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Old 06-25-2008, 10:37 AM   #91
Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: God's Plan/ LC / Loving the way I feel!!
Start Date: 8/1/12 / I'm losing it, pounds that is !!!
Oh, Edith I wish you lots of luck with your weight loss journey...and thanks for sharing...
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Looking better, feeling great

Thanks, la.lady and redslipper47 for your comments. I think that, at this point, it is almost miraculous the positive effect lowcarbing IS having on how I feel.

I have been feeling light these days, more focused, more energetic. I can breathe! (I have food allergies which I know are aggravated by eating things like corn and potatoes.)

The one thing that keeps this from being a totally euphoric experience is, of course, knowing the adjustments I have to go through.

I've just finished going through that stretch when constipation begins to look very good. That stopped pretty much yesterday. I am currently amazed at the strength of the diuretic effect of low carbing. And I am definitely feeling the effects of sugar withdrawal. It's that feeling I used to get after eating three candy bars, after the sugar spike dropped and left me feeling headachy and antsy and tired. But! Two days to go, and I will be done with two weeks of induction.

The great thing is that, since June 18, I have gone from 237.7 to 231. Critics of the low-carb life say, "That's just water weight." Water weight I am glad to get rid of.

Critics of the low-carb life also pooh-pooh this amazing occurrence by saying, "Well, you know, studies have shown that low-carbers are eating less calories, just like on any other diet." Yeah, so?

The deal is that, if you are getting food that satisfies your body and curbs your hunger for longer than, say, ten minutes, you aren't going to be eating everything in sight.

Eat two candy bars that equal about four hundred calories. How long will that satisfy? Not very long. Eat half a block of cream cheese that equals four hundred calories. How long is that good for? In my experience, two or three hours . . . or more.

So, as I go along, low-carbing, I feel that I am doing something good, something genuine, something truly helpful. It's a wonderful way to feel.


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Old 07-11-2008, 09:42 AM   #93
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Feeling hungrier on low-carb: I think it's a good thing?

Being hungry is very interesting when one is eating low-carb. Low-carb is more satisfying than high-carb, so it’s possible to eat less and go longer without eating and feel satisfied. But when the fuel runs out, and the body starts demanding a stop at the refrigerator, it is a bit of a shock.

When I ate high carb, I was always eating because my body was always in a sort of whiny mode. I wasn’t every really hungry because I was always eating something, but nothing ever really filled me up the way low-carb food does.

Now, it is much easier to distinguish between being hungry and not being hungry. I am “hearing” my body’s signals clearly for the first time in a long time. Problem is, when I get that hunger signal, I can’t stuff my face with Doritos. I have to be ready with good low-carb food, and I am not always ready.

A couple of days ago, I left my food money at home when I went to work in a busting hurry. That meant no sausage and eggs for breakfast. No almonds for a snack. No tuna salad on romaine for lunch. By the time I left work, I had a headache, I felt tingly all over, and all I wanted to do was lie down somewhere and go to sleep. When I got homeI ate a whole package of cream cheese. That was pretty tasty, but of course, it took a while to feel normal.

I guess I am one of those people who needs five or six small meals during the day, not three meals and two snacks. I am glad that I am now able to hear my body’s hunger signals better; it’s just a bit of a pain sometimes to figure out the best way to respond.

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Old 07-12-2008, 05:44 AM   #94
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Start Date: Re-started January 3, 2014

