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creseis 02-01-2013 06:24 PM

Gut issues
Usually I will have problems with my gut and pain coming from my gall bladder area about once a year for 1 day, usually while I am LC. It goes away, I don't worry about it. It also might be due to stress.

I have had muted gut/upper right quadrant pain for the last 3 days and also a couple of days 2 weeks ago, but I also have had general gut pain and constipation. I was up all night last night in pain and today I was very tired. My lab is 50 degrees and I had to work in there all day, so it really wore me out. I have not had a workout in 3 days because I haven't been able to eat very much at all due to the pain.

I don't have time to go shopping until tomorrow afternoon/evening and I am supposed to visit my cycling coach tomorrow, so I'd like to eat something wihtout being in pain! I have been eating probiotics like candy and also pepto bismol. I have canola oil. If I eat canola oil, will that help? I used to give that to horses prone to colic. What else can you think of? I just moved into a new place and I have very little. I don't have vit C. Coffee has not helped or made it worse, but I'm thinking about cutting it out to see if that helps.

I can stop at a convenience store on the way tomorrow, what do you think they might have that can help me?

Note: I have gone to the doctor several times about this and they basically tell me that fat is bad for the gall bladder (which I disagree with), and they can't find anything physically wrong with me. So, I'm guessing it's my gut messing up.

Leo41 02-02-2013 09:04 AM

I have had digestive upsets in the past that were traced to my gall bladder (I still have it), and if you are having a similar problem, that oil is the worst thing you can do. At one point, I had a very high fat breakfast that sent me to the ER with incredible pain.

Even with numerous tests, my gastro was never able to pinpoint the problem (which he said is not that unusual with gut issues).

I'd suggest seeing a doctor ASAP. Pain is the body's signal that there's a problem.

creseis 02-02-2013 09:52 AM

I would go to the doctor if it got worse, but her office isn't open until Mon. Fortunately, it got better. I've been going through this for years, they never find anything wrong and I can never make an appt with a gastroent for 6 months, so I basically don't do it. From what I have read, fat can make an already existing gall bladder problem more painful because if you have gall stones the fat causes the bladder to contract. however, if you don't get it to move, the stones get bigger and worse. By forcing your gall bladder to work, it pushes out whatever is in there, which might be very painful, but the only non-surgical way to get rid of the stones. This is my take on it, although gastroenterologists prefer to just remove your whole gall bladder instead of fix your diet with fat. If you eat a continuously low fat diet, you do more damage than good to the gall bladder. I have read other peer reviewed articles on this that both agree and disagree with this point of view.

Leo41 02-02-2013 12:24 PM

I would never self-treat any gastro problem because you are likely to cause unnecessary and serious complications!

I didn't have stones--otherwise, I would have immediately had the gall bladder removed because, as my primary doctor told me, gall bladder removal is a relatively simple procedure, but complications of gall bladder disease are potentially fatal.

Passing gallstones is not the minor issue you seem to suggest. Two years ago, I suddenly had a violent abdominal pain that lasted almost 30 min. I was at my sister's office when this occurred, and when the pain was gone, I got up to leave with her--and promptly collapsed. The EMTs took me to the ER because I could not sustain my blood pressure. The diagnosis was frightening--pancreatitis.

After tests, the doctors 'guessed' that I'd passed a tiny gallstone that 'tipped' the pancreas as it exited and sent that organ into spasms, causing the reaction I experienced. They planned to remove my gall bladder but there were no other stones, and they could not confirm a need for the surgery.

My gastro has since told me that he can approve removing the gall bladder based on that incident because the involvement of the pancreas is potentially fatal.

My point is that was caused by a very tiny stone, so gallstones are nothing to mess with.

Jakelilydad 02-12-2013 10:39 PM

Just had gallbladder surgery
I just returned from the hospital where, while on my vacation, I went to the ER for the first time in my life. For 2 days I had been in pain, and finally realized that I was lying in bed wearing a full set of long johns as well as sweat pants, and was under a thick down quilt, and was shivering and my teeth were chattering. Once I was admitted, they took some blood for tests, and, as it was VERY early in the morning, gave me a bed and some painkillers, and told me to expect more tests in the morning.

Turns out I had acute pancreatitis, as well as an inflamed liver; both caused by gallstones in the common duct. I was not allowed anything by mouth for 2 days, but kept hydrated by IV drip, and they finally removed my gallbladder because there were additional stones in it. They also cleaned out "sludge" from the common duct.

When they discharged me they told me to eat a low fat diet, but then my doctor in an aside said that they tell All their patients to eat a low fat diet. I also had 2 nurses who had had their gallbladders removed, and who said that they were careful at first, but now ate anything they wanted.

They were also surprisingly receptive to my low carb way of eating. Once I was finally able to eat again, they offered a choice of three meals geared for diabetics, and at least one was reasonably low carb if I asked for it without the rice. Of course, the yoghurt on the breakfast tray had sugar and fructose in it, and I refused the bread or 1/2 bagel option, but I managed to stay pretty well on track. And since for several days I had been unable to take anything by mouth, I hadn't been able to take my metformin. Thankfully, my numbers stayed pretty good, and they were impressed.

Still trying to figure out how to eat now, while the body heals and adjusts. I think I'll just try to tone down the fat and eat LC until my body learns how to deal with fat again. They specifically didn't say non-fat, so I think this is going to be ok.

Anyone else had gallbladder problems?

creseis 02-13-2013 05:35 AM

I'm wondering if they would have removed my gall bladder the first time it happened had I not been in a total ghetto hospital in East NY (where my friend was a nurse and I had no health insurance and unemployed for a week, so he took me there). They didn't give me any pain meds, they just stuck me on a bed, hooked up an IV and said not to eat or drink anything, but my friend snuck me water bc I was SO THIRSTY. I didn't get to a CT for a week, when I could finally schedule one and had health insurance. By then, they didn't see anything, but by the symptoms and inflamed liver and enzymes they were pretty sure what happened.

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