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mykneesareback 02-09-2013 09:44 PM

SUNDAY's Roll Call, Feb. 10
Sunday, and somewhere, Spring is beginning to show it's face :love:

Begete 02-10-2013 01:49 AM

Good morning

I am ready to muder DH. He can't be bothered to sort thru any mounds of paper EVER but Friday morning he decided to take stuff to recycling, and grabbed whatever was easy, including my drawings of my veggie garden and the 5 year meticulous records I had been keeping of what was planted in each separate bed for rotation purposes. And which companion planting had done best together, etc. these 12+ pages of data were stuck inside my favorite seed catalogue which was NOT in the pile of mail, but on the coffee table with the NY Times magazines I haven't had time to read. So he decided to collect and toss all my stuff, without even asking.

I am so upset, I am serious ly contemplating a divorce after 42 years. There were two things that made me really happy, Pandora, whose ashes are now on my bedstand and my garden which DH just ruined 5 years of experiment and hard work. I don't think I have ever been this despondent.

Loretta V 02-10-2013 05:21 AM

Good Sunday morning folks. Thanks Doris for the start up for today.
We have March Flowers up here in Ky. That is what they call the early daffodils here.
Some of my spring bulbs in my planter are peeping up.

Begete, sorry to hear of your upset over those papers. Sh__ happens sometime. Hope you can move forward and not waste a lot of energy on being mad at your DH.

We have a dinner today at church celebrating Christian Marriage Day. That is fine but we have several couples that are together, but not married. That creates some hard feelings for the title of the dinner. I sure wish they had used a different name for it.

tatehouse 02-10-2013 07:07 AM

Good morning. A good day yesterday. Went shopping a bit. I texted DD to see if she wanted to ride to the mall with me...no but she sent my DGS's list of wants. So my list doubled. The whole shopping trip was a bust.

I ordered some new shoes online. A company that I have never used but had the shoes I wanted. they came in a timely manner. I ordered a size 7, they confirmed a size 7, the box reflected a size 7, the shoes inside the box were actually a size 9. They were very nice and will pay the UPS back but now out of stock on the shoes. oy vey. Always something.

Sorry you are so upset Babette.

Still have all my movies to watch today. Think I'll have an early one..


ocali 02-10-2013 07:29 AM

I have a Netflix movie to watch today, too. My Sunday afternoon treat..lol. And, tonight is Downton Abbey..yeah! Glad you caught up, Michelle!
I know I mentioned going to spaghetti dinner on Fri night, then the breakfast yesterday a.m. In afternoon, I got an invitation to eat Chinese food in celebration of my neighbor's birthday. I regretfully refused. Enough is enough! Then a friend called and asked me to walk with her. I had to refuse that, too. I still hurt from that long, long walk several days ago.
The sun is shining. Glenda, I think a margarita with the movie this afternoon sounds good! Verleen, many years ago we used to pick out wallpaper and I hated doing it because once it was up, I hated it. So, the last few houses, we used neutral paint shades. But, I know that a real Victorian needs appropriate papers. Linda, what's doing in Albany? Begete, I agree with Loretta....let it go! He's probably really sorry now. Anne, I use any excuse NOT to go to the mall now unless it's the only place for a certain something. Doris, do you really, really get up to watch t.v. at 5:30 a.m???
To everyone else, have a good Sunday, as good as you can! I'll have to starve myself today so I can go out tomorrow night to Outback with my street buddies...lol.

LoveMontana 02-10-2013 07:49 AM

Looks like Doris and I started this at exactly the same time so just continue on here and ignore mine. ;)

Babette, so sorry that your DH did that. Men can be huge PITA.
I still maintain that marriage should come with a two year renewable contract.

Loretta, Bummer on the hard feelings by some of the parishioners. People can be so picky sometimes.
Nice that your area is showing signs of spring. Enjoy.

Anne, sometimes ordering on line can be a huge convenience, but not in your case. Hopefully you can find something comparable elsewhere.