Reading this thread has inspired me to continue this way of eating...
I actually started lowcarb eating when I was in my thirties (I'm now 55) for health reasons...I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia then after a glucose test...the wonderful doctor I consulted then had asked about my family history and on my father's side there is diabetes...she explained that I should be strict with carbs...I was put then on 30 gr carbs....it was difficult for me then to eat many small meals and stay away from sugary and starchy foods...but my health came back and all the discomforts of hypoglycemia vanished. For years I've struggled with the denial, then come back on track thing. At 44 years old I had a radical hysterectomy, and since then I've been struggling with weight issues on top of the hypoglecemia. I joined the Atkins way of eating in 2005, then slipped again...at 199 pounds I had a wake up call...a friend suggested Weight Watchers...I lost the first 10 pounds ever so slowly...kept on with ww for a while, on and off until this Spring. I looked at the way I felt, I looked at my high blood pressure, I looked at myself in the mirror and had a private talk with my denial. I also live with a sweetheart and his daughter who love sweet and starchy foods. But I'm the cook, so I can take control and switch things around for all of us in this home. I finally have come to terms with the denial and I'm taking action...read, read, read, bought the Atkins books again, and I'm back to this way of eating...not only to loose the 40 some pounds I need to loose for my health, but for the way I feel : no more sweating and tremors and weaknesses, no more crying spells, no more brain fog and feeling tired all the time...I want to grow older graciously and healthy...and if I finally can melt down, slimmer and I want to feel light and energetic...So here I am...joining this friendly site to keep me strong and feeling supported...I plan on succeeding at this...and really enjoy the Golden Years

Glad I finally confronted my denial demon

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Old 07-12-2008, 06:46 AM   #95
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You are so right Claudia, you have control over what you eat. I know how hard it is when you have a family who loves all those things, but the cravings go away after time. Hang in there and know we all support you here. We are all in this journey together.
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Old 07-27-2008, 06:24 PM   #96
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Carolyn's Low carb Journey

I just joined this forum a week or so ago. I did Atkins from April, 2004 until about December 2005 and had tremendous success. I had tried WW and was ok on that until the points got lower and I was always hungry. That just didn't work for me. I have gradually gained back most of the weight l lost though have never craved pasta or rice since doing Atkins in 04-05. I feel so much better on low carb and have lost about 5 lbs so far with induction. I may continue past the 2 weeks but already feel better. I am 51 years old so I have a feeling it won't be as easy this time. I also have a stressfull sedentary job. My exercise is typing and driving. I am now trying to park further away just to get some exercise. I weighed 180 (I think) when I started and now weigh 175. So at least I am headed in the right direction! I love the support of this board, I read them the last time on AOL and that kept me going. I am amazed at all the recipes here and look forward to trying many of them. Thank you for the support of this board! We can do it!!
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I just joined this site yesterday, so still finding my way around. I love the encouraging posts from everyone and love reading about everyone's story.

I was always a chubby kid, and in high school hit 178 by the time i graduated. In college, the homesickness and some romantic disappointments fueled my eating till I was about 220. Work life then began, and slowly my weight continued to creep up, into the 300's. Stressful work, Life, and all the rest took it's toll, and my solace was in 'comfort food'. Combine that with a sedentary career, and a dislike of exercise (and a fear of being ridiculed if I rode my bike or tried to walk for health), and before I knew it, I was up to 425. Amazingly, I met and fell in love with my sweetie and managed to lose 26 lbs on a starvation diet in time for our wedding. I weighed 399 lbs that day, and gained some back after that, but not going over 450. In 2005 I started Atkins along with my hubby, and I managed to lose 80 lbs. I was ecstatic, and felt great and loved the way I was starting to look. I got a promotion, and over the next year, put it all back on.

I finally got sick of the rollercoaster, and now to top things off, I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I have retired, and so don't have the stress of the job anymore, but because of my knee pain, I am very sedentary. I use a cane to walk, and then have to be careful not to overdo it. If i have to do shopping or the mall, I have to use a scooter, which makes me feel so old. I finally broke thru the funk and decided to to this once and for all; I lost 80 lbs before, and i can do it again! That is my mini goal altho i want to lose 200 lbs. I try not to think about that number because it seems so insurmountable, but i am hitting this as hard as i can. I started in late July and have lost 12 lbs so far. I have found out I am one of those people who has to exist on Induction for months in order to lose; any little thing throws me out of ketosis. I am following a very simple, repetitive menu which doesn't involve much cooking: eggs, chicken, salads, tuna, lots of water. I know as the weight comes off, my knees will not ache as much, and that is the second big goal spurring me on.
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Old 08-04-2008, 03:38 PM   #98
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Start Date: August 2008
Fun in Phoenix -

