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Patina 02-21-2013 02:05 PM

Ooops, I realized I spelled it wrong, it's Diabulimia.

I saw a local news story about a young girl who ended up in the hosptial with anorexia due to practicing "Diabulemia". I've never heard of it so I did some quick checking and it is a term applied to Type 1 Diabetics who withold their insulin injections in order to lose weight. Here's some info I found on Medicine.Net. It tends to be more prevalent in teenage girls with Type 1. Gee no surprise there!

Diabulimia - Eating Disorder - MedicineNet

Geeezz...that's just horrible that these girls (or anyone) gets to the point that they risk their life to be thin, but this just seems over the top for me. Proabably because I'm T2 Diabetic and I know how terrible this disease is so it just seems messing with insulin to lose weight is just over the top.

Habakkuk 02-26-2013 09:42 AM

As a T1 diabetic I can tell you that everyone doing that will feel pretty bad rather quickly. Going low carb will enable you to take way less insuline but not taking any insuline at all is pretty much the worst thing one can do.

Leo41 02-26-2013 11:41 AM

Years ago, I had a friend whose sister was a Type 2 diabetic. This was a woman in her 40s, and whenever she decided that she needed to lose 20 lbs, she would stop all her meds and eat carbs to drive up her blood sugar.

As most of you know, out of control blood sugar will cause a rapid weight loss. Her doctor found out and warned her that she could kill herself doing that, but she actually continued the practice despite the warning.

So I'm not surprised to hear about this issue with teens because most EDs begin in the teen years.

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