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pintorini 06-30-2009 01:46 AM

Sinus Pain, Sore Throat - Dryness and Dehydration
Has anyone else gotten dry sinus pain and a dry sore throat within a month or so of starting on a very low carb diet?

My sinuses have hurt for days, even though I have no other nasal symptoms, and now my throat hurts, too. Both problems seem to be caused at least partly by dryness. My lips are dry, also. It's really painful - it feels like having a virus with a permanent, low-grade fever (though I don't have a fever). Years ago, I quit a low-carb diet for the same reason: a horrible sick feeling settled in my head/sinuses and just refused to go away. I don't have the option of quitting the diet now, because I have diabetes.

Any ideas about causes or fixes?

pintorini 06-30-2009 03:06 AM

Unfortunately, most sources that discuss low-carb diets and dehydration appear to be authored by people who believe that low-carb diets are bad and should never be followed. Evidently the concept of "diabetes" is alien to them.

Grizzy 06-30-2009 11:25 PM

Are you getting enough fat in your diet? I am opposite of you, low carbing helps my sinuses. I also rinse with a netti pot daily, I wonder if that might help?

pintorini 07-07-2009 07:38 PM

Thanks for the input. I'm definitely getting enough fat. I started taking vitamins and that helped the sinus pain for a while, but now I seem to be getting sick again. I've spent so much time under the weather since going low-carb that it seems like it can't be a coincidence. Anyone else have these problems?

KSH 04-06-2013 07:22 AM

I'm having this problem too... I've done low carb on and off for the past year or two, but having just gotten really serious about it I decided to actually do induction this time. Before I was following protein power and I was eating plenty of compromise foods like sugar alcohols, coconut and almond flours and nuts and things that tend to cause slow weight loss. Needless to say I never was losing much wt and I couldn't get past the cravings. Well doing induction I have eaten very clean, have stayed with my 20g carbs and have been eating good clean whole foods, I'm not craving and some days I honestly have to force myself to eat (which I hate to do because if I'm not hungry why eat? Well if I don't then the next day I'll wake up feeling weak and empty. Is that bad? Who knows). ANYWAY I don't get sick much ever. I started out low carving march 13th, not doing induction just trying to keep the carbs below 50g. I soon decided to go all in and kick these awful cravings and food addiction I suffer with so I dusted off my DANDR and started induction. On the 3rd day I got TERRIBLY ill with what I thought was the flu, but I told my husband "this is really weird I feel like I have the flu but it's not the flu. I've never felt like this before (and as a child-teen I was constantly getting the flu and ear infections, up to 6x a year so I know flu). I had body aches, headache, nausea, and exhaustion but not symptoms like fever or chills or stuffiness or any of that other flu crap. I did have a mild sore throat. Anyway I came across "induction flu" which was the first time I'd ever heard of that and I knew that's what it was! And sure enough within 2 days I was 100% and feeling AWESOME....
Well writhing a few days of that I got a terrible sinus issue. My sinuses were severely inflamed and I had a sore throat and just felt awful. I was sitting in church and all I could think about was crawling into bed. I was miserable and I LOVE church.... Anyway, that bad part lasted about 5 days and finally has let up BUT has no gone away, and has teetered between getting better and getting worse. What gives? Just when I think it's going away I wake up with a sore throat again and more sinus congestion. It's definitely better because I can actually breath now, but my sinus pain will come and go and the sore throat will come and go........ One thing I have noticed is that when I exercise (road cycling up to 20 miles or walking up to 6 miles) the next day it is worse.

I don't have allergies, I don't have any sensitivity to dairy which I don't consume much of. We have been drinking raw milk for almost 6 years but I don't drink it right now as I'm on induction. Of course I eat cheese but honestly not much of it, will use a bit of heavy cream on occasion if needed, and cultured butter of course :)

One other note. I've had this sore throat thing once before. When I was on phentermine. But I was NOT eating good, I was drinking all the time, smoking, eating junk when I did eat, and my hair was falling out by the handful and I was covered in BAD bruises (that stuff is the devil!)
I have been sober and smoke free for 5 months, I'm eating healthy organic whole food, taking a lot of vitamins minerals & probiotics, my complexion and hair and nails are looking great! My moods are good, my blood sugars are great, every time I test them, ibs and pms are GONE so far!! And I had horrible pms Omgosh! I'm eating about 1500 calories a day (on days I exercise I do try to make up all the calories burned by eating more but some days I just can't but I ALWAYS make sure my net calories are atleast 1200 by the end of the day)... I've been losing about 2lbs a week, that's it so nothing drastic or crazy. So what is going on? I can't stand being sick but I do NOT want to quit because I'm FINALLY in control! I finally feel like food doesn't own me and control me, I'm no longer obsessing, I'm losing fat and looking better, I'm really happy with this WOE and plan to make it a permanent WOL!

Can anyone give me some insight? Thank you!

KSH 04-06-2013 07:45 AM

Just wante to also mention that I believe I'm getting plenty of fat. I track my food everyday, because honestly I love to! It puts me at ease and it's fun to me. My macronutrients always look about like this- fat 60%, protein 30%, carbs 10%.. Some days will be give or take a few of course but that's an average. I'm getting over 100g fat most days, around 100g protein and up to 20g carbs. I'm 5'10", 26yrs old female w 2 kids, weight at last weigh in was 166 (weigh in on Mondays). I try to be "active", not doing formal exercise just what I love. I'll walk to the grocery store or bike to the really far places I need to go.

KSH 04-07-2013 06:22 PM

Here i go again... I just want to post this incase anyone reads my precious posts- I believe what I have is seasonal allergies. I didn't recognize it because I've never had them before and I didn't know I could just develope them out of nowhere as an adult. I've talked to many people who have had allergies for the first time this year and a doctor who said he's had more cases of allergies already this year than at the highest point last year! And talking to long time allergy sufferers, that's what my symptoms are. It gets worse when I'm out side for long periods of time... Boo! I was always glad I didn't have allergies :-/

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