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Betsy1953 04-10-2014 05:32 PM

Heart palpitations after eating meat
I sure could use some opinions. I am eating protein and green vegetables and salads. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. I notice that each time I eat fatty meats, such as chicken legs with skin, roast, steaks, etc. I get heart palpitations right after I eat. I feel fine, but this happens. I love the saturated fat. Does anyone else get this? I know if I tell the doc, he'll say "just don't eat fatty meat". Which I suppose makes sense, but I thought that saturated fat warnings were over emphasized. Perhaps in my case, they're not. This does not happen with eggs, so my guess it's not just cholesterol, but the actual fat. I'd be bummed out if I had to stick to just boring lean meats, but if I have to for my health, I will. I'm 60. I looked up on google, and of course all I get is how dangerous meat is, so of course they say not to eat it. I would love any thoughts on this, and yes I know it's just opinions, and I need to ask the doctor. I've not been diagnosed with any serious heart diseases and am generally in decent health.

cheri 04-11-2014 03:00 AM

I'd go to the doctor Betsy. You could have a Food Intolerance.. It could be from meat additives, MSG, etc.. There could be more than one thing that is causing this to happen. No one here can really give you any answers because the issue you are describing needs to be investigated. You can use lean meats in recipes that will keep it from being boring if need be. There are , a lot of great recipes in the recipe room and the recipe suggestions board. Either way I would go and get a physician's opinion.

Good luck!!

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