Julie, when it rains, it pours eh? Too much socializing can be exhausting. Enjoy your afternoon movie.

Not much going on here today. I'll make a pork stir fry, throw a few things in the suitcase and kick back after running the dry then wet swiffer over the floors.
We will leave in the morning for our Gun rights rally after they pick up the garbage.

BeachyWoman 02-10-2013 08:11 AM

Oh Begete, I know how PO'd you must be. I'd give anything to have DH here to get po'd at once in a while...just keep that thought in mind and forgive...Women are equipped to do that. Just comes at a bad time I know...when you get out on the ocean...give it to the waves..
Loretta, put in a suggestion in the box...new name...Christion Togetherness Dinner or some such. Maybe its a little hint that they should be married. LOL
Linda, WTG girl, I sure do admire you for backing up your convictions.
I feel like my life is just one swiffer after another. That and the steam vac keep me moving I guess.
Julie, I just can't get into Downton Abbey for some reason. I start watching and it just doesn't hold my attention...course there aren't many shows that I even like anymore. I really envy you the social scene. I would so love to be in a community.
Anne believe me I know how those shopping trips go..I am the gopher here, and if DD knows I'm going I get a mile long list...my pet peeve is the heavy water and green tea. I need a fork lift at checkout.
Hi Doris, thanks for starting things out. Its a beautiful Sunday here. Gonna kick back and enjoy one of God's perfect days...Glenda

Norfolk Mermaid 02-10-2013 08:16 AM

"BLOODY ELL", BEETE & VERLEEN feeling for yas.
Verleen, no smashie the Ipad- forward to lainey! I been with Apple since it began except for a period of IBM when I moved to here. Be the beautiful tortoise for a while and then you'll be a beautiful bunny from then on.
Beete, I can smell John's blood on your hands from here. Please, please try to not be so upset. I would suggest 11 bloody marys IN a public place (witnesses you know) and/or deep, deep prayer. Please remember he is also mourning the best beloved Pandora. My prayer for you is to be gentle with him as much as you possibly can- I know, I know.... but try real hard to reach down inside yourself as far as it takes to find a peace for you both.
Now, ladies- when you mention movies, tv shows or especially books- TITLES are a requirement. If I have to tell you again you'll be punished!!!! Oh my, todays post seem to be having an effect on me.
20 samples of wall paper are a dizzying # to choose from. Google some plantations for ideas but please choose at least one silk moirae- my fav look of all in yellows or mauves. Also what is that pattern of embossed silk background with velvet designs??? Oh, google Montecello which is top decor of that era I can think of.... Jefferson's place should be on everyone's bucket list. His gardens are just- there are no adequate words. Begete, check out his experiments to compare with yours.
Lordy, real chatty today.
Need breaky and will treat myself to a second huge coffee.
Sure hope I did not offend anyone! Sorry if I did. E.

Liblady 02-10-2013 08:46 AM

Yes, it sure is a beautiful day here in Florida, but as Glenda has referred to, we need rain badly.

Going to see Silver Linings Playbook this afternoon with an interesting couple. They are from New Brunswick, Canada. She is a psychiatrist and he is a "bear" hunter. People from the states get in touch with him and he takes them out into the wilds of Canada to find bear. They stay in this community for about 5 months.

Begete, maybe feelings in the house are intensified because of losing Pandora. I hope you guys can get past this.

Glenda have you checked into any retirement communities? There sure alot of them in FL. They are all about the same as far as things to do, etc. Much fun!

Mssarge 02-10-2013 10:37 AM

Good morning all...my we are a chatty bunch this morning...sounds like everyone is doing well, even if a little mayhem is lurking in the undertones. Sunny and cool in SoCal and still stuck at the house as no glasses in the mail...sigh! This has been such a discouraging three months, I am really feeling my age...this is my 36th anniversary year of my 36th birthday and today is a Happy New Year...Lunar year, that is...year of the snake. So all you snakes out there happy birthday. I'm a dragon, so have to go back to sleep for another 11 years.

