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mykneesareback 01-28-2013 08:59 PM

TUESDAY Roll Call, Jan. 29
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The month has flown by like a bat out of heck!!

Hope everyone is doing ok, did some of you see Susan?? ;)

Shalbrihil 01-28-2013 09:27 PM

Had some internet problems so didn't make it here for Monday's thread. Going to read it now to catch up. See you tomorrow. ;)

mykneesareback 01-29-2013 06:10 AM

It's 28 degrees, warming up today.
Heading to the high school culinary class breakfast.

Have a good day, friends. :)

Norfolk Mermaid 01-29-2013 06:28 AM

ood mornin all.
In the 70s today and I already ot the house doors wide open for airin out. Plan to et lots of stuff out to the garae and then work out there in the sprin.
I loved the sit coms last niht- Bi Bang, Two Broke irls, Mike and Molly often make me lauh out loud- we All need that don't you know!
Today I plan to make each and every door in my house closeable!!! AND nothin on the floor in any room that does not belon there!!!!!!
Yallins have a blessed day and live with all your miht!

Crazy Cat 01-29-2013 07:50 AM

Supposed to be around 70 today and no rain! :jumpjoy: I'll be opening all the windows also. No real plans for today, need to scrub the bathroom. I'm heading out to the porch to drink my coffee and watch the birds.

Shalbrihil 01-29-2013 09:01 AM

It's a great day to be outside here too. Nothing special happening for this Tuesday but sure to find something to do before long.

Have a great day and make sure what ever you do enjoy it.

Mssarge 01-29-2013 09:42 AM

Good morning all...great day here after temps dropped into the 30's last night. A few more of those but we're climbing into the 70's for the rest of the week...long distance forecast is rain possible this weekend...so we'll enjoy the days while we can.

Nephew coming today to go to the cemetery. It's his first trip to the National Cemetery here in Riverside, he wants to pay his respects on this anniversary. I'm looking for some balloons to take out...we write messages on them and let them go. Not sure what else the day will bring but hoping for the best.

Good wishes to you all and hope you all have a good day.

tatehouse 01-29-2013 10:21 AM

Had a service appt for the new car and forgot until my calendar reminded me 15 minutes before the appt. So I had to rush out in my housecleaning sweats and got there just 4 minutes late. Thank goodness it is a small town. So I was able to read a little while I waited and didn't vacuum again. It'll really need it when I get to it. I do sweep and swiffer the floors so it is only the area rugs that need to be vacuumed...oy...I do not like dragging that thing out...old news...sorry.

Maggie is watching a show before it is time for her nap...I wish she would go to sleep at 8:30 and sleep all night but with or without a nap it is way too late at her chaotic house. Poor kid...

It is 73 here and feels so great...hope we have a fall this winter sometime...


Begete 01-29-2013 10:35 AM

Good morning

About Downton Abbey discussions. No one said we could or should not discuss the CURRENT or past seasons. What I objected to was being told what happens in ADVANCE of each week's episode, though it doesn't matter much to me, personally, since someone already ruined it for me. and to be told a character is going to die or not return does ruin the experience of the show for most people. I knew what was going to happen this past Sunday and I watched the whole thing with dread.

In Europe, Season Three is already over, so there is much discussion about it out there on the internet. I was directed to such a site with no warning of what it was.

Until I read - was it Mary's post yesterday? - that said someone was just getting into Season 1, I felt that we could discuss the current season with out ruining the surprises for everyone else. I was simply asking that anyone with knowledge of furture events NOT talk about them so those events could unfold in the normal course of events for everyone who didn't already know about them.

Apparently, there is no way to edit a thread title here, so I do not know what to suggest. Otherwise, I would add "current season" to one thread, and "Spoilers"" to a separate thread. That way Mary could avoid both til she is caught up, and the rest of us could talk about what has already been seen in the USA. I would LOVE, like Lainey, to talk about THIS season, but I don't want to ruin the show for Mary, and I don't want to participate in a separate thread about the show, if that thread is going to contain spoilers.

Mssarge 01-29-2013 10:44 AM

Thanks for the thought, but don't worry about ruining it for me...I have so much (or so little) on my plate, I'm not sure I'll even watch the show. I love the English shows; comedies (I have the sense of humor), mysteries (Agatha Christie was my favorite writer for many years), historical fiction and non-fiction (my roots are buried deep in the Yorkshire moors). I don't really know how I missed this show, but I did and will someday catch up...maybe. If not, so be it.

Ladies, enjoy your discussions of this show...you deserve it...and I know it heightens the enjoyment of a program to be able to talk about.

mykneesareback 01-29-2013 11:50 AM

Just sending Mary ((hugs)), on commemorating this day, and I'm glad your nephew will be at the cemetary with you.

Off to get chores done. Shopped and bought dh a whole bunch of blueberries, while there was a good sale.

Shalbrihil 01-30-2013 07:14 AM

:hugs: going to Mary. I love the balloons with those special thoughts going up in the sky.

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