I also just started contributing to the LC Friends -- and am gradually checking out different threads. My weight history is one of being around/just over 300 for at least the last 8 years -- with a couple of trips down liquid fasts which took me down 50-70 pounds each time, with quick regaining weight afterwards. No fun!

Thank you for sharing your experience -- and keep up the good work! This is the beginning of week 2 for me of Induction. I find myself a little bit bored with the food, but determined to stick with the plan without "treats" that will break the ketosis. This is the first time in my life I have turned away from high carb foods, and when I look at the food lists and see the high count of carbs in almost everything that I used to eat in unlimited quantities, I can see why the weight kept coming on so fast! Wow, information I never paid any attention to -- and now am keeping a firm eye on the carb count.

Keep up the good work!
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Old 09-08-2008, 07:25 PM   #99
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Start Date: August 4, 2008
I just found this thread. I can apply most of the emotions you have felt. Too fat, too slow, clothes won't fit. Diet has become a dirty word. I moved back to Atkins and although the weight is coming off SLOWLY, it is coming off. I would like to wake up 10 lbs lighter, but I know that is just a dream. Atkins is wonderful. It has me in control, instead of my body telling ME what to eat. I can walk by the desert isle and it doesn't call to me. What a feeling. I have another 20 lbs to go, and then it is Atkins for life. I am NOT going back to high carbs ever!! Thanks for your stories.
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Old 09-09-2008, 10:30 AM   #100
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Originally Posted by funinphoenix View Post
I was always a chubby kid, and in high school hit 178 by the time i graduated. In college, the homesickness and some romantic disappointments fueled my eating till I was about 220.
You sound like a twin sister to me! Ditto, ditto, ditto.
In 2005 I started Atkins along with my hubby, and I managed to lose 80 lbs. I was ecstatic, and felt great and loved the way I was starting to look.
Ditto again. Along the way, I had serious health issues that kept me from exercising; so the 80 lbs lost on Atkins was from cutting carbs, not from cardio.
I finally got sick of the rollercoaster, and now to top things off, I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I have retired, and so don't have the stress of the job anymore, but because of my knee pain, I am very sedentary. I use a cane to walk, and then have to be careful not to overdo it. If i have to do shopping or the mall, I have to use a scooter, which makes me feel so old.
Been there, done that. Fortunately, having great-grandchildren goes a long way towards relieving angst over my inability to walk very far, even with a cane. (But I sure am envious of those grannies lots older than me that can still zip around.)
I have found out I am one of those people who has to exist on Induction for months in order to lose; any little thing throws me out of ketosis. I am following a very simple, repetitive menu which doesn't involve much cooking: eggs, chicken, salads, tuna, lots of water. I know as the weight comes off, my knees will not ache as much, and that is the second big goal spurring me on.
Just be careful to eat enough fat and calories.Ease up on protein, which can convert to glucose. I didn't, and slowed to a crawl.
Then stopped. Latent heart troubles showed up, as well as digestive problems. Now I'm not dieting, not losing, not active at all. It's time I took another look at what I'm eating and doing. Maybe you can help me down the road!
When the irresistible force meets the immovable object, which gives way first?
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Old 10-05-2008, 08:01 PM   #101
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over 50 and low carb

