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ChristiansMom 05-03-2012 11:37 PM

Hair styles for thin hair?
I need to get my hair cut, badly. It's down to the middle of my back and damaged from all the straightening I do to it (my hair is straight but if I don't use a straightener on it, it looks all yucky).

I need advice on the best hairstyle for women with thin, straight hair .. who also happen to have round faces.

In the past I have had it cut to just about my shoulders, maybe a tad longer. They razor the ends, layer it, part on the side and curl (flipping up the ends). I like that but was hoping for something different. I wish I could somewhat keep my length but I think because of my size, shorter hair looks better but not TOO short. Nothing above my shoulders.

I'm scared to death of bangs because once they are cut.. there is no turning back and I never seem to know how to style it with my hair being so thin it ends up just laying there all greasy looking even though it's clean.

I'm so frustrated. I wish I could hire a hair dresser to do my hair for me Monday-Friday.

At the moment I just straighten the back/sides, part on the right side, attempt to rat up the top back for volume and then take the front and swipe it sorta across my forehead and then tuck behind my left ear. Boring.

I just went and did a google search for hair ideas. I put in hairstyles of thin hair, thin straight hair, thin hair and round faces, fat faces, plus size hair styles, fat model hair styles etc etc. Nothing is jumping out at me and for some reason 90% of the round face pictures had super short chopped off hair up below the ears. Uh, no thanks. They all have gorgeous faces so they can pull that off, I can't!

Any photo ideas that you girls can share with me?

Tylar 05-04-2012 05:42 AM

I don't have an answer, as I have the exact OPPOSITE hair (and have no idea what to do with it!). Is there maybe a celebrity with similar face shape & hair that you admire? Also, how much time are you willing to spend styling it? That's a biggie when deciding a daily 'do. :)

BTW, I think your current style sounds really cute - not boring at all. I've tried to pull it off, but my hair is so thick & heavy that it falls flat almost immediately. :(

PghPALady1974 05-05-2012 07:10 AM

I have thin hair too. I had mine almost half way down my back and was terrified to get it cut past my shoulders. However one summer when we had numerous days of above 90 degree weather and my hair not wanting to do ANYTHING for when I was at work I went to the salon in the mall on lunch one day and got it cut into an inverted V cut. That was the first time since I was 8 that I had short hair. I fell in love! It is longer now and I am able to style it to look thicker this way. I also have gotten a lot of compliments from people. Oddly a lot in the past 2 weeks from customers.

ETA: After getting it cut that short (was in 2004) I did grow it out to longer (past shoulders again) and I decided I hated it.

ravenrose 05-06-2012 11:25 AM

what do you mean when you say you use straightener that damages your hair? this is a product? you need to find a way to style your hair without it if it's doing damage. whatever hair problems you have, the older you get they are going to get many times worse. hair ages even worse than skin does!

your face looks pretty gorgeous in your picture there. are you sure you aren't someone who can pull off the short styles?

my hair is thin now (I am in my 50s) and I wear it pretty long. I use a root volume/lifter spray with my hair dryer, turning my head upside down as the spray dries so my hair doesn't just lie so flat to my head. as you say, it looks greasy even when it's totally clean when it does that!

also, pay attention to how often you really need to shampoo and style your hair. that habit of doing it every day doesn't help! many people can go a week between shampoos fine if they don't sweat much.

Melrose 05-07-2012 10:27 AM


I have thin hair but a lot of it and for me, I prefer shorter hair rather than longer. I know you mentioned nothing above your shoulders so I am of no help :). When I have tried to grow it longer, it just hangs there.

My hair is longer than in my avatar but I always keep the top shorter so I can get height and lift.

I also think you have the face to pull of shorter hair!

ravenrose 05-08-2012 11:04 AM

I just wanted to say, by the by, that this is the first time in my whole life I have loved my hair. I have good hair days every day. with all the other crap in my life, it is a real blessing! just mentioning this, because you never know when you will hit on just the right thing for you. keep at it!

ChristiansMom 05-18-2012 12:48 AM

Thanks everyone! I still haven't gotten the courage to make the hair appointment - buying time I suppose. :laugh:

I have had my hair cut up to my shoulder - meaning, it sits right on my shoulder and not below it. That is probably as short as I would go. My face is rounder than it looks and I feel like anything shorter will draw more attention to how round it is. Part of me would LOVE bangs - side sweeping ones, but because my hair is so thin - they just kinda lay there and don't look pretty like everyone else seems to be able to pull off.

When I said I use a straightener - I meant like a curling iron but a flat iron. My hair gets a little wavy/frizzy if I don't use the straightener on it in the mornings. I only slide it through real quick and not all over the place but I think it's causing split ends so I need to figure out a cut/style where I don't need to use it. When my hair is shorter, I do not use the flat iron on it - I curl the ends and it flips up.

You are all so flattering with your comments - thank you - but you know online pictures are always our best and not always reality. Hah!

Before Father's Day I will have to get it done - I hope I can find something by then.

GreytMuse 05-18-2012 10:12 AM

ChristiansMom -- would you consider some layers cut in to give you a fuller look, but keeping the overall length below your shoulders? If layers are done properly, you might end up with a wavy look that you like and not need to straighten your hair.

Just a thought! And I totally understand the delay in cutting! I have really curly hair that tends to a really unflattering Einstein look, so I procrastinate a LOT. :)

LolaGetz 11-09-2013 06:18 AM

I think your current style (as depicted in your photo) seems lovely but if you're bored, I'd say go ahead and take a risk; one thing about hair is that it *always* grows back. I don't have a round face but I do have fine, thin hair and over the years have worn it every which way, long, boy-cut short and everything in between. Right now it is down my back long just because I got tired of having to go to the salon every month or so. I do use volumizing shampoos and mousse and blow dry. I sometimes use 5 GIGANTIC hot rollers to add volume and waves and for evenings out (and when I have time) I use regular large rollers to add shape. Usually, during the day I wear it in a pony tail or sometimes in a slightly more elegant up-do. The advantage of long hair is that you can wear it in many different ways but I did love my boy cut too, for the sheer simplicity of it...so wash and wear, jump in the shower and go...no drying, no styling, no combing even...sometimes I think of going back to that.

OOPS...I just noticed the date on your post. My comment is useless but I'm leaving it since I'm curious...what did you end up doing? How are you wearing your hair now?

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