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mykneesareback 01-20-2013 09:40 PM

MONDAY Roll Call, Jan. 21
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Have as good a day as you can, friends! :console:

Begete 01-21-2013 02:31 AM

Will try Doris...up at 1:30 am Monday morning. Cannot sleep.

Having a snack and hope that will let me go back to sleep.

Hope Bob is home with Weezie.

No special plans today. Just some cooking.

Norfolk Mermaid 01-21-2013 05:41 AM

Good morning all.
Super cold this morning so I think I'll wait out the "Armour Hour" back in bed. The heat is going but that will take a while. The sun is out and that will help some as well.
Have a great Monday everyone.

ocali 01-21-2013 06:10 AM

I'm up, to that's a good thing. Will see how the day goes. Thanks for all the good wishes.
Wasn't interested in any t.v. since I got sick, but definitely turned it on last night to watch half the Patriots' game followed by.....ta da.....Dalton Abbey, of course. Lots of plots going all over the place. I wonder what will be with Mr. Bates. Season 4 is already being shot and there is talk of season #5.
Today, must watch the inauguration, of course, though Obama was sworn in yesterday according to January 20 being THE day. Love it!

tatehouse 01-21-2013 06:58 AM

I watched a show from PBS called DCI Banks...it was real good...not Downton Abbey but it was good. I have to get caught up before Season 4 comes on.

Today is a school holiday but DD has to work. So Maggie and I will have a day together. I'm back to 100% so it won't be too hard. Going to be warm. Here is hoping she can get outside a bit to run off some energy.

Thinking of all of you today.

Loretta V 01-21-2013 08:38 AM

Cold here in Ky also. But nice sunshine today.

I did watch a little of the game and was surprised that the Patriots did not win.

birdlady 01-21-2013 09:13 AM

Sunny and cool.
Nothing but the usual here.
Wanted to sleep so took two pm's off brand and slept all night.
Hope Bob is doing well at home.
Have a great day all.

Mssarge 01-21-2013 09:29 AM

Good morning all...hope everyone is mending well, staying warm, traveled safely, and curled up with the inauguration which is just starting now on the telly.

Cardiologist appointment this morning and, of course, my weight is up a bit again....sigh! It is lower than the last time I saw him, just not as low as I wanted. I've been doing more reading about weight and weight loss and I think part of my stall has been because of the stress over my eye...at least it sounds good, so I'll stick with that. Now I've got to make the appointment with the GP, orthopedist and the pulmonologist...sheesh! must be a new year! I do go back to the eye doc on Wednesday and am hoping I'll get the 'script for new glasses. My right eye seems to be stabilizing so I'm more than hoping.This has been the pits; and now I'm starting to get frequent headaches.

Back to the kale briefly...I made the kale chips in the dehydrator but just can't seem to get with it...don't understand why everyone is so excited about them. I do like kale as it is one of the highest in all the goodies, better even than spinach. As I said, tho', my fav way to use it is in the zuppa tuscana - a creamy potato soup (rutabaga works as a good sub) with Italian sausage and a bit of the raw kale served on the table...a good sprinkling of parmesian on top. I still have the veggie/bean soup I made last week, so tonight I'll throw in some, if the market has it. I'll be glad when the San Joaquin valley gets out of the cold and the truck goods get back in the markets...

Hope all y'all have a good day....type ya later.

mykneesareback 01-21-2013 10:30 AM

Hope you have a smooth appt. at the cardiologists today, Mary. I don't know when the San Joaquin valley farms will start producing fresh stuff, unless it's broccoli or something like that, that can take some cold, around Bakersfield. Kale chips don't do a thing for me, but back when I was obsessive compulsive, I would eat anything like that and talk myself into thinking it tasted good, or even "had" a taste. lol I could have eaten rabbit pellets and thought they were wonderful :dunno: That is why there is so much nagging and pummeling to get us to eat healthier, the stuff just does not taste great, no matter what spices, sauces, or other crap you put on it. It's like having unsatisfying relations, it may fill you up, but won't satisfy, so a person looks somewhere else, and may grasp at anything for fullfillment ;)

Verleen, how are you guys doing today? I can't remember if your gang is leaving tonight or not.

They tell us the extra harsh cold will be leaving after tomorrow morning, we shall see. I still need to move some snow that is annoying.

Waving at you all, wishing you well today, and hoping Louise's Bob is mending at home now.

Liblady 01-21-2013 11:19 AM

Gray day here, but warm in the 70s. Colder air moving in tomorrow:( but at least not in the minus numbers like they're getting in Iowa.)

Julie, what in the world happened to those Patriots?? Darn, darn, darn.
We too enjoyed Downton Abbey, I think the little actress that plays Anna is adorable.

DH is out of our "park" today playing golf, he was happy about that.

I'm not up to par today, we were invited to a huge pot luck last evening (40 people at a neighbor's home,) and I either ate something that disagreed with me or :dunno: I feel a bit nauseated. It WILL be over by tomorrow. :)

I've been watching the Inauguration, I thought the Brooklyn choir (Battle Hymn of the Republic) with the Marine Band was outstanding. Beyonce and Kelly Clarkston were ok, imo...........I just don't go for the "new" renditions of our patriotic songs. Guess I'm old.

I tried Kale chips a couple of months ago, kept thinking I should like these. I didn't. Haven't had them since.

Verleen 01-21-2013 11:30 AM

:hiya: Louise, are you busy taking care of Bob? How are things going?

Julie, glad you are doing better now.

Doris, the Texas crew is going back tomorrow. I'm not sure yet what is on the agenda today. I thought they should find something for Drew to do that he likes. So far everything has centered around Jamison. I'm making a pork roast dinner with mashed potatoes, gravey, southern style fresh green beans, sweet potatoes and a salad. I cook the roast, make the gravey and mash the potatoes. The others will do the rest, such as peel the potatoes and sweet potatoes and make the salad. I do the dressing for the salad. Also, I'll make the green beans - easy to do.

