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Old 09-15-2013, 10:04 AM   #1
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Very low energy/'the wall'/over-restricting

Hi everybody,

I'm new here. I've been dieting & exercizing to lose weight for around 18 months (with a few months where I fell off the wagon… oops) but only seriously been doing low carb for around 2-3 months. For most of the 18 months I've been going to the gym & doing 1 hour intense cardio approximately 5x a week, & although it's been really hard at times, until recently I've been able to complete my workouts without feeling like I'm about to die. Recently though, my energy has been so, so, so low that I find it impossible to get into my stride & have literally found myself crying with fatigue at times. I hit 'the wall' within 15 minutes & spend the rest of my workout struggling like crazy. On my 'off' days, sometimes my body is so tired that I can literally sleep for 18 hours a day.

I'm assuming this has something to do with me eating low carb as well as low calorie. I also don't eat dairy (lifestyle choice). As somebody who has struggled with eating disorders for most of my life, I find it really hard to have a normal attitude to dieting/restricting food. I feel pretty terrified to eat more calories because I just don't know what foods to eat, especially pre-workout to help me get through it. So basically I'm hoping some of you guys out there can help correct where I'm going wrong and give me ideas as to how to change what I'm eating whilst remaining low-carb, because I really feel like on my own, I just slip back into over-restricting, thus making me exhausted all the time.

Hope this wasn't too rambly. I could really do with any advice about what to eat that will either boost my calories whilst remaining low(-ish) carb or give me enough energy pre-gym to get through my workouts. I really DON'T want to go back to having a full-blown eating disorder, so I thought maybe turning to a community like this was a good option.

Thanks so much for reading!
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I can relate!

A long time ago, in a land far away, I used to walk hard for an hour every morning before work and lift heavy weights on Saturday and Sunday. It worked great, for a while....then I burned out.

Cut yourself a break, ease up on the exercise, and maybe change it up. If I could go back and talk to myself just before I burned out I would say "don't go near the gym for a whole week, then ease back in". I stayed away from exercise seriously until like a month and a half ago (about a 15 yr break) and because I know my proclivity for getting regimented about it and because I've read more about cardio since then, I go if I want to go, and if I just can't face it, I don't. If you are low-carbing and eating when you are hungry, and on plan, you won't HAVE to exercise. It should be a stress-reliever, not a stress-causer!

Exercising too much can cause as many problems as not exercising enough. My ideal is to not be in bondage to food OR to exercise.

As far as eating goes....protein and fat! I love bacon and eggs, almonds, macadamia nuts and have found this time around that I find the fat on steaks or whatever DELICIOUS!

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