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michelle 10-01-2013 06:39 AM

Anyone do Les Mills programs?
Hey there,

I have been doing BODYPUMP and JAM for almost two years and just started BODYFLOW.

I would like to know if anyone does any of the Les Mills workouts and keeps it low carb. I hope I can sustain the endurance. I trained and completed a half marathon in Aug and could not eat low carb AND run AND PUMP AND JAM...

After losing over 30 pounds with Les Mills workouts with no change in diet things have come to a halt. It's time to change my diet. I love how my body has changed!

Any tips on eating LC and PUMPING would be great!


michelle 10-09-2013 09:06 PM

No one is posting but reading!
Well week one and feeling great! Body Jam 5 times and Body Pump three with three mornings of cardio and stretching...and some other things here and there. Muscles are sore..but expected. The body must get used to it...unless your adding long 10-13 mile runs/walks (for me)

No one?

julieboolie 10-14-2013 03:35 PM

I do! Love my classes!! I did body combat this morning-while eating really low calories too!!

I do body pump twice a week, body combat once, and sometimes body attack (or I walk depends on what's going on that day). I also do Zumba once a week too!

I love pump the best!! Kicks my tushie, but I can see a difference.

The only thing I've learned is to definitely eat and hour before my class. I nearly died in last week's combat!! Lightheaded nauseous and really ill. Much better this week after having some Greek yogurt and berries first.

You're killing it!! Good for you!! You'll be losing fat, revealing all that muscle!:high5:

bobbyt 10-17-2013 09:54 AM

I absolutely love Les Mills classes! I do body pump regularly for about 3 years now but I haven't found any problems energy wise with doing low carb and that work out. Possibly try to add more protein or foods with natural energy into your diet. Some foods are eggs, edamame, almonds, and of course drink lots and lots of water!

Another class of theirs that I love its Body Attack! I moved last year and the gyms around me don't offer that one...I miss it! But still doing my body pump so I can't complain too too much :)

michelle 10-18-2013 03:25 PM

Thanks! It really is amazing what these programs do for your body!

RDBhan 10-23-2013 11:39 AM

I do the Beachbody versions (at home). I have done Combat and we are currently doing Pump. I've also done P90X and Insanity. All this while strictly low carb, less than 30 Net grams/day (actually less than 20 most days). No issues at all. Keep it up!!!

krissakris 10-28-2013 12:38 AM

I've done pump mostly at home and loved it. I tried a class at the gym and hated it lol. Its def a fun program .I have combat but I have yet to do a full workout.

Barbie83 11-19-2013 04:04 PM

Which gyms do you guys go to that offer Body Pump? I belong to LA Fitness, and they have their own watered-down version called Body Works (which i do like), but i'd love to try the real Body Pump.

julieboolie 11-19-2013 04:09 PM

My gym is called Fitness works, and I'm in AZ. I'm not sure where else you can find it? Maybe look online? I've been doing pump 2x a week, Zumba once a week and combat once a week for about 5 months now and am definitely seeing good changes in my body!! Butt is higher, waist is slimmer, thighs are more muscular... So far, so good!! Hoping by the time I'm at the year mark I'll be short worthy ;).

michelle 11-21-2013 08:46 AM

Barbie you got to Lesmills.com and do a search to see where they offer it in your area.

smores 02-22-2014 12:38 PM

Going to start Body Pump again tomorrow. It does wonderful things for my body when I'm consistent.

dancingdeer 02-23-2014 07:57 PM

I do Les Mills and eat low carb. I do BodyStep 2-3x a week, BodyPump 1x, CRX 1x, and RPM 1x. Love all the classes! My endurance varies. I think once you're keto adapted, you do get a bit more of your endurance back. I'm just getting back into keto, so I just make sure I drink plenty of water and take potassium tabs or drink broth. Helps a lot!

What weights are you using for your pump routines?

julieboolie 02-24-2014 01:40 PM

I was in a car accident a month ago and hurt my neck...dr wanted me to take w break from my workouts :(. The real bummer is that I like sleeping later and not going to the gym! :eek: I'm making progress and thinking about carefully starting back to bodypump this week. Hope I can get back into the habit!

As for the weights question? I tend to use the lighter side of the range, so I don't compromise my form or reps. I see people in my class doing the movements incorrectly and know that's not good. I'm plenty sore from the lights-mediums. :)

Kiley2801 03-05-2014 08:23 AM

I haven't done them in a few years, but when I was doing Body Combat, BodyStep, and BodyFlow at Gold's gym 3-4x/week, I was in GREAT shape.

I never got into BodyPump for some reason.... I think I hated having to change the weights on the barbells so quickly and frantically.

Wodkat 03-16-2014 05:31 PM

yaay people who do les Mills!!! :D

I've only done ShBam and RPM. I used to LOVE RPM and I'm considering going back ... tomorrow! It's my 3rd week , I just didn't wanna do it during the first 2 weeks of induction. I do take l-carnitine before working out, I think it helps .

But I definitely wanna give some other classes a try, what about Pump? is it too hard? is it fun?

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