They all had a good time in NYC yesterday, but it was bitter cold and windy. The American Girl doll store was 4 stories high. They had dinner in there and said it was excellent. I gave Cathy a wad of money so she wouldn't spend her last dime on the kids. She's a pushover aunt. They took a bus tour that stopped at all the main points of interest. The statue of Liberty was closed due to the Sandy storm. They are still working on it. They could get off and tour the site and then wait for another one of the tour buses to come by. Hop on and go to the next site. We picked them up at midnight at the Amtrak station in Albany. Jamison, age 9, hailed a cab for them. High point for her. She wanted to hail a cab. I'm really pooped after the long day yesterday, even though I rested in my chair all day.

The new pets are all doing well with the old pets. The new cat has accepted the new puppy. He's a bit more respectful of Molly since she put him in his place. His housebreaking is coming along very well - Rich's job. Getting him to stop biting/playing using his mouth will take a bit longer - my job.

Have a good day everyone. I'll be in and out. Its going to be a busy week.

weezie 01-21-2013 11:57 AM

Hi all-

Bob got home on Saturday and is doing well. They removed the trach tube before he left the hospital and changing the dressing is quite simple. He'll be on antibiotics for another week and the incision should heal within 7 -10 days.

It will take him awhile to get his strength back and he is sleeping a fair amount, but he is so glad to be home and I am so glad to have him here!

He walked the dogs this morning but was really worn out afterwards. He felt up to driving to the grocery yesterday and wants to go to look for a new phone later. So, slowly but surely, we're getting there.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts. I'm really tired, but am pacing myself and not going nuts with trying to get all the chores done all at once. Today is the first day in a long time that I don't feel as if I've been hit by a truck, so to speak. Finally beginning to relax now that B is definitely on the mend.

Best to all,


Liblady 01-21-2013 12:01 PM

So glad to hear your news, Louise.
That's what it takes, "one step at a time."

Norfolk Mermaid 01-21-2013 12:48 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for the good vibes on my fall...
LOUISE & BOB- such great news that you two are putting it all back together nicely. Even though I did not always post it I was with you all the way from wake up to falling asleep.
I am real close to a major case of cabin fever and it is making the smoking quit even tougher than it should be. Mostly it is so difficult to get out of a store without buying them (it would just be so easily to buy them). The next hardest part is being stuck in the house and bored! I HATE smoking so much that it is so difficult to understand why the cravs are so bad... I do enjoy the first ciggy of a brand new pack but after that ONE first one they are no longer satisfying at all. I walked by someone smoking outside of a store the other day and got a lung full of smoke- HO it was good!
Think I'll trot over to Anitas for a spell.
I should be doing laundry but I got the dishwasher going- very cold spell starts tomorrow so I'll wash clothes then. Today is 60 and very pretty out.

ocali 01-21-2013 03:02 PM

I watched the inauguration all day today. It was a wonderful day!
Louise, glad DH is getting back on his feet. Lainey, if you buy a pack of cigarettes, smoke the first one and then throw out the rest of the pack. How does that sound?
Verleen, let us know how the house inspection goes. Hope nothing major is found and you can close sometime soon.
I think I've done enough today and will crawl back into bed...fully dressed.
Doris, I always mean to ask you how you remember everyone's doings. Do you remember it all or do you jot it down? I love the way you do that (either way).

mykneesareback 01-21-2013 03:13 PM

Julie, I lead a boring life, and I "scroll upwards" on the posts, lol, I guess that is how I remember some things..............

Glad to read that Bob is improving, and Louise can thusly also improve :) It's you both together that will get you through this :high5:

Miss getting mail today, now, how is that for excitement??? :laugh:

Mssarge 01-21-2013 04:34 PM

Louise, happy vibes and hugs for you; if any left over pass some along to your DH...so glad he's moving around and getting out and about and giving you some breathing space.

Lainey, stay away from even thinking how good the smokes are or were; anytime such a thought occurs, take a big glass of water. You can do this lady, believe me, if I could you will...a few happy thoughts coming your way, too.

Went to my WINCO market today and got carried away again...sigh! I think I'm addicted to shopping...gave up the cig habit and traded for the shopping urge. They had sent a card for $10 off on $50 purchase but I wasn't going to spend that much....hah! guess again. I even got some diet Shasta; guess that's what the warmer weather does for me.

Doris, the kale was $1.48 and looked like ash ee double hockey sticks, so its not just your store. The mustard greens looked really good tho, so I bought some of that. And they had the low cal/high fiber Sara Lee bread, so I picked up a loaf even tho' the freezer's full and I don't know where I'll put it. And they had some good looking sausages, so I'll have a mixed grill tonight along with some great looking Brussels's sprouts and the greens. I like cooked greens of all sorts and I'll try it almost any which way....just don't like the chips...

So, back to the boring cabin although doc is hooking me up with a holter device tomorrow for 24 hours. I seem to remember Don had one for a day or so a few years ago. I know my heart is enlarged from the obese and smoking days and I told him I seem to have a racing and a few missed beats when it does....I'm thinking I'm a hypochondriac but all for double checking.

Hope you all had a good day on this MLK, jr., holiday....

Doug_H 01-21-2013 05:10 PM

Hi all, I'm still around.

Had friends from Washington State here for a few days. They left on Saturday. Always nice to see old friends but it's always nice to have your house back afterward.
Going out to lunch with the neighbors tomorrow, don't know where but they are buying.;)

Been blowing steady here for over 2 weeks now.:mad: I'm ready for some calm.


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