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HawkeyeJR 12-31-2012 10:18 AM

Okay then here we are one day early but time to start a new thread! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU. I wish all of us the best, happiest and healthiest new year ever with blessings and miracles when we least expect them.

I hope all the sickies are feeling better today. I had a great birthday and thank you for all your birthday wishes. My birthday was awesome, except for the pretty deep snow storm we got. It's going to be cold all week so I don't see this snow melting soon.
It is very pretty though so at least we can enjoy the view. :)

Well I hope to hear from some if not all of you today. Ron and I will be ringing in the New Year right here in our living room waiting for the ball to drop in NY.

Have a great last day of this year and looking forward to 2013! Love and blessings to all of you. :love::aprayer:

Msevon2 12-31-2012 04:31 PM

Hey Jan and angels in waiting. Happy New Year to one and all. You will never know what you mean to me and I hope all of you have blessing biggest than you can handle. Wouldnt that be a great year. To lose all the weight we want to lose, and get more money to live on and new people to love. And health more than enough to enjoy all of it. Praise the Lord. It could happen.

Jan, glad you had a great birthday and a beautiful view. We need to learn to enjoy the little things because they are so much more plentiful. I thank God I had plenty of blankets, and shoes on my feet and food on my table and friends to surround me. Those are the things that really matter. I am at work and it is really slow. Guess everyone is out chasing a ball or a brew or something. Talk later, take care.

Rebecca130 12-31-2012 08:08 PM

Found u guys. Gracie wanted to spend the night. John said she's gradually mixing in so no one notices. Lol.

Going to moms tomorrow for Christmas/New Years. I'll far back tomorrow night, hopefully.

Wishing you a wonderful new year and a happy, healthy 2013

InTheLight 12-31-2012 08:30 PM

Good evening precious Angels!!! Hubby and I just got back from a wonderful 7:30 service, filled with worship and praise, an excellent message, and since it was an earlier service, the Pastor had us to "pretend" it was one minute before the New Year, and we counted it down from 10 to 1, then Happy New Year!!! It was so much fun, this is a new church that I found, and it is drawing me nearer and nearer to understanding and growing in the Lord!! I had mentioned on FBook that there were a lot of churches having service throughout the day, and to not let this day go by without being in the House of the Lord, it is just the perfect way to start off the New Year!!

So hubby is busy fixing crabcakes from the jumbo lump crabmeat we got earlier, and he wants me to put my "red dress" on this evening, which I will do - we may do a couple of hand-dance spins in the living room, and then when midnight comes, we will be safe indoors, not out with the rebel-rousers, just glad to be with one another as we welcome the New Year in!!

I love my Angels so much; you are family to me, and I pray that each one of you has a wonderfully Blessed New Year, filled with happiness, joy and definitely the Glory of the Lord!! See you in the New Year!! Love, Val

InTheLight 12-31-2012 08:35 PM

Oh Evon, just wanted to share, your Christmas card got returned back to me, that it was the wrong address ... I can definitely reforward it back to you if you want, just PM me your current address; love you!!

Loretta V 01-01-2013 10:16 AM


Enjoy the new page.

HawkeyeJR 01-01-2013 10:51 AM

Good morning and Happy New to my entire Angel family. My bonus sisters destined to be through a blessing from God! What a wonderful gift to all of us. We have a bond that nothing can break. :hugs:
We have so much in common with our loving family and friends, our love of God and our belief that with him all things are possible.
I wish you all the magic and blessings of the new year 2013. I know it will be a good year for all of us and the world as people are coming together spiritually as never before. :aprayer:
Ron and I watched the New Year come in on TV. There was a wonderful tribute to Dick Clark throughout all the years that he brought such love to us through his love for music and all people! He left a legacy of love for all that will live on forever. This man will never be forgotten. RIP Dick Clark! :aprayer::love:
Did you see that silly new dance which I can't even pronounce that is sweeping the country and the world? I couldn't do it last night because CJ was sleeping on my lap and I didn't want to disturb him, but I did it this morning for Ron while I was making breaking breakfast for us and he was laughing so hard. :hyst:
I have to say I was pretty winded by the time my dance was done. :) It was so much fun though!

