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mykneesareback 01-18-2013 09:21 PM

SATURDAY's Roll Call, Jan. 19
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I'm starting out extra early, want to go to a warm, fuzzy bed, and get some reading in :)

Sending out wishes and prayers and strong thoughts to our members in crisis, or ill, plumb tuckered out, anxious, and in need of hugs. :hugs:

Begete 01-18-2013 10:58 PM

Just waving"Hi"

Glad to hear Bob will be back home with Weezie.

Have a good day.

birdlady 01-19-2013 04:48 AM

Guess it's Sat.,one day same as next.38*now at 5:48,sun was nice yesterday.
Can we have a peek at Johnny?lol
Can't stop coughing,I think my 18 days are about up.It's not constant but still aggravating.

modon69478 01-19-2013 06:24 AM

Good morning everyone,

Got the laundry going and have a busy day ahead -

Glad to hear Bob is coming home and Verleen is well enough to enjoy the planning for the new house. Am wishing Susan safe travels tomorrow.

I thought I'd lost a ring that I've had for over 30 years, but am so happy to report I found it in one of the pockets of the jeans I threw in the washer this morning - Yay! It wasn't very valuable; just hate losing things.

Waving to all - take care of yourselves,


Norfolk Mermaid 01-19-2013 07:29 AM

Good Saturday to all,
Gladys- "Johnny"?
bird baths are frozen all the way to their bottoms but the sun is already thawing them. I just keep 2 of the front yard ones going in the winter because of my two huntresses. Not many birdies at all but did see a bluejay and a few cardinals last week. Course the tiny little fat grey birdies my Mom always called "snow birds" are enjoying the grass seeds from last summer's grass. I never, ever seed.
Managed to do a lot in the very small dining area next to my kitchen- HEY, it is a start after all.
Concentrating on the Vet's donation bags for Mondays pick up.

tatehouse 01-19-2013 09:13 AM

Good morning all.

The upstairs is cleaned and Bleached from top to bottom. After a full week of not one lick of housekeeping the house was near to condemned level. It took all day to do my bedroom and my bathroom but it got done with a lot of resting in between. I just feel healthier now!

Michele, you need my DD. I spent the week before I got ill looking for one of those charger wires for the phone. It is an extra one but still needed. I remember seeing the wire and the little part that goes into the plug and remember thinking I need to put those together right now before one part gets lost. Then nothing. Not a single memory of what I did with it next. I looked everywhere. Or thought I did. When DD came in to get Maggie yesterday I was laughing at myself...she slid the sofa out 2 inches and said "this white charger wire?"...oy I could have strangled her with it...I LOOKED THERE...twice...she has a knack I tell you. I hate losing things, too.

Stay warm ya'll. Julie, get well fast. Sounds like how I felt last weekend.


Mssarge 01-19-2013 10:01 AM

Good morning all, sunny and going into the 80's today, SoCal weather is back...thank goodness. And, yes, I am so happy the lemon tree survived the bitter weather. Nuttin at all going on around here so I guess I'll get to it. Hope you all have a great day and good things come your way.

Shalbrihil 01-19-2013 10:49 AM

Stepping in to say HI! Not much happening here except doing some readiness for my niece's visit next week. She's coming in from Co. with her two little ones. She wants to swing by and see us. I'm excited as it's been a while. Have a restful weekend. Check in later.

Loretta V 01-19-2013 11:22 AM

Checking in. Out at John's farm this morning looking at a new baby calf. He has his 81 acre farm for sale: that and the cattle (17,now 18) and his house. for sale. He just wants to scale back and buy a small house. He has a bidder that looked the farm over yesterday. He will be busy.
What a completely different life style from my City Girl one. He also showed me a walking path along the lake out by his house. Neat.

Sharon enjoy your neice's visit and those grand nieces.

Nice to find lost articles. Sometimes we pray to HOLY TONY, aka, St. Anthony to help us on our search.

modon69478 01-19-2013 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Loretta V (Post 16206277)
Nice to find lost articles. Sometimes we pray to HOLY TONY, aka, St. Anthony to help us on our search.

Loretta, Thanks for the chuckle today!