I was very successful losing weight with low carb in 2001. 80lbs. I did begin adding sugars and carbs and have regained all of my weight. During this time I begin taking medications that also prevented me from losing weight. I have finally (recently) ceased taking the medications but have also gone thru 'surgical menopause' AND have turned 50. Will I be able to go into ketosis? I know when I was on the medications I was unable to go into ketosis. I've also found it's much harder to restart the induction than it was the first time around. I believe it may be because I'm not searching for what is and isn't allowed and it's taken the challange from it. I guess my question is ..... is there anyone here that has successfully lost, regained, and lost again successfully and is over 50? I desparatley need a mentor.
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I went through surgical menopause in 1989, climbed above 50 years of age, started Atkins in 2000, lost 80 pounds and yes, I went into ketosis. However, once ketosis is established, as long as the carbs aren't restored to the diet in any quantity, you should be able to keep most of it off even if you can't exercise. This is a permanent lifestyle change, but you still can have non-trigger carby foods once in a while. Just don't let those once-in-a-whiles get too close together!
However, when I examine my diet, and the extra pounds that just lately showed up, I realized that too many apples and dark chocolate have sabotaged me. Apples in particular, are a trigger food because I test allergic to them, and I do crave them. I can make homemade coconut bark to keep my chocolate cravings under control; so , after the summer of my discontent, I'm pulling up my socks and resolve, and cleaning up my diet. Now that it's cold weather, I can start cooking again. That should help control my wayward appetite as well. Maybe we can journey together.
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have had this sight in my favorites for over six months and something told me to look at it again and now i am registered and ready to start something good for me and my health today.
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My weight loss Journey

I am 51 and started my big push to lose weight when I found out I had high blood pressure and insulin resistance. I did low calorie for about a year and lost 45 pounds. Then as lots of you have posted I had surgery (a cancer scare that thankfully came out fine). During the recovery I took it easy on myself and gained back about 15 pounds. I didn't want to totally backslide to where I started, so I decided to try low carb. This weekend is the first few days and I have lost 2.5 pounds. I was actually scared that eating this way would make me gain rather than lose, but I am very very pleasantly surprised. I plan on walking as soon as the weather warms up (it is in the single digits right now in Ohio). I think this could work!
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Old 01-27-2009, 03:56 PM   #105
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Reading everyone stories sure is helping to give me encouragement. I decided Saturday night I was going to do something about my weight and decided to try the Atkins diet. I did it a few years ago and lost 53 pounds but then starting feeling sick so my doctor made me go off of it. And of course I gained back the 53 pounds then some. When I got on the scale Saturday it said 305 and that scared me. I have high blood pressure and I am a borderline diabetic. Also having problems with my thyroid. So far the induction has been easy for me. Not feeling hungry at all and I don't care much for pasta or bread so not missing that at all. I weighed myself today and I am 5 pounds lighter. Not bad in 3 days. But I'm sure it was probably water loss which doesn't hurt either. I'm 54 years old and wasn't sure if the weight would come off but that 5 pounds gives me some encouragemetn.
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Thanks to everyone for your encouraging stories!!!! I am so excited to begin my new WOE journey!
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First, I'm so glad I found this BB! Thanks to all who post. I'm mostly a lurker, but will begin contributing more.

For me, I'd lost (and regained) 80 pounds three times in my 58 years; I've done low carb (way before Atkins), low calorie, surgery, weight watchers, weight loss injections, Diet Gourmet, Nutrisystem, and a dozen more. It was so much work and so much effort to loose a lot of weight just regain it all back.

My weight since college (started in 1968) has been up and down from 137 to 280. I was extremely rebellious and undisciplined in my eating habits. Finally, I got tired of the roller coaster. So, in about 1994 I just quit. I quit trying, quit feeling, quit caring, quit, quit, quit.

Then one day I stepped on the scale and saw that I had topped out at 310. That, for me, was unacceptable. It just so happens that my DD's FIL had been doing Atkins with some success, so I bought the book and read it. With half-hearted commitment on Dec. 10, 2003, a week before I retired from teaching, I began. In about 4 months I had lost 40 pounds. It scared me. I feared getting saggy, wrinkled skin. I wanted to slow down the loss, but I did it all wrong. I QUIT (again). I managed somehow to keep off 25 of the 40 lost.