Val it must have been so cool to have a count-down to the New Year in church. That has never happened in our church! I happy you found this nice new and happy church!
You must have felt special in your new red dress waiting for the ball to drop with Kenny. I was all comfy in my jammies because it was so cold last night. CJ on my lap added some extra free heat. He does love his mama. He sits on me all night long. He sits on me every time I sit down at all. He is a mama's boy for sure. But he sleeps with his daddy. He doesn't like to share my bed with my cat. :sad:
Have a great day today. We are staying home and getting some stuff packed for a donation to Big Sisters to pick up tomorrow morning. I love it that they come to the door to pick up our donations. Some of the bags and boxes we fill are heavy for Ron to pick up and load and unload from the car. It save us from a backache. :love:

Evon, Happy New year. You mean as much to us as you say we mean to you. We were brought together as a blessing from God. I really think we were destined to meet. How else can you explain our instant bond with each other.
We are a family, sisters from another mother! :clap:Yes we have to thank God for all the comforts of life that we have. We all have shelter, heat, food and clothing and wonderful family and friends. There is nothing any better than what we already have.
Gratitude is the greatest prayer and we all appreciate all the blessings that God has bestowed on us.....especially our beautiful grandchildren. What would our lives be without our babies? :love:
Have a great day today my soul sister :love:

Becky, I think that little Gracie wants to move in with you and John. She really is a little cutie-pie. I would just keep her and let Alyssa and Kim visit when ever they want to see her. :high5: I would like to keep my babies too at least part-time.
Have fun today and enjoy all that 2013 will bring to you and every you love. :love:
PS: I hope Guinie is eating again. My heart is breaking for you. :console:

Thank you Loretta and a Happy and healthy New Year to you too. You are so invited to join our gruop if you would like to.

Happy New Year to every other Angel today. I hope you have plans for a wonderful day.
I don't have any plans written in stone today except to color my hair today. I will not start the NY with a 1 and a 1/2 inch regrowth. We have to go to the doctor for Ron tomorrow so it has to be done today.

Love to all! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love:

cl2gas_1 01-03-2013 03:13 PM

Hey, I'm here I know I missed NY celebration.. But I was just a bit down.. My long lost son has been online on FB.. But has not answered my message nor accepted my friendship.. So I guess I am back to square pne.. Well this to shall pass.. At least I have his picture.. I had not seen him in 8 years when Emile took sick..
I did not mention him at the open house New Years day.. The rest of the gang tell me I should not be thinking of him.. But it is holiday and he has not been with us over 20 some years now..
Best wishes to you all.. Good health and best of luck.. Take care.. the old lady, Claire..

HawkeyeJR 01-03-2013 03:58 PM

Hi Claire, I'm so sorry your son won't answer your message. What is wrong with that man? God anyone would be so lucky to call you mom! I know there's nothing I can do to help but I can say that I wish things were different for your family and your long lost son. :sad:
I hope you were able to enjoy the family that was gathered at your home for the celebration.
Happy New Year and I hope you have a year filled with wonderful surprises.
I saw the cute little angels you posted on FB the other day. Those were cute ones. You're only as old as you act and you are young at heart. Love you Claire! :love::aprayer:

:hiya:Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. It is so cold here today. We went out but not for long. Love to all!!! :love::aprayer:

cl2gas_1 01-04-2013 06:29 AM

Jan, I know.he is supposed to be a man.. But he is my second oldest son.. And not seing him for more than 25 years of his life he is like a little boy.. waiting for someone to tell him what to do.. That is what his wife has been doing all these years and he does what she says.. I don't think things are too rosey in Maine.. Maybe it will take a bit more time.. ..God bless him.. I am putting it all in God's hands..
Talk later.. Hi girls.. Love you all..Claire:love::heart::hugs:

HawkeyeJR 01-04-2013 07:09 AM

Good morning, It is freezing this morning. I don't think our snow and ice will melt.

