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Old 05-10-2013, 03:55 PM   #1
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Need some advice on bloodwork results for cortisol, DHEA & thyroid...Please help!

Hi, I'm a nine month lurker and thought I'd see what you guys thought about my ZRT blood spot and saliva tests before I decide what to do next.

I'm 37, female, and my DHEAS was 13.1 ng/ml when for my age it should be about 5-8. It's the level of a late teens/early 20's person. (I'm wondering if this might explain why I have always looked very young, people still think I'm in my early 20's and are shocked at my real age.)

My Cortisol (saliva 4x) was:
Morning: 3.7 ng/ml (range: 3.7-9.5) Low (I have a hard time waking up.)
Noon: 2.8 ng/ml (range: 1.2-3) Normal
Eve: 1.8 ng/ml (range: 0.6-1.9) Normal
Bedtime: 1 (range: 0.4-1) they said "High-Normal" (I have trouble getting to sleep)

The notes said it was a "flattened circadian profile that indicates adrenal dysfunction" and "Indicates some loss of negative feedback control of cortisol to the brain (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis/HPA).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or what this means? I'm wondering if this looks like Cushing's from a pituatary issue based on this?

While I'm at goal weight (5'2 97 lbs which sounds super thin but puts me at a size 6, not an unhealthy size 0/2 I was years ago when I weighed 95lbs following a serious operation). I'm about the size I was naturally in my late teens, which is good.

I'm maintaining on under 50 net carbs a day (not counting them exactly since I've pretty much gotten it down and am maintaining) on Atkins with a focus on keeping my blood sugar under control

I did have trouble losing weight (just could not do it), pre-diabetes/insulin resistance (now I average in the low 90's and occasionally 95-100 after a meal), borderline hypertension (130/85). I was 126 lbs (5'2) and a size 10 in pants (I'm now a 6) as most of my weight was central with thin arms/legs.

I did have a very mild "buffalo hump" on my neck area that's nearly gone now-what's left apears to be scoliosis. I did have small "fat pads" in my clavicale region. They are nearly gone now but unlike hubby who at goal weight has "empty/sunken" clavicles mine are still sort of "full" (no enlarged nodes though).

I'm wondering if I'm borderline cushings with pituatary involvement? Any thoughts?

About 10 years ago I had a thyroid panel that made my doctor wonder if I had a pituatary tumor but I never followed up on it since he said it was nothing to worry about. I was mildly hyperthyroid but showing signs of hypo. I chose not to let them kill my thyroid.

Now I'm hypo according to my bloodwork but mostly have a problem converting T4 to T3. Any thoughts on this? I have raging hypo symptoms.

It was suggested I take T3 or combined T4 & T3. Are there any natural, over the counter, etc alternatives to this?

Here's my bloodwork:
Free T4 = 1 (range: 0.7-2.5) Normal
Free T3 = 2.4 (range: 2.5-6.5) Low
TSH = 1 (range: 0.5-3) Normal
TPO = 19 (range: 0-150) Normal

Here are the comments: "Free T3 is low, consistent with symptoms of thyroid deficency. Because T4 is within normal range this suggests poor hepatic conversion of T4 to T3" "TSH is within normal range and not reflective of the low T3 and symptoms of thyroid deficency. This is common with exessive stress." "Due to poor T4 to T3 conversion consider thyroid mediation that contains both T4 and T3 or T3 alone."

So, should I do T3 alone or a T4 combo? Any over the counter, non prescription options or herbals, etc?

I had my female hormones tested. I had a hysterectomy/oopherectomy in 1997 at age 22 (I'm 37 now) due to stage IV endometriosis.

I quit taking any estrogen (against my doctors advice, he said stop at 50 but start mamograms, which I refused to do) due to my mother's strong breast cancer history (the only other relative was her grandmother postmenopausally who died of an allergic reation after the mastectomy). Mom had premenopausal twice in one breast and post menopausal twice in the other breast-about 17 years later. She had a lot of estrogen in her body and had a pre cancerous uterine lining/thickening in her late 60's and had never taken any hormones.

Here are my hormone results for reference. I'm really strongly against taking any more estrogen. My breasts are a lot less dense and my fibrocystic areas are less since I've been off the lowest dose of estrogen.

I do feel like crap and my nerves and emotional tolerence are worse since I've been off it. But I'm determined to stay off estrogen to hopefully avoid breast cancer even though I do have osteopina already. And am actually glad I don't have a lot in my system.

Saliva test:
Estridol: under 0.05 (range: 0.5-1.7) Low
Progesterone: 8 (range: 12-100) Low
Ratio Pg/E2: 16 (range: 100-500) Low
Testosterone: 18 (range: 16-55) Normal

It was suggested that my low estrogen might be in part the cause of my thyroid issues?

Any thoughts, insights at all on my tests would be appreciated.

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Old 05-19-2013, 11:59 AM   #2
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If we were all supposed to 'stay off estrogen' we'd be born not needing hysterectomies. Unless you have a gene for cancer or have HAD cancer...you can use estradiol (and that would help mental function, etc. also) and you really also need tested for progesterone and also RT3 (yes, I've always had low TSH and around 1 FT4 but my FT3 looked like yours..I take Armour which has both T4/T3 in it..is porcine...).

You also need a Vit D3 test, a ferritin test, estradiol, estriol, and you NEED progesterone...

That's all I can think of for now. All things I'd want. Your low progesterone (the first thing to fall going into menopause, it affects the brain and function of the nerves and the muscles and other hormones, namely your cortisol! so you NEED progesterone. Real up on bio identical HRT and the diff. between that and 'estrogen HRT' (which is either synthetic or horse urine...).

Arm your self with knowledge...that'll help.
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