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LFinOH 01-24-2013 08:54 AM

help from those w/Fibro & RA, please.
I am totally exhausted at all times. I could easily sleep 24 hrs per day.
I am starting to wonder if there is more involved here. I KNOW laundry needs done. I KNOW the house needs cleaned. I KNOW dinner needs to
be made and yet I just lay down and sleep some more. I work 4 nights a week and it takes all I have just to shower & get dressed.

I guess my question is is this normal for this combo of auto-immunes or could
there be more wrong? I am leaning towards maybe depression of some sort, but I don't feel sad, weepy or worthless in anyway.....

so confusing and aggravating. I want the old me from 8 years ago back! I was more than functional on 6hrs of sleep. had energy galore. had a clean house, meals cooked, worked and all was well with the world. now, it just sucks.

the joint swelling is getting out of hand, but at each blood testing my inflammation rating is very low, but my hands, knuckles and fingers look
like balloons. the bones in the tops of my feet hurt and if I move the
wrong way... Lord the pain. yes, I also have osteoarthritis, but does it
cause this much pain also?

any ideas?

meds are:
methotrexate 7/ 2.5mgpills weekly (RA)
mobic 15mg daily (osteoarthritis)
prilosec 20mg 2x daily (ulcers)
lopressor 50mg 2x daily (high blood pressure)
vicodin 500mg 4x daily (this alone should keep me awake, as it hits me like speed not valium) (pain management)

I also take a multivitamin, vitamin A&D and biotin (for the hair loss and nail damage from the methotrexate).



shellyshebby 01-24-2013 11:29 AM

I have fibromyalgia as well, sounds pretty normal to me with it. I have some days/times that are a little better, but certainly have periods just like that.
I do take cymbalta, which helps my pain and my depression.
Lyrica is another thing you could check into.
I'm not taking it now, but I have used D-Ribose in the past. You take a measured amount, it's a powder. It really helps with the fatigue and tiredness. Check it out on amazon or elsewhere and read some reviews for it.
I wish you the best, really hope you get to doing better.
I did notice that when I really did atkins to a t, it helped my fatigue and fibro as a whole, as well. I just couldn't keep it up. I'm doing ww now.

shellyshebby 01-24-2013 11:39 AM

I thought of something else as well. Coconut oil is good for energy. Put a tablespoon in your coffee to try. It does look kind of oily, but gives it a great taste. Just another suggestion.

cindyashley 01-24-2013 12:09 PM

Thank you for starting this thread! It sounds like me! I feel your pain. I gained a bunch of weight after taking steroids. I have resisted taking any more until I can get rid of this excess weight but I think some of the other meds are part of the problem too. I am too tired to exercise. Too tired to cook properly but always hungry! I have had RA since I was a teenager but it has slowly worsened over time. I have just started Adkins for the first time and hope it will help. Does anyone know if a low carb diet is supposed to be beneficial to arthritis or should I be on a different type of diet like vegetarian?

LFinOH 01-24-2013 01:04 PM


if this is normal then shoot me now! I was diagnosed 8 years ago
but this is the first year that is just kicking my butt. funny, I can
deal with the pain and swelling ... but NOT the overwhelming lack
of energy. it is just so not me to be this way. the dr. even gave
me an rx for Provigil 200mg that is supposed to keep even narcoleptics
awake ... nope, I still fall asleep sitting down.

I hope we all find relief sooner than later. praying for a miracle cure
I guess.


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