Claire, I know what you mean. My SILs brother was married to a woman like that. She kept him away from his family his whole life threatening to leave him and never letting him see his kids again. So he stayed and missed out on his whole life with his family.
When his mom was in the hospital his brother called him and said mom is dying.
His wife said if go you are never coming back. He went saw his mom and never looked back. He has never left his family again. She kept her word and he didn't see his son for 6 years.
When his son was 18 he got in touch with him and told him about why he had to leave him when he was 12 and he son said you don't have to tell me dad, I was there. When his mom found out he had been seeing his day behind her back she told him he was dead to her and a traitor. His son has not spoken to his mom in years and is his Dad's best friend. They opened a soup kitchen and serve food to the needy every Saturday morning. This boy and his wife have one child of their own and have fostered many children over the years. He turned out great in spite of his vicious mom. IN the end she got what she gave for all those years. It is so sad when families can't all be happy.
Maybe some day he will have enough and leave her for good. Maybe he's waiting for his son to grow up.
Imagine the poor sad life their son is living? Just pray for them. God is listening! :console::love:

A quick hi to everyone. Love to all, JAN :love::aprayer:

Msevon2 01-04-2013 07:21 AM

Happy New year all and blessings on all of us and our families.
Jan, it is cold here too. Supposed to warm up but dont know when. I had frost on the windshield when I got ready to leave work last night and that is 1st time this season. Had a heavy frost this am. How long til Spring?

Claire, sorry about your son. My uncle was like that too. He only lived 15 miles from my grandma and did not see her, unless his wife gave him permission. I dont understand it. We went to the Christmas pagent to see Maddy and Dylan at their church but that is the only time I have seen them since the day after Thanksgiving when Amy came by for the leftovers. So we do what we can and all of us live our lives. People are strange. I know, you would not believe my customers yesterday. Mars or Venus?

Val, thanks for trying to send the card. The thought is what counts. I appreciate it. Glad you had a nice Christmas. I have just not been in the mood this year. This viurus or whatever is still hanging on, but a lot better. I am taking an allergy pill every day and it helps. But nose still stops up and still cough a little bit.

Hey Loretta, bet it is cold in Ky this morning. Be glad when it warms up so you can send it on this way. Ky is a beautiful state. Maybe I will make it back sometime. Happy New year.

See ya later.

Msevon2 01-04-2013 07:55 AM

Jan, I love that parable you just sent me. If we could all learn that lesson, it would be great. And all of these things would be added unto you. Allelujah

HawkeyeJR 01-04-2013 07:55 AM

Good morning Evon,
Last night we had the coldest night so far. It was just freezing. The ice in our driveway refuses to melt. Shannon fell down getting into her car a couple of days a ago when she lifted her leg to get in her other foot slid on the ice and that leg went right under the car. I felt so bad when she told me.
Now she has what she thinks in the flu. She feels terrible coughing and all congested. Please keep her in your prayers. She wasn't able to get the flu shot this year because of her treatment.
I hope it warms up soon and I can't wait till spring!!! I've already had enough winter for this year. :cry:
See ya later! :hugs:

cl2gas_1 01-04-2013 11:26 AM

The icecles have all melted on the front of the house..

Rebecca130 01-04-2013 08:00 PM

A quick stop, I have been tjinking about u ladies.

I started Jenny Craig 3 days ago and feel great. I lost 23 lbs before and got halfway and quit. I want to see it to goal if our money holds out.

Jan, Gracie never wants to leave when it's time for her to go home. She doesn't remember their house in Xenia and they moved here 5 months before she was 2. She told Kim she could come visit her. Lol.

Guinie hasn't eaten since Dec 26th. This is day 10. I can't believe she is still with us.

I also signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant. That was on my bucket list and I figured I should at least try it. I love makeup and stuff. I got my starter lot on Wednesday night.

Going to run, I'm about ready to fall asleep.

Oh yeah, got my blood work back and thyroid is still low, she's increasing my synthroid and I go back in April. More bloodwork the week before.

Msevon2 01-04-2013 09:22 PM

Blessings on all the angels and our families.

Jan, hope Shannon feels better soon. She need to see the doc tomorrow if possible and get some tamiflu or the other things. That cut it down to a couple days. I will do that if I get it again. Mine has still not completely gone away and been over 2 weeks now. Seems longer. Supposed to be warming up the next few days. Cant wait.

Claire, glad your icecycles are melting. I have not seen those since the last big snow. Dont miss them one bit. I need to go shopping. I have some canned food and packaged stuff, but no meat, no eggs, and no milk. Wow.

Becky, sorry about guinnie. She was a good friend to you.