In January 2009, my church started a First Place 4 Health group. I didn't want to go. But, I was once and for all done with the games, the excuses, the selfishness, despair, the pain. I realized that I was doing it all wrong. I HAD to care, to try, to make a lifestyle change not just go on a diet AGAIN. What had this attitute gotten me? Diabetes, high blood pressure, high medication bills, exhustion, painful joints, limited activity level, embarassment, anxiety, lower self-esteem, totally physically unfit...

I felt so moved by God that I did go. What a blessing! They have awesome Biblical support although the diet that they use is more like an exchange program. So, after much prayer about what WOE to do, I BEGAN LOW-CARB/ATKINS. It felt kind of strange being the only one in the group doing low-carb, but the Lord kept reminding me that HE had begun the good work in me in 2003 through low-carbing, and that HE will complete it. All I have to do is cooperate fully with Him.

Again through prayer, Bible study, and reflection, I have lost 25 pounds since Jan 20, '09 and counting! In thinking things through, I realized that always before I had failed because I always saw my efforts to lose weight as being "until". I'll do this until... then I'll... This was why I had never been successful at maintaining. I finally have realized that I needed a lifestyle shift, a renewing of my mind regarding eating, food, weight, exercise, in general.

So, I made a commitment to my God, myself, and my family to make low carb eating a lifelong way of eating. There is no "until" (unless perhaps it's "forever"). It's the only plan I've ever tried that let's my brain rest and not be constantly searching for something else to eat. (I was totally addicted to carbs.) If feel satisfied on this WOE.

I still have mountains to climb and fears to face. For example, I fear what this 58 year old body will look like after I loose a good bit of weight. The skin has lost much of it's elasticity. However, I'm not doing this for my looks, but for my health. I will deal with whatever comes, and I'll never go back!

So far after being on program almost 3 months as of 4/18/2009:
...down from 285 to 260 pounds
...eliminated one kind of insulin I had been taking 30 units twice a day
...decreased the other insulin from 30 units twice a day to 13 units (and I have had none in 2 days)
...decreased the oral diabetic meds by half
...HBA1C went from 9.2 to 7.2 after being on program only 3 weeks

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I feel like I should post something as I have received so much support and information from this site. I had been struggling for years to lose the 'baby weight' <---of course my 'baby' is 15.
I have never been thin although my weight wasn't 'unhealthy' until my second pregnancy and quit smoking at the same time .... I gained 60 pounds and didn't ever really lose the bulk of it. Two more pregnancies (i watched my weight much better) and I still was around 160-170. As I inched closer to 50 and menopause I struggled to lose any weight at all. I'd been doing WW (a great program for many, just not 4 me) for over 6 years and yet had no success...in fact the weight just kept piling on as I would go 'off program' in frustration.
I finally hit rock bottom (or top) with my weight at 215. I was miserable---looked bad, but more importantly felt BAD. Every ounce of extra weight that I gained was going to my gut! I know I was on the road to diabetes. I'm a nurse and I know how unhealthy this abdominal fat is. I couldn't sail the river "Denial" anymore!!! I refused to buy a larger size of pants and started Atkins as another "New Years Resolution". Perhaps if I was a little more vain about my looks it wouldn't have taken me so long to get a grip, I had dabbled with 'Atkins' about 3 years ago, but totally did 'frankenfoods' (more looking for ways 2 cheat through induction) and stubbornly kept drinking.
BUT this time I was of a different mindset......I found Linda Sues recipe site and saw all sorts of induction food that I know would satisfy me. I knew that I could do this for the long term, but I would avoid the mistakes I made when I half way did Atkins years ago....no frankenfoods (fake chocolate, bars etc.) and for me, more importantly NO ALCOHOL! No cheats, no backsliding. If I "caved" and ate carbs.....I KNEW I'd have to have to go through all those cravings again...much like the ordeal of quitting smoking.
I realized after finding this board and looking at the success stories, that I couldn't 'just do it until'.
I found after the first 2 weeks that I did have a problem with carbs. I call myself a carb addict ( I don't think it's exactly like an alcoholic- more like the effort that you need to quit smoking) and I would have to PLAN to do this as a life style change as it is CLEAR that I will gain the weight right back if I don't follow the plan.
So, I have to confess, that I am pretty frustrated with the slow progress....but at the same time....I'm also happy with the fact that I've been able (4 the first time in about 10 years) to lose 20 pounds. That is a significant milestone for me, as this BMI change from obese to .7 away from 'overweight' is more motivating than how I look. Although I have to say, losing inches from my abdomen feels GREAT!!!
So to wrap up.....I have a long journey ahead to reach my goal. But for the first time in years I wake up feeling like I'm 'doing something' about my weight with real results AND a plan that I can stick with and CONTROL MY EATING!!!<---this is huge for me.
Now I feel like I have the eating on plan "habit" established....I need to start working on the exercise piece<---has to be done and is the challenge I'm facing now.
I hope that this gives you some information and perhaps this too is a 'diet' that you can see success. My advice is to gather as much information about the WOE (way of eating) and if you honestly think this is something that you can do, set your environment for success and visit here often!
Losing weight is hard. Maintaining is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.
Best wishes.