Just curious.... where did you meet John? I really am so very happy for you -


ocali 01-19-2013 11:39 AM

No up-chucking today, no sweats, but some chills. I did manage to shower and just woke up from a 3 hour 'nap'. So far, a mucho better day than yesterday.
I slept with my outside door unlocked last night "just in case".
Loretta, I'd like a "John" here to take me on a walk, etc. Good luck on his selling his farm.
Going to try to eat a bit of lunch and then back to bed. I've got this little lap top by the bed today plus crosswords, two phones--one on each night table, a book, and t.v. controls. LOL

mykneesareback 01-19-2013 01:05 PM

Julie, I'm glad you are a bit better, and you sound all set up there, like a "nest", if only you never had to get up for food and toidy, lol.

Loretta, what a lovely sounding farm your friend has, wishing good luck in selling it, now that spring might be moving in.

Sharon, how nice to be awaiting some company, with little ones yet!! Good to look forward to for you guys. Are they going to "do" Disneyland, by chance?

Michele, I'm glad you found your ring, I have been looking now and then for a necklace with two hearts on it, that I got years ago from dh, I hid it 2 summers ago, when we went on one of the trips to Texas, and, after we got back, I couldn't find it. Should have left it where I usually kept it. I'll find it when we move. Hope you had a good day!!

Hello Mary, hope you get something done today, that you may have wanted to get out of the way.

Anne, glad you got that cleaning out of the way, too. Don't overdo yourself!

Hi Lainey, did you get more bags or boxes filled to be placed outside for pickup?

Begete, when is your son going to visit again, will it be over President's Day weekend?

Louise, hoping Bob has arrived at home and can really rest now, with your loving care and food.

Verleen hopefully is resting up while the rest of the gang goes to NYC.

Linda should be enjoying Gettysburg now.

Me, I just got done with the bike, lol. It was 10 degrees again this morning. I need to do some laundry. dh is grilling some dinner this afternoon. Boxing is on tonight for us, at least.

Have as good a day as your can!

Shalbrihil 01-19-2013 01:46 PM


Sharon, how nice to be awaiting some company, with little ones yet!! Good to look forward to for you guys. Are they going to "do" Disneyland, by chance?
No Doris we're quite a ways from Disneyland. I've been there and love it tho. When I use to spend my summer vacation at my Gramma's in Highland Park, DL, Wax Museum, and other fun attractions was a highlight of my stay with them. We're just going to visit and enjoy each others company at home. She has a new baby born this past November and a son not yet in school. It will be a blast! I'm a Great Aunt! Woo Hoo!

Norfolk Mermaid 01-19-2013 02:25 PM

Nope Doris, just some setting stuff aside for tomorrows boxing and bagging. Might get more done tonight but "tomorrow" is the focus day for having it all out for Monday morning.
"AVON" came by and I ordered a pretty rinestone calculator for 10.00 dollars. Kinda feel sorry for the girl as I used to walk with her but let her go as she was so very negative in her marriage and I just could not afford Avon stuff anymore so I will just buy a tiny amount of something a couple of times a year. They do have pretty stuff though.
Getting kinda hungry so might do a few eggs and toast/ and a bit of yummy Smuckers Strawberry Jam. It is cold in the house now so I will also do a big HOT coffee.

SuSUN 01-19-2013 04:17 PM

Hi All,:D

Thank You Doris for our opening act. Hope you got your warm fuzzy bed last night.:up:

Glad to hear the Good News for our Gals.:heart::heart: Sending Big Hugs :hugs::hugs:and Strength to continue on.

Just one more sleep and I will be jetting down to Sunny Florida much warmer than up here. Even if it is cold for Floridians I'll take it over this deep freeze.:cool:

Julie, Glad to hear your tummy has settled down. It sounds like you are all set up with everything at your finger tips. Sending healing thoughts you way.:hugs::hugs:

Waving to All and I hope I can stay in touch when I reach Florida.:D

LoveMontana 01-19-2013 05:17 PM

Evening everybody,
Good to hear those under the weather are doing better.

Warmed up coniderably here in Gettysburg so it wasn't horrible at the gun show.

Hope to stop in tomorrow,

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