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MSN08 05-31-2014 10:57 AM

Have any of you treated heart disease with lowcarb and no medications?
I have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. I am 30, healthy weight but I do high blood pressure and insulin resistance. I was told if I have to have stents I will be on a statin and blood thinner for the rest of my life and that is not my idea of health at all and I know I shouldn't play around when it comes to heart health but I would like to hear from any of you who can share stories of how lowcarb paleo or any other natural treatments have helped to keep you off of statins in a similar situation.

solarpluvia 05-31-2014 01:59 PM

Although I was lucky enough that losing about 50 pounds somehow lowered my blood pressure down to an acceptable number, considering the medications I take for other things, that would be the one thing that I would actually take medication for in your situation. The evidence isn't all there for cholesterol, and statins are terrible in general. But the evidence is there for high blood pressure. It damages so many body systems. I'd take care of that right away with medicine (BP meds are not statins and there are several types to try), and eat low carb for everything else.

I'm 38 and the only reason I'd take statins is if my arteries were already very hard and my cholesterol was over 300, mostly LDL. But I'd also tighten up my diet down to Atkins induction levels and take it very seriously. There are people who've had stents put in and have eventually gone off of the statins, but it isn't common, from what I've seen. If you feel comfortable only treating the high blood pressure and actually getting strict with LC, maybe you could do that for 6 months and get rechecked then before talkng about stents again. And reduce your inflammation as much as possible in other ways.

It is a major commitment, but it also could be life or death. So do take this seriously because we all want you to live. Whatever you do, research it like crazy first.

Good quick info about overuse of stents: NYT blog article. On casual glance, it doesn't look like they actually help much when used preventatively. Kind of like statin use in women that way.

MSN08 05-31-2014 02:42 PM

Thank you so much for the reply. I am doing research and I am supportive of the blood pressure med and metformin because I am doing well on them without side effects but I am afraid of statins. I have not been doing well in the nutrition area so I do want to see what a serious commitment to lowcarb can do. I have been having mini strokes so I just need to get headed on the right direction before its too late.

solarpluvia 05-31-2014 03:07 PM

Well, mini-strokes might be a good arguement for statins. But getting your eating plan well managed would be a good idea in any case. Carbs are terrible for inflammation. Do whatever you can.

You have some very cute kitties! They need you.

dawnyama 06-01-2014 08:40 AM

So sorry about your mini-strokes. How scary. Dr Sinatra has a book on heart disease/cholesterol and why women in particular should not be on statins. The title is :
"The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan That Will". And to let you know that they do back up their book with studies and clinical findings:

"Bestselling health authors Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., and Stephen Sinatra, M.D. give readers a 4-part strategy based on the latest studies and clinical findings for effectively preventing, managing, and reversing heart disease, focusing on diet, exercise, supplements, and stress and anger management.

Get proven, evidence-based strategies from the experts with The Great Cholesterol Myth"

I suggest you give it a read before starting something long term like statins.

Jrw85705 06-01-2014 08:44 AM

I have had some experience with heart disease, starting in 1998, so what I say is based solely on my personal experiences. I have had many angioplasties, several stents and quadruple bypass surgery. We are all different and what has worked for me may not be the best for you. Now I went low carb for diabetes, and it has worked fine, and I have had other wins as a bonus.

My first suggestion is find a cardiologist you can work with. One who will listen to you and agree to let you try different things without causing a conflict with his/her methodology. When I went low carb, 3 Ĺ years ago, I told my Dr. what I was doing and he was fine with it as long as I came in every three months for an exam and blood work. After the first year he changed it to every six months and for the first time in 10 years I was able to complete my treadmill stress test from beginning to end. Both of us couldnít have been more pleased.

I have never had high blood pressure or high cholesterol but as a preventive I have been taking low dosages both medications. As I improve my Dr. lowered the dosages to Ĺ the amount and only every other day. I wonít get into the statin debate because I have been taking one for years and Iím still alive and have never had a bad side effect from it. Like I said earlier we are all different but if it works for me Iím going to use it.

I wish you good luck and please stay on top of it because the alternative of the ER and operating room just suck.


Ronnie51 06-01-2014 09:02 AM

My sister has CAD plus very high blood pressure and cholesterol (especially tri's) and she had to have a stent inserted three years ago due to blockage of the artery that the doctor called "the widow maker". She was on an anti-platelet med (Effient), which is similar to a blood thinner along with a med to protect her stomach (since anti platelet meds can cause stomach bleeding) and after two years the doctor took her off both meds. So, if you do improve your diet and things quiet down, you may not have to be on the blood thinner your entire life (I'm basing this on my sister's experience). She is doing a lot better now (she's much older than you are); she doesn't eat as poorly as she did, but she still doesn't watch her diet as well as she should and she doesn't exercise. She's on high dose statins and 3 BP meds. I'm convinced that if she watched her diet and exercised, she could lower her statin dose. I'm also on a lower dose statin and 3 BP meds (genetics, apparently), but I do watch my diet and I do exercise and, fortunately, have aced the stress tests my doctor has ordered for me. Lifestyle choices are paramount when it comes to heart issues. At such a young age, it is apparent to me that your health issues are genetic, but with diet and exercise (approved by your doctor), I see no reason that you can't reduce, avoid, and even stop meds in the future. I do wish you the best of luck.

MSN08 06-01-2014 08:54 PM

Thank you all.I have much to consider.

MSN08 06-07-2014 12:08 AM

Good news I don't have any artery disease. I had a radial artery catheter instead of femoral and the cardiologist had to try eleven times to stick the artery he eventually moved up as high as he could safely go to a completely UN numb area and he finally got it in but my thumb kept moving. I felt excruciating pain as the catheter went all the way to my heart and something felt like I was being kicked in the throat a couple times. He said he had no explanation for that at all. He also said my heart was beating too fast. I was screaming and begging for the pain to stop as he pulled it out also and then after it was out he said he can tell me now because it's over that one time a womans artery almost came out with the catheter because it is such a small artery. Does this seem like a normal experience? They said I wouldn't feel anything but a little pressure and I've never felt so much pain! I felt like my arm was being ripped open. They shouldn't lie to people about the feeling no pain part!

MSN08 06-07-2014 06:56 PM

I have purple lines on my arm now too not even in the area of the puncture. :mad:

dawnyama 06-07-2014 07:22 PM

I am very happy for your good news. No artery disease :jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

But wow on the procedure. How can they do that :console::console: So sorry you were so much pain, even during the procedure when you would think they could make you more comfortable :annoyed:

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