smile often---pray more---complain less
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WOE: low carb but not induction
Start Date: June 17, 2009
Hi everyone! I lost 53 lbs on low carb in 2003 and couldn't have done it without Low Carb Friends. I maintained that weight although it always fluctuated 10 lbs one way or the other. I just couldn't seem to get back with the program long enough to lose the rest.

Fast forward to 2009. April 3rd I had 5 heart bypass & valve replacement. A year prior I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and did pretty well controling it with one oral med. My A1c was never over 6.4 and I was still able to eat a somewhat normal, but unhealthy diet.

I was shocked when the Dr. told me I needed emergency heart surgery. I am 57 and didn't know I was that unhealthy. I can now look back & see that I was extremely fatiqued. I guess I thought it was all part of aging.

When I was in the hospital my sugar skyrocketed and they put me on insulin, and sent me home with two types. I was taking Novalog on a sliding scale, and lantus at night. I should have been eating healthy and counting my carbs, but due to my sugar spikes I was craving everything and eating everything uncontrollably. Before I left the hospital I asked the Dr. how long my arteries would stay clear. He said it usually takes a long time to become blocked again, but diabetics are the ones that end up back for more surgery due to the damage it does.

I can't handle pressure. Years ago I planned to go to a high school reunion and knew about it a year in advance. I actually gained weight from the stress of the pressure to lose.

I have been eating so many carbs since my heart surgery, and was unable to stop. I was feeling sick constantly, and terribly fatigued. Every day I would say I will start tomorrow, and some days I would start out good only to give up by lunch. I just couldn't handle the cravings. I was even eating fast food often. I knew I had to be insane to do this Knowing the risks, but it didn't stop me. How sick is that?

I knew the only chance was for me to go on low carb again. I quit the insulin cold turkey without the doctor's permission. In two days I lost 7 lbs of fluid.
I started eating low carb immediately. I knew that was the only way I could go off the insulin. I did start back on my oral medication which was one pill a day.

Now, my sugar levels are perfect, and my cravings are gone. It is really hard, but I am taking it one day at a time. I know I have to live this way if I want to live. I am not on induction, and am eating a lot of cooked veggies, but no starchy vegetables. I am not concerned with the speed of weight loss. I just want to control the diabetes and lose the weight steadily. When I lost the 53 lbs I was eating quite a few veggies, and a handful of almonds maybe once a week. I also ate the sugar free chocolates every once in a while. It took me 5 months and if I can lose 53 lbs again I will weigh 159 lbs.