Hope you all have a great day and a good start on the coming week...

Crazy Cat 02-10-2013 10:39 AM

Chilly and cloudy here today, might get some rain. I'm heading up to WI Wednesday night, where it will be a lot colder. Trying to get some books together for the trip since I don't watch TV or movies.

Lainey-glad your laser surgery went well. My dad had it on one eye after his cataract surgery. My neighbor next door needs it but has been putting it off for over a year. He's very stubborn, and wants it all done in one visit-pre-op, laser & post-op visit.

Begete-So sorry about your garden papers. The only way I could be married is if we lived in separate houses, lol.

Verleen-I've never used wallpaper, it's such a hassle to change and I've never seen a pattern I would like to keep for more than a year or so. I guess I have commitment issues. That's the main reason I never got a tattoo-I never saw a design that I would want on my body forever! As for the iPad, I've used my son's and it's fine for travel, but for everyday use I much prefer my laptop with an actual keypad.

Anne-I could never order shoes online, I've got weird feet and it takes trying on 10 pairs to find one pair that fits. Same with jeans.:dunno:

Loretta-couldn't they just call it Christian Couples day?

I rarely go to the mall except to walk. Around here most of the mall stores are either high end or geared toward teenagers.

modon69478 02-10-2013 10:42 AM

Mary, If I read your message correctly, you are celebrating a birthday today!


I know it's been tough on you lately, but I just wanted to share with you that I thought you were doing admirably. Carrying on as best you can - good for you!

Hoping for many, many more birthdays for you - friend,


birdlady 02-10-2013 12:18 PM

Happy 36+36,my dates are that also,Mary. Yes sad as it is I learn a lot from you ladies that loss DH's and how you live life after.It has to be so hard.
Well everyone knows I love my I-Pad,Kindle and yesterday we got two knock-offs at the casino.I have a cover for my I-Pad that has a keyboard on it but don't use it. I have lots of hours in my day and don't do anything worthwhile so I have plenty time to play.lol
More rain for us most of the night,not raining now,may later.
Thinking of going to the casino and waste a few hundred dollars later.I personally worked hard for those dollars and enjoy them lots.but hate shopping.We are all so different in what we like,that is what I like about us.

SuSUN 02-10-2013 02:23 PM

:birthday::birthday::birthday: Happy Birthday Mary and Happy Returns of the Day!:birthday::birthday::birthday:
I love it, 36th... I see Gladys is in the same year.
Mary YOU are One Strong Lady! WTGG!

Thank You Doris for our start off. Yes, Doris, somewhere Spring is coming. We spring forward our clocks on March 10th then the official Spring is March 21st but the snow doesn't leave till mid April. Maybe we will be lucky this year.;)

We had a milder day up here temp wise and a beautiful sunny clear blue sky. Tomorrow we have a promise of plus +2 degrees so we are all looking forward to that. The snow banks we will ignore for now. LOL!

Staying on plan so far so good. Roast Beef cooking in the oven for supper. :D

Liblady 02-10-2013 02:45 PM

Happy Birthday Mary..............grab your clubs and come on over to FL. We'll play a round.:birthday::jumpjoy::shake:

Norfolk Mermaid 02-10-2013 02:47 PM

I' am the "Fire Horse" or just Horse dependin on which horoscope you read.
To my way of thinkin the "FIRE" horse sure fits though.
Beautimous day here with two walks to enjoy it and even warmer tomorrow.
Just had my version of a ThanksGiving dinner- jar of Heinze roasted turkey ravy, instant Idao mash pots and a big drollop of canned cranberries. Very satisfyin and I change that out sometimes with a box of cornbread stuffing. Soooo easy and amazin tasty. Have always liked the fixins best anyway- whole strin beans make a reat sub for the pots or stuffin but I mostly do that in the summer.
I sure hate the drops 4 times a day but doin it of course...really do not like those tiny black dots floaters. Will do the other eye week after next and hope to start of "Sprin" at least kinda healthy.
Cause it is Sunday I am oin to snugle and read till I am ready for my best beloved Downton Abby followin the "Midwife" which I like tons as well.
HA!!! I just looked at the clock and it is 4:44 THE ANGEL HOUR! I love when I do that.
Hoping John is allright. Beete?
Gladys, no fair! whyn't we have a Casino near by for me to go play or watch is more what I would do.
welp, bbl

