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mykneesareback 02-18-2013 10:10 PM

TUESDAY's Roll Call, Feb. 19
OK friends, off we go.

:aprayer: to those in need.

ocali 02-19-2013 06:55 AM

Talking about "Good Morning, Vietman". We loved it because it used our last name in it. How vain can one get? :-)

Norfolk Mermaid 02-19-2013 07:13 AM

Good morning and thank you Doris.
Couldn't sleep last night and woke up with the "Big D" and I do not mean Dallas. The room temp (house is kept at 55 to 60 24/7- I learned all about layers in the 20+ yrs in N.Y.) so the ice tea giant pitcher was sipped throughout the day. I did enjoy it but not at that cost. Had a cheap box of mac & cheese with slices of extra sharpe cheese and am thinkin that did not help. Guess my cast iron tummy is no more- glad I enjoyed it while I could. The stress of this eye "clouds" being lazered does not help I guess. The second eye is being done friday. The follow up yesterday was odd as one test I could not read the chart at all- even the huge top but other test the charts were readable all the way to the bottom???
Some times I think someone has a "voo doo" doll of me and a hat box full of pins. I was amazed when Maggie Smith said on 60 Minutes that she felt her old age was pointless. Gawd, she has 5 grandkids so "so much" for my bein alone bein a factor in my lamentable Brass Years. ( who ever dubbed it the Golden Years didn't know is A$$ from Brass).
Rain later today- humph!
Dear me, so sorry for the whine party.
bbl when I buck myself up a bit.

My daughter as a teen bought me a used dvd of that movie cause I loved so much "It's a wonderful world" song by that wonderful singer?

mykneesareback 02-19-2013 07:23 AM

Lainey, my dh always says, almost every single day, that he thinks, whomever made up that phrase about the "Golden Years" needs to have their a$$ whipped, and dh will be happy to oblige!! Wishing you to feel better with that big "D" stuff, and the eye treatment to go smoothly Friday!

Howdy Julie!!

Going to the high school breakfast and then hurrying to the bigger town to sign the tax stuff off. Then back here to begin to pack, and I'm going to bake something to take to my mother's gathering on Friday. There are people coming out of the woodwork now, who want to make an appearance on Friday and Saturday, but they didn't want to come before, so all the food planning at my brother's has taken on a "wedding" type of phase. Driving some of us nuts in the process. lol :sing: Oh well.........

It's supposed to snow any minute now, if the weather guru's are correct.

Take care of yourselves, friends! Verleen, hoping you stay feeling better now. My dh is doing some of the stuff Rich does now, too..........I know you understand.

:heart: to everyone.

tatehouse 02-19-2013 07:58 AM

Good morning,

Maggie was out of school yesterday so I had her all day. I was a bit tired, too, from the weekend so I didn't get my morning done as I like.

Did I tell ya'll a tree fell in my back yard while I was gone for the weekend. It was a HUGE tree, too. If it had fallen just 15 degrees the other direction I would be with no roof and no sunroom...but it fell to the side and landed in the yard and woods. So DGS came yesterday and picked up the broken chunks that were in the yard and tried to get the biggest part moved. It is ok for now but someone with a chain saw will have to finish up the last of it. I bet it made a big noise when it hit the ground.

I cooked one of the freezer meals for DGS yesterday and was amazed again how much food that child can put away! It was really good. And the English Muffin Bread was a real hit. So easy, too.

Well, that is it from here. Ya'll have safe travels and have a good day.


Mssarge 02-19-2013 09:46 AM

Good morning all, just poppin' with good wishes for y'all. Nuttin' going on here, yet, so I'll see what mischief I can get into. Tail-waggers seem to be accepting the new one, but still won't play with him and he's so full of energy, it makes me tired just watching him...sigh!

SuSUN 02-19-2013 04:57 PM

Hi All,:D

Just getting here. I had a lazy day here. It was a snowy day so that encouraged me to stay home off the roads. I had a lovely soak in the tub with some relaxing music. I had a stiff neck and shoulders from work yesterday. I feel much better now.:up:

Verleen, glad your are home now safe and sound.:hugs::hugs::heart:

Thank YOU Doris for our kick off today. That is a lovely burst of colour in your Avi, so Spring like. Hope you enjoyed the breakfast. My you are on top of things signing off on the tax stuff.:clap: I am just gathering all the slips together right now. We don't file up here until April 30th.

Mary, poor little bag of energy that new pup. My old guy wouldn't want an energetic pup around him at this stage of his life either. They know they can get hurt playing rough...may even knock a patella out of place.;) LOL!

Sorry Lainey about the "Big D" hope you are feeling better now.:hugs::hugs::heart:

Oh that is great to have your surname mentioned in a movie Julie.:up:

Anne, that is so lucky where that tree landed. I am glad you don't have the mess of repairing your sunroom and roof. We have to count our blessings huh?

Wishing You All a pleasant evening and restorative sleep...Hope to BBT...

LoveMontana 02-19-2013 05:26 PM

Nasty, nasty weather here off and on all day. Roads were slippery, but my cleaning gal made it here just fine.
Bless her heart, she does a great job.:up:

Son's MIL is doing exceptionally well for her age and will go home in the morning.

Nothing else of interest here.

Shalbrihil 02-19-2013 06:16 PM

My this day went fast. We had our taxes done and the rest of the day was a light walk with the dogs then I spent this afternoon watching the bird feeder in Ontario where you are Susan. You are right about the snow. The wind was really blowing but those little flyers were just a hanging on to the sock getting their nyger thistle. That live feed is so much fun to watch. We see birds that don't come to Calif.

Plan on watching Gosford Park this evening. More Maggie Smith. Just can't get enough of that gal.

Take care and enjoy your evening.

mykneesareback 02-19-2013 06:29 PM

Linda, what do they do with the surgery, so that doesn't happen again to your son's mother in law?? Sounds just awful!

It snowed about 2 inches here, but it's all nice and white again, and cold, not as cold as New York though.

Mother in law was checking into taking a Greyhound down to my mother's birthday "thing", found out the bus arrives at midnight or the other one arrives at 6 AM, she is 84 and having trouble with swelling legs, and can't drive or sit for long periods of time.................so, she decided to see if she can take a BUS all night and maybe find a motel next to the bus station?? Doesn't know a thing about the town, etc. We only found out because she call our son in Texas to tell them. :dunno::dunno:

LoveMontana 02-19-2013 06:51 PM

Oh Doris, what do we do with these elderly parents? Hopefully your MIL will come to her senses and just stay home or let someone drive her.

Ann, my son's MIL had an Inguinal Hernia Repair. Simple procedure except hers was strangulating and needed to be done ASAP! She was actually scheduled to have it done this coming Friday, but it got large and caused her some major vomiting, etc.
The mesh will prevent further problems. My mom had one done about 5 years ago and hasn't had a bit of problem.

mykneesareback 02-19-2013 07:17 PM

Wow Linda, that's amazing what they can do now!!! Thanks for the info. :)
I have several female relatives that had to have something done to those, but never knew what they actually did, and the aunts have passed away due to old age, so never could ask.

Yes, it is hard to deal with older parents, and senior dh's, too.............;) I suppose mine says the same thing about me.

Have a good night, Linda, and everyone, rest easy, if you can.

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