Sorry so long, but I haven't been here in a long time.

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I am so glad I found this thread. I am 52, also lost my weight on Atkins 7 years ago with the birth of my first grandson, found the forum 2 years into it, and lost my weight (size 22 down to size 14) with the help of this forum.... now I am back up to 18's and went back onto Atkins. I have only been reading back on the forum a few days, but am on my 8th week of induction and am down 26 pounds. I feel soo much better already that it just astounds me that I got so far off track before!

Good luck to all of you and I hope we can all help each other with this! I previosly wrote "through this", when in fact we don't have anything to get through, we have to learn to live with our problems with food. Vicki
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I see where a lot of you post colors in your message. What is that all about? Am I missing something? Is this on Dr. Aikens or Southbeach diet plans..I don't have either book so need to post this question. "Curiosity killed the cat!"
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Pushing Age

Well it's been almost four years on this very low carb thing. Actually I consider it just the right way of eating. I take my inspiration from William Banting and like the Inuits realize that carbs and veggies aren't proper human food. And they aren't.

I was somewhere around 210 pounds, high blood pressure and the usual stuff for someone around sixty two years old. I wasn't diabetic but the wife was and the doctor wasn't giving her any hope. In fact it was pretty depressing. Finally I was disgusted enough that I had enough of the crap the doctor was putting out so I decided to figure it out for myself. And I did. It wasn't really all that difficult. Just a matter of doing some reading and a bit of research on the Internet and the Library and things just came together and made sense. Then Gary Taubes' book came out and told me that what I had figured out was true. Nice to be validated.

The upshot of all that is that the wife is cured of diabetes and I no longer have the high blood pressure and don't take any meds and I weigh between 170 and 175. It seems to go up and down from day to day. Neither of use or take any meds and we're both in excellent health. The wife works all day in her flower beds and I just putter around. The most exercise I get is doing the trim mowing once a week and the usual stuff maintaining the cars and equipment which isn't all that much. I'm pretty much averse to exercise.

We don't eat any carbs to speak of. I'm pretty much a zero carb person. The wife likes some fruit now and again and when we eat out at the Chinese Buffet she likes an egg roll and the "Crab Rangoon". Doesn't seem to bother her though.

What we've done is figure out that the medical profession doesn't really know what it is doing so it is little better that the Shaman in the Indian village.

We figure that humans have been wandering around and living on this Earth for some two million years. During ninety nine percent of that time we've been eating what was available. There were no McDonald's and no bread stores and no Kroger's. What there was was meat on the hoof. Humans have been cooking meat for sure for something like four hundred thousand years so I'd say we're pretty well adapted to eating meat. Then there is the nasty things that carbohydrates and insulin does that makes all kinds of illnesses. Fifty thousand years ago there were no wheat fields and no sugar cane fields nor any potato fields. So what did people eat? Seems a pretty simple question to me. I vote for Buffalo steak!

I have a sister who had a heart problem. She had continuous pain in her chest. She was also pretty much a vegetarian. She was trying to commit a slow suicide and didn't know it. Once I got her to go on the low carb diet her health improved drastically. In fact when her and her husband changed their insurance company she had to get a thorough physical. In the process the doctors ran a bunch of tests and could not find any evidence of a heart problem. She says she feels like a new person.

What this way of living has done for me is to save my live and my wife's and my sister's life. We will all grow old and die but this way our last years won't be spent in misery and pain and living at the doctors office.

This way of life is all about health and doesn't have much to do with weight. That is just a side benefit. A nice one to be sure. But not as important as all the other health benefits.

Did I mention that we don't get colds or flu anymore? Indigestion and stomach upsets are "Mere matters of history" as William Banting put it some one hundred and fifty years ago.