Following yall to bed. Talk later, Have a good weekend.

cl2gas_1 01-05-2013 06:20 AM

Morning everyone... I am getting ready for work.. I have a $40.00 gift slip to spend at my store.. See if I can get something I can use in my business.. I have to keep it going this year at least.. Payes my meds and was able to get Emile a Kindle fire HD ..He loves to read so much.. My nsister may not be with me today. Her son was sworn in as CF Fire Chief last night.. It takes a lot for her to walk about.. I did not go because of the same reason.. He is our godson..
Becky, sorry about Guinie.. :console: I am waiting to get my new book in Chose to Lose.. He was on Dr. Oz.. It is likew lo carb but for only 6 days aek.. On Sunday I would be able to have anything ..under 2000 cal. But I want to read the book first.. Becky, my thyroid was down again.. I am now taking 175 in Leverthorizene
Well I think I will try doing some jewelry.. Bought a starter kit.. Have to get me some links and beads at a good price.. We shall see..
Have a great one all.. Love you.. Promise to be with you more often in 2013.. Love, Claire:hugs:

Msevon2 01-05-2013 07:18 AM

Have a good day Claire, good finding on your shopping. Cold again but I get 2 temps so dont know which is right. One is above freezing and the other is below. The sun is shining nicely though. Have a good day to all. Blessings on us and our families as the walk the narrow way.

HawkeyeJR 01-05-2013 09:34 AM

Good morning everyone,

The sun is out and I hope it warms up enough to melt all the ice in my driveway. My little CJ's new holistic vet told me not to use any kind of salt in the driveway because it's bad for animals. So we put nothing down this year and we have been slipping and sliding and holding on for dear life to get to our car for the past few days.
The ice has melted enough now to where we can almost avoid stepping on any of it so that is great. :hyst:

Claire, have fun at your shop this morning and I hope you get to see your sister there this morning and maybe some good deals for yourself with that great gift certificate.
Congratulations to your Godson on his promotion to Fire Chief. That's really an honor. God bless all the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our protection. :aprayer: Your family must be very proud of him. :)
Why haven't I heard about the new Chose to Lose book? It sounds great! I love Dr. Oz but he has so many different things to take, one day it's one kind of oil and the next day it's something else. The latest is Red Palm Oil. My goodness it would cost a fortune to buy everything. :stars:
Good luck with your jewelry making. That sounds like a great idea. I would love to do that but I think for me it would be hard on my eyes. :sad:

Evon, Shannon is about the same not any worse but no better either. She is taking her Robitussin Cold and Flu medication and trying to drink plenty of liquids. She doesn't have a fever but does have a pounding headache sometimes. Thank you for your prayers Evon. It means a lot to me. :love:
I hope it warms up for everyone soon. Can't wait till Spring! I love Spring and I should be downstairs by then. :jumpjoy: We have had too many problems and health issues to do it up until now. But things are looking up so hopefully soon I will be in my new digs!!!:)

Becky, first of all I am so sorry to hear about Guinie! That makes me feel so sad for you. I know how much you love that cat. You have had her for such a long time. Just give her all the love you have always given to her for as long as you can. Whisper in her ear that Auntie Jan loves her and when she passes over to look for Sammy and Lacey. They will be waiting for her along with her own brother and sister pets on Rainbow Bridge! :sad::console:
Good luck with Jenny Craig and Mary Kay. I'm sure you will do good with both of your new endeavours.

Val you look so pretty in your new FB page. Just glowing, so happy and stunning! It's a beautiful picture of you!
Have a great day!

Lynn, how are you guys doing? Haven't heard from you in a while. Has Dawn and Amber gone back to Texas yet. I hope you had the very best Christmas with them. If you have any new pictures of Amber post them if you can. She must be getting so big. I know my kids are. They get bigger, more beautiful and smarter every time I see them. We are all so blessed to have these wonderful grandchildren in our lives. :clap:

Well have a great day everyone, God bless you all, JAN:love::aprayer:


Msevon2 01-05-2013 10:41 AM

Hey Jan, glad Shannon is no worse, is she having any problems with her throat. That is the where all of ours started. But I am finally on the road to recovery, praise the Lord. I was on the way to the grocery store this morning and a song came on and before I knew it, I was singing with it. I have not been able to sing in over 2 years. So Praise the Lord again. It seems to have strengthened my resolve too. Glad you are coming out of the ice. I could not live in a place like that. Maybe when Shannon gets well, yall can start the move. How is Jason. Is he all healed up again from his surgery? If you dont want to put it on here, send me an email. Later sisterchick

