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nspeedracer 06-26-2013 01:07 AM

Lyme Disease and Ketosis
every time i go into ketosis my lyme constant daily headache gets much much worse and responds even less to abortive pain meds. the longest i lasted was 6 days.
is this a herx? does it stop? how long does it last????
or do I have to give up my dreams of a low carb life???
a year ago i had the same thing but i could make it a week then i would start vomiting all the time. this was before treatment
im full into treatment now. antibiotics up the wazoo.
I can pull thru if I know the headache will ease back down and have an idea of how long the punishment will last...
please someone...
i hope someone knows!

Mistizoom 06-26-2013 05:58 PM

Lyme disease sucks, I am sorry you are dealing with it. I don't know that much about it but someone on another board I am on is very knowledgeable about it. Here is one quote I found from her about diet, "Take steps to reduce inflammation (low sugar, gluten and casein). Low Dose Natraxone is highly regarded by many. Limit processed foods, GMOs and high carb foods." Sorry I don't have much more info, other than to look on various websites, facebook groups, and find a Lyme Literate doctor.

cfine 06-26-2013 08:05 PM

My DD has been battling LD since she was a young child and has been in aggressive treatment for three years now. She is GF, DF, and SF. She does have to eat carbs once per day or she gets so sick. I think that her stomach needs it maybe because of all of the abx. I don't know if being in a ketogenic state I the healthiest thing for you at this time. Listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you. My DD eats two LC meals and one meal with starch. Maybe that would work for you? Good luck! Lyme sucks!

nspeedracer 06-27-2013 03:54 PM

the lyme bacteria feeds off sugar and carbs, also the constant antibiotics cause candida which also is fed by those. this is why ppl go for low carb or paleo...
cfine, what happens when she gets sick?

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