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BringOnTheLard 09-29-2013 10:49 AM

5 Min cardio via YoutTube - to use as a gage.
A few weeks ago a close friend was telling me how out of shape he is. I've been on LCHF for a couple of months now, and though I don't think forcing exercise is smart while dieting, I did decide to see if I could find some quick workouts on YouTube we could both do as an incentive to get him moving more.

There are several good 5 minute low impact workouts that are great for beginners. I found one and we both do it every single day.

Some interesting things about this that I've noticed....

I started as I wanted to help him but now I see they are a great way to gage how I'm feeling as well as the progress I'm making. First, when I'm not as eager to do them I stop and consider why. Am I not feeling as good as usual? If not, what did I do wrong? Most of the time though I actually look forward to them.

Second, how easy/hard are they to do? I definitely see an improvement in my performance these past few weeks. I find myself pushing harder, dipping lower, etc. I end up as tired as the first time I did them, but that's because I do them more energetically.

I highly recommend that folks not exercising find something like this to do on a daily basis. Just 5 minutes (but at whatever pace you are comfortable with). If it feels good and you want to do it more often, that's great too. But just "make" yourself do those 5 minutes. I think, most of all, it's good for your mental well being. ;)

springalong 10-10-2013 10:54 AM

Interesting keep it up! Whatever works right! :sing:

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