Give up the carbs and live a long and healthy life.
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everywhere i turn i hear about how low carb is the answer to losing weight. not sure what to do or how to do it. do i just start eating meets and eggs. do i need to by dr. atkins book? help - as you see i am a newbie newbie. Thank you for your help and advise. I have about 80 lbs. to lose, but will try to stay focused on losing 10 at a time. Its so hard to not look at the big (pune intended) picture - to just focus on each day. This is great encouragement to read all of your emails. I don't even know it I replied where I should have. Ya'll be patient with this newbie newbie! God Bless!
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such an inspiration - sounds so much like my story. I am so new I don't even know where to being on low carb. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I would suggest looking around these boards a bit and asking some questions. There are several low carb plans out there, so check them out and see which one appeals to you.
One place to start would be the Atkins, South Beach etc. boards. Surf around and gather information.
I think that buying a book for which ever plan looks good is a must.
What got me 'into' Atkins was looking at the recipes at Linda Sues Low Cal website.....amazing recipes

Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Home

this might be a place to start to see if Atkins is the plan for you.
Good luck!
Let us know how you are doing.....
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Newbie On Board

Hello Everybody,

I'm new to this site, and new to low carb, and this thread immediately caught my eye. I can't wait to go back and read each and every one of your stories.

As for me, I was a very skinny kid and teenager. In fact, I had trouble gaining weight, and envied "fat" people, because they could lose, but I couldn't gain. Be very careful what you ask for!

With age, and three pregnancies, the weight started to pile on. Didn't happen overnight, but it did happen.

Somewhere around 1999, I weighed in at 205 pounds, and started a weight watcher's program, and sucessfully lost 60 pounds, and it was pretty easy. By the time my daughter got married in 2000, I was able to wear a size 14 dress, which was as thin as I'd been in most of my adult life, and I was stoked.

And then catastrophe struck. On 9-11, I lost many former co-workers and friends (Port Authority Police Dept) who had become family during my working years (I'd retired in 1996). I totally and completely fell apart, and started to eat my way back to 215 pounds. It was as if I were trying to fill a big, gaping hole in my soul by stuffing food into it. But let's face it.... nothing will ever fill that hole.

Two weeks ago, after purchasing one of George Stella's cookbooks for my new Kindle book reader, a light bulb went off over my head, and something finally clicked, and that's where I started. I think George has become my own Guardian Angel. I'm eating better than I did before, and becoming much more aware of what goes in my mouth. I'm dumbfounded at the sugars that are added to products that we wouldn't even expect to see (dijon mustard??). Tomorrow is my own "official" weigh in day, but because I'm a compulive weigher, I already know that I'm down about 8 pounds in these two weeks, and I'll take it happily. I'm also getting out and walking about a mile each morning, after a very sedentary life since I retired. That part isn't easy. I literally have to force myself to do it, but I'm doing it, and that one mile is a biggie for me. And I'm finally remembering to drink my water.

So that's the basic story. I'm very glad to have found y'all, and look forward to finding my way around the site and learning as much as I can as we walk along this journey.

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Low Carb Testimony

As soon as I was diagnosed as a diabetic, I started eating low carb. In a way, it was a blessing in that my husband followed Atkins for years for his diabetes. That meant two separate meals and a lot more mess for me to clean up afterwards.

I discovered Netrition.com, Carb-Quik and other low carb foods and treats.

I've kept my blood sugar down, but not my weight. It's a psychological thing that seems to run in my family. I'll try one more time starting Monday.

Hugs to all,
Joan in Fayetteville, NC
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Here is my testimony: Post #370

Let's see your before and after pictures!
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Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I have reached my goal weight -- many times!! I don't dispair, just start low carbing again. However, I am hoping the effort will stick this time as I simply don't have as much time as I did 25 years ago!!! LOL
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Somehow, I feel I'd rather be wrinkly than 250 lbs. A healthy weight is more attractive, to me, than my filled-out moon face. Ladies, take a look around -- wrinkles are not a detriment if you're looking for love, but luscious love handles are. Remember that we do not see ourselves as others do...
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