HawkeyeJR 01-05-2013 10:56 AM

Hi again Evon, I love to sing too and sometimes I just don't seem to have the time to really put on an album and sing along with the whole thing, but that doesn't stop me from singing or dancing:) even when the mood strikes.
I just love music and it makes me so happy to express my good fortune, and love for all things in music. :sing:
Well when you're born and raised in NE you get used to the weather. It hasn't been that bad so far. It's cold but not unbearably cold, if you bundle up you can go out.
Shannon will be okay in a couple of weeks I guess. Everything take her a little longer to get over. Jason is doing fantastic. He is back at work and seems to be doing great. Praise the Lord!!
Okay see ya later soul sister chick!!! :hyst: <3

Msevon2 01-05-2013 11:59 AM

I am glad to hear that. I love to sing too, you know that, but for so long, I could not even sing in the shower because I sounded so bad. I have to go over to Heathers and carry some books back. I read 10 while I was sick. She had 3 more for me. She was asleep because she has a problem with her stomach. Same old same old. They give her all kinds of meds but it just dont work long. Jeremy had the flue stuff, and he had a headache. Said he was coming over later and put up my thing they gave me for Christmas. I told him not to stress himself. I cant use it now anyhow. But they will get busy in the spring. Tyler will be on the school baseball team and probably still on the travelers one too. That is their main entertainment. Which is good. All of them have friends there. I was born in the south, and our first words are I hate ice and snow.

InTheLight 01-05-2013 05:02 PM

Hello Angels! It is hard to type from home, the set up is not good for typing a lot, so I'll do the best I can, then follow up with a longer post on Tuesday (CWS day off on Monday), Have to share a funnee, hubby saw the picture of me on FBook, and I think he got a little bit jealous, because he wanted to know why I didn't use the picture of the both of us, I guess so folks could see I had someone, funnee! He just loves that red dress so much; I love it too, but couldn't see why he would be so concerned that it was just me in the pic. So anyway, I changed it to the one of the two of us together, and now he's happy!

Becky, so sorry to hear aout Guinie, brings back memories to me of Eisen ... Just place it in God's Hands, prayers and hugs to you ... Claire, so sorry also to hear about your son - his thinking is not right now, know that he will come around; a mother's love is hard to turn from ... Evon, I love to sing too, and when a song comes on that I know the words to, I am right there with it, singing and being in joy!! Jan, pleae be careful on that ice - I had heard that too that the salt is bad for pets, they get it on their paws, then come inside to lick and clean them, and they get sick from it - stay warm!! Anyone heard from or talked to Lynn or Janie?

Hugs to Verleen; this is hard to do typing this way, so I'll be back on Tuesday, love all my Angels, again Happy New Year!!! Val

Msevon2 01-05-2013 06:18 PM

Jeremy finally came over and had Barbara with him. We ended up putting it in the garage. He will come install it later. It is one of the outside umbrella type clothesline. I hang out my clothes when I can. Right now I am drying in the house but it supposed to warm up next weekend. Think they said that about this weekend but not so far. Supposed to be 49 for a high again tomorrow. It was warmer than that today. I decided to go back on atkins. When I got up this morning, even without trying to stay on plan and eating what I wanted including a piece of candy every day, I lost a pound since the 12th of December on my official weigh day at work. So decided, I will try to break into a decade as it is only 2 lbs, and stay on atkins a week or so and get the next weigh in taken care of and then migh try juddd again. I dont know what it dont want to work for me now. I was doing so good when I started it. Maybe I will even try to potatoe hack. Anybody tried that. They had a 10 lb bag for 5.00 today when I went to store. I got eggs, and cheese, and sausage and cream and hamburger. I needed more, but it was busy and took forever to get out with that. I hate to shop on the weekend.

Val, another singer? We can start a group. That would be fun. Maybe we will get famous and can go on the road. Hey, why not dream. I did not get to see the picture on facebook as have not been there in about a week, but I remember the red dress you wore to the Christmas party. I think it is cute your husband was jealous. When I got down to 139 # my husband was proud and jealous too.

