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JohnAndHisCat 04-22-2014 08:12 PM

Cold air may help you lose weight by making your body burn calories to keep warm
This is interesting I stumbled across this somewhat recent news item, because the past few days I've been experimenting with what I call "sleeping cold" in which I turn off the heat in my bedroom at night before I go to bed, and then sleep with few or no covers on. I did that last night and when I weighed myself as usual before I took a shower, I was surprised I had gotten down to 157, even though I had eaten a bigger-than-usual dinner the previous night. I did the same thing a couple times over the previous week and got similar results.

I'm quite tolerant of cold and tend to keep my bedroom cool at night anyway, but now that I read there's scientific research confirming my suspicion I just might make a regular habit of it.

Cold air may help you lose weight by making your body burn calories to keep warm

“Temperature training” may be what is missing from your weight-loss plan. New evidence suggests that regular exposure to mildly cold air may help people lose weight by increasing the amount of energy their bodies have to expend to keep their core temperature up, researchers say.

In other words, warm, cozy offices and homes may not be ideal places for those who want to lose weight. In fact, being able to control the ambient temperature might be partly responsible for the rise in obesity rates in industrial societies, said researchers from the Netherlands in a study published last week in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism.

~PaperMoon~ 04-22-2014 09:06 PM

Interesting! There may be some truth to it. My job may be helping me lose weight then because they keep it freezing in that office! Maybe I should stop wearing my jacket inside then. :laugh: Some days it's so cold in there my fingers get cold typing and I have to put on gloves! I've seen other coworkers put gloves on too inside. I don't know what cold blooded person keeps that air on so cold. Then when I go outside it's hot so I go from freezing inside to hot outside.

Also I think it goes for either extremes in temperature, especially if you move from a cold state to a hot one, because that first summer when I moved here to Tucson and I didn't have my car and I walked or caught the bus everywhere in the 110+ degree weather, I dropped a LOT of weight fast! I thought it was partially because my body had to use more energy to cool me off in the heat. So I think the same would go for extreme heat too. Your body has to use a lot of energy trying to maintain the right temperature. I've gotten more used to the heat now but that first summer was like OMG! LOL! The sun never burned my skin before either till I came to Tucson, it actually hurt like I was holding my arm near a hot stove top or something. That sun is strong.

Mr_Geiri 04-23-2014 03:19 PM

The same calorie principles should apply here though, that the body will compromise by increasing your appetite, just like with exercise and decrease in calorie intake.

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