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astribling 09-28-2013 12:03 PM

Company Health Fair - my rant...
Warning - mini rant! LOL

My DH had his company health fair today and I usually go every year because they do a blood draw and run an awesome blood panel with just about every test you would want. I waited in line about 2 hours, which I expected and have no problem with that - it's a free service after all. And since they run so many tests it really needs to be a fasting draw, so I had not eaten anything all morning and most of the people there had not. After the blood draw they had a little table with snacks, and what they had available were Kit kat bars, M&Ms, and a few other choices of chocolate!!! Seriously?? Most of the people there were over 40, and I'm assuming many of them had glucose issues, cholesterol issues, etc (which is why they were there getting blood drawn). So how could they think chocolate was an acceptable snack. :dunno::stars:

I am always prepared for situations like this and brought my own. But most people did not. Since this fair was run by nurses you would think they would be a little smarter about this. Oh well.

Thanks for listening. I feel better!

finallylosing 09-28-2013 07:34 PM

It's amazing what some medical places offer as snacks. I'm a nurse so have seen it all! It's like when you give blood and they give you cookies and juice after - all you really need is a good lot of water but for some reason they think the snacks are necessary. And don't get me started on the bedtime snacks given to the diabetics so their sugar doesn't fall through the night! It truly blows my mind!!

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