I'm leaning on the rock of ages, safe from all the storm that rages

InTheLight 01-08-2013 07:45 AM

Yes Evon, let's start a group, I'll sing alto, and we can get a good harmony going, sell a lot of records, and become the Famous Angels! :D :kicking: If that could become a reality, that would be so much fun, I love to sing!! :sing:

Good morning Angels!! I'm doing good, still wearing my smaller sizes, but I have gained some and need to get serious and get those pounds off! Unfortunately, I will not be able to do the JUDDD method (since it irritates my hiatal hernia), so my choices are to either cut back on my eating or go back to Atkins for a bit. I think I will start with the cutting back, eating only when hungry and making my portions smaller, cutting out the sugars and sweets and eating more veggies and fruits. I'm trying that for a few weeks, but if it seems too hard, I'll try Atkins again.

I only see the post from Evon, so I'll be back once others have posted - interested in knowing what your eating plans are for the New Year!! :) :) Love my Angels!! Val

Msevon2 01-09-2013 09:52 AM

Good morning Angels. 'Blessings on all of us and our families. Feeling almost back to myself, finally. Still got a cough and that little stuff in my throat. But I feel more like me.

Val, how about Rock of Ages Angels? It is good to have dreams isnt it. That mean we are still young. Dont the bible say the young men will dream dreams and the old man have visions or is that backwards. I am still doing Atkins. I have done it 4 days and lost 6 lbs, so I am just shy of losing 40 lb since starting with the Pharmacy guy. Not great, but I have not suffered. I am hoping not to have to buiy new clothes until summer, but if I have to, I will. Should have told Heather to save hers for me. I was looking at a magazine from the grocery store, one of the paper ones, and it had a diet with soup a couple meals a day. The soup has to have a couple of ingredients in it. I figure I could make it with whatever veggies, and the 2 I could choose and enjoy are okra and brocolli. Some of the other were things I dont normally eat. Like mushrooms and artichoke and cayenne pepper. But as long as I can lose a pound a day, I will stick to atkins right now. I think it is womans world magazine. It was at work.

Hope all the other angels are doing well and not missing because of the flu or something. Heather said she was trying to fight it and tyler has it again, and jeremy is just getting over his. so looks like it is here to stay. But it is supposed to warm up so that is good. I am talking to this new guy in upstate pa. He is just south of Corning NY. He has asked me to marry him, but I am not rushing into anything. Been thru too much so far. Have a good day.

cl2gas_1 01-11-2013 08:37 AM

All my Angels, I have been out of order a bit lately.. Business has slowed down.. I have started a new venture.. I always loved auctions.. When we were young ..it was an inexpensive night out.. If were bought something useful cheap.. It was a plus.. Well I have started posting on Listia.com.. It cost only shipping the item you sell.. I am searching for cheap jewelry finding ..Like jump rings various sizes, clasps and some beads.. If you post something to sell ..Others bit credits on it ..It a weeks time the highest wins the item.. You send it out.. I am learning not toi post anything that will cost an arm and a leg to mail.. I do not know how to ask for a minimum bid or how to ship other then shipping either I pay or Flat rate.. That too can be high in cost.. Well luckily I have money to play with.. See if I like it after the 1st week and I have to ship out..F.. Hoping everyone is staying healthy.. I have my new book.. Chose to lose.. He,Christopher Powell , also has a site.. HeEmile is reading the book.. We are shooting for 20 pounds to start with.. Hope we both have success.. >> Becky are you doing his plan.. It is lo carb high carb.. We shall see.. Talk later.. Oh meant to tell you.. fell this week.. Had trouyble getting up off the floor.. At least I did not fall through it.. LOL.. Have a great one.. Love, Claire:hugs:

Rebecca130 01-11-2013 09:13 AM

At the eye doc with my mom and I had a quick stop with my Angela. I hope Shannon is feeling better.

Guinie is still with me but little hope. She hasn't eaten since Christmas Day. She's drinking and that's probably extending things. Just don't know what's going in with her and have no idea what she's holding out for. At this point as much as it would break my heart, for her I want her to just pass and be at peace.

Gotta run, I'll try to stop by tonight again.

Rebecca130 01-11-2013 07:39 PM


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