22-2013 05:07 PM

Doris, best of wishes for a great party for your mom. Not many of us are lucky enough to reach the tender age of 100:love:
She will just love little Silas.

Mary, none of us are getting any younger, but my hat's off to you on taking in a new pup.:notwrthy: Don't know how you do it.

Lainey, you sure did luck out with only a $900 charge. So what was wrong with the jeep?

Sharon you are right, those puppy pads are a great help. When I used to babysit for my daughter's pup, those came in very handy.

Had a nice visit with mom today since she is going to go to North Carolina with my brother to visit her sister and my brother's son and wife. Hope the long trip isn't too hard on her.

Mssarge 02-22-2013 05:44 PM

Hey y'all...made a run to the casino and got my bonus points...they do a multiple points on Fridays, this month it's eight times...so got my points for the bonus bucks for the month anyway. AND I won a few dollars, so it was worthwhile....doubly so as they've add a few restaurants and they have a noodle shop and I was able to get yakisoba for the first time in a long time.

Thanks for the idea of the puppy pads...never thought of 'em. I guess I'm lucky in that most of his house training is taken care of and my girls are making sure he's found the doggy door. As I say that there was a foofaraw and I had to assert alpha authority...oh well, this too shall pass. Actually it's my oldest, the chihuahua that I think has forgotten how to play and takes things seriously...she also thinks she is the alpha ***** and I have to show her who's boss occasionally.

Hope you had a good day and I know the cold zone is moving in your area, but we're going to enjoy 70, almost 80-degree weather for a week or so. So, good things are coming your way, too. May take a while, but winter is almost over....woohoo

Norfolk Mermaid 02-22-2013 09:04 PM

Hi everyone.
Just had a long sleep from around 5: till just now. Carbed over loaded on a "Wendy's" feast of double cheesburger (reminded me of the 50's one when the fast food was just ettin started), the fries were one before I even ot home, a tiny frosty- choc of course and a big chilli that I just now ate half of. The sleep was deep though and the rest helped a lot. The eyes are done! yaaa! was so supprised the nurse I pleaded with talked her into it for me. We all agreed that the cheek seemed to take the brunt as a bluish egg that is sore did not involve the eye near as much. I do not feel ood but know full well that it could have been so much worse than it is.
I talked to a neihbor guy and he said all the work they did he thouht it would be 1500.00 so at least I don't have to feel ripped off which sure has happened to me with car stuff- a woman alone and all that. Let's see- a new water hose-pump ?, serpentine belt and an new alternator as mine was not charging. The macanic said it might idle a little rough as it needs a tune up in the next couple of thousand miles. I am picking it up with that neighbor driving me in the morning.
Gosh, I feel poorly so I uess an injury hits the whole body. course that carb fest didn't help I'm supposing.
The weather stayed just overcast with none of the ice/snow mix they yelled about all morning. Heavy rains are missin toniht was well or so far anyhow- supposed to et 2 inches. I'll check the weather when I leave here.
Happy partying and safe travelin for all. Them dogies sound fun Mary and I too could not take that on for sure.
Anne is sure riht that this place rocks! I really did feel your support the last few days and thank you all so much.
A little skip about the computer and I think I could even go riht back to sleep.

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