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julieboolie 08-21-2013 05:02 PM

Zumba, aerobics and weight training classes
I'm finally getting back to the gym. I've been talking about getting into shape and back into a routine for months now, but haven't made it a commitment.

I'm hoping to find other gym/class buddies for encouragement and support.

I'm taking 5 classes a week (that's the plan at least). I do body combat on
Monday, which is kickboxing/martial arts based class, Zumba tues and Wednesday, body pump (weight training class) thurs and body attack (high intensity cardio for athletes). The friday class kills me! Well, they all make me sweat like a maniac and I'm so sore!!

What I've learned in the past few weeks of doing this is:
I need more carbs to feel well and do well in my class
I need to lower my fats if I'm going to up my carbs
I need to watch calories (which I really hard since I'm starving since I started working out again!)
It is going to be slow losing on the scale. I usually gain when I get back to exercise, so losing will take some time.

Anyone else doing something similar?

CTH 08-23-2013 02:12 PM

I do 65 minutes heavy cardio 3 days per week and 35 minutes heavy cardio with weights 2 days per week. These workouts are emailed to me each day from a trainer. They are based on VO2 Max testing and prescribe heart-rate interval changes over the course of the workout. My heart rate is tracked by a monitor, uploaded after the workout, plotted against the plan, and I am given a compliance score along with all the other pertinent data.

Due to my inability to get to the gym at 3:30AM, I workout after work. Contrary to your findings (more carbs = better workout) I have found that more fat = better workout for me. So I try and eat a late lunch so that I'll have "fuel" for my workout. Of course we're all different.

With all my heavy exercise I average about 2lbs per week weight loss at best. I am satisified with this rate because I would rather lose slowly and be more fit than just drop weight.

My level of fitness is evidenced by VO2 Max testing. When I started on Feb 1st, my VO2 Max was "poor" for a man my age. My last test 2 weeks ago showed "above average!"

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