SuSUN 02-10-2013 02:54 PM

Doris, Did you enjoy the Soccer this morning?

My DH used to be a strong supporter of Manchester United. How are they doing? I don't follow any of it, he did though.
I could never get into watching soccer or any sports come to that.
I know you and your DH love to watch it together. WTGG!

LoveMontana 02-10-2013 03:32 PM

http://i47.tinypic.com/idce2d.gif Hope it was a good one , Mary.

Norfolk Mermaid 02-10-2013 03:44 PM

ditto all wishes Mary.

Verleen 02-10-2013 03:55 PM

:hiya: Doris and Linda, thanks for the start offs. I don't mind 2 at all; just more to read.

Babette, I have felt that urge to murder too. Then it passes. My ex threw out some very sentimental stuff of mine - deliberately. He was a social path, bordering on psycho path and I'm not kidding here. He threw out composition books of poetry written by my beloved grandmother. Forever gone. But I didn't kill him. I wasn't as mad as I was heartbroken. He continued to do mean spirited things to me and our daughters up to today. Last year after a particularly bad conversation and broke off all communication with him. There is no reason I have to put up with this nastiness anymore. I severed all ties with him with as much kindness as I could. Rich does some really bad bloopers but they're not intentional. He can't help it with his aspergers.

Loretta, I like the suggestions that were offered for a different name for dinner. Naming a dinner will not force anyone to do something. Much better to make things peaceful.

Anne, good luck with returning those shoes.

Julie and others, yes, 20 papers is alot to decide between. Cathy has trouble deciding anything. With a Victorian, wallpaper is almost a must. Cathy loves Victorian wallpaper. We bought her 4 large books about Victorian decorating with loads of pictures in color. I suggested that she find rooms that she loves and find a wallpaper that comes close. We're not wallpapering every room, esp at first. Her bedroom and sitting room. The DR, foyer and a couple bedrooms are already wallpapered. I would like to have the formal parlor papered too and leave the family room painted.

:birthday: Happy Birthday Mary! If its a 36 + 36 celebration, does that mean you get two slices of cake?:D

Cathy's colleagues at work are planning the house warming. I kid you not. They are really looking forward to it.

mykneesareback 02-10-2013 07:03 PM

Well, Mary, I'm late in wishing you a Happy Birthday, didn't know about it :dunno:, and wishing you had your new eyeglasses so you could see better and get around better, dang it!

I'll just wish you all well, I just can't catch up anymore, feel like a hamster in a treadmill here.

Linda, sorry I posted at the same time last night, isn't it weird, one would think we lived near each other or something! Susan and I used to post at the same time on different threads, sort of eerie, since it's 3 hrs. difference.

Begete, I hope you have forgiven your husband by now, but it's good to vent it out, thank goodness for this board!!

Mssarge 02-10-2013 11:25 PM

Hey guys, thanks for the well-wishing...yep, I'm a metal dragon, Lainey. And I can feel for the eye drops and floaters. It's been a round of up to eight different drops in the eyes, three and four times a day...thank goodness, it's only four drops now, most only twice a day...the bleeding in the eye causes a lot of floaters and I've one that has been sitting right in the middle of the eye for two days now. Most of the time, they move around a lot...not this bugger! Glad your surgery went well and sure hope the next one is as successful. Right now, I think I would turn down surgery on my other eye...at least until I can't see anything out of it.

Oh well, excuse the *****in'...tomorrow is another day and with the new year, it will be better.

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