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creseis 07-08-2013 09:47 AM

Endurance Racing and Ketosis
A friend told me that I missed a good Chris Froome thread. I have not been reading here at all (eek sorry!) because I have too much going on, but I'm super interested in the Chris Froome thread so if you could share which post it is in, I'd love to read. Probably not going to respond because I'd end up wasting a whole day on my ideas on that!

I have been reading and watching everything Peter Attia, super into and obsessed with everything that man does.

Basically, I want Chris Froome's doctor to publish a paper on Chris Froome after the TDF. I'm mostly just curious about what he is eating during and what he has eaten in the months prior to the TDF. I also am interested to know if any other racers have tried to race in ketosis or reduced carb. I don't know much about super athletes racing on low carb, I don't think there is nearly enough information on it.

I am getting ready for a 24 hour solo mountain bike race and I have discovered that I cannot ride for more than 1 hour without fatiguing if I am eating carbs, in ketosis everything is MUCH BETTER. I am trying to stay in ketosis until and during the race, which is the last weekend in July. I, however, am no Chris Froome--I have metabolic syndrome and I feel like falling asleep in the trail when I eat carbohydrates. When I am fueled on fat, I can go for a good 3 hours before I have to eat, I can eat and rest for like 5 minutes and then get out there for another 2 hours before needing to eat [low carb or reduced carb] again. I typically will eat a big turkey sandwich (low carb bread) with lots of cheese and lettuce. That is my favorite and it totally reenergizes me. Sometimes I will have some tomato slices too. During my workday I eat very low carb (induction levels, 30g ECC per day). Basically, I use Peter Attia's information and I try to figure out how many carbs I can tolerate while I'm doing an endurance workout, and I have had success with this plan--I don't think eating a few extra carbs--even a gu gel pack or some shot blocks (maltodextrine and salt)--have raised my blood sugar too much, but I'm not testing. I'm going by how I feel, which I am sure can be improved upon. I was riding and running on a much higher carb diet until after a long, fast run when my legs cramped up sooo badly--I decided I needed to not ruin my muscles and I needed to try cutting down the carbs because I know that working on ketones does a lot less damage to muscles.

Next year I plan to do only endurance races. Maybe not 24 hour races, but more like 100 mile mountain bike races and century road rides.

westside 07-09-2013 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by creseis (Post 16505015)
I also am interested to know if any other racers have tried to race in ketosis or reduced carb. I don't know much about super athletes racing on low carb, I don't think there is nearly enough information on it.

Nutrition | Sole to Soul Rhythm

Timothy Olsen won the Western States 100 last week after setting the course record last year. This was a hot year. I though for sure that he would get chased down somewhere between Foresthill and the river and then for sure from the river to the finish line but he ended up pulling away in the last 20 miles.

creseis 07-12-2013 06:56 AM

thanks for the link! I was on the UCAN-Superstarch website arguing with myself about whether or not to spend $60 on a tub of superstarch (in the past I have bought tubs and tubs of protein powder, used it twice, and let it rot in the pantry for years, so I'm disinclined to spend $ on something like that.. BUT, the sample size pouches are a much worse deal...) so I was arguing over that, never bought anything, and found an article written by Jeff Volek that explains the difference between using maltodextrin and superstarch. I think given my level of metabolic syndrome, I should probably use superstarch instead of gels. But I'm too cheap, and I am thinking what other carbs are there that would work just like this manufactured product? So I could have a glycogen replenishment without the insulin effect or stopping ketosis, which Superstarch does.

westside 07-12-2013 10:14 PM

First of all, I've always read from numerous sources; Nokes; Hammer Nutrition and some others that the insulin response from carbohydrate taking in during exercise is muted and that the carbohydrate is used for fuel during exercise. I've been around a lot of races and I've actually never heard of anyone who couldn't take any carbohydrate.

I do know that some runners will reduce their intake of calories during a run from what conventional wisdom say; 200-250 calories per hour (endurance after 2 hours

Some long distance runners will take VESPA every 2 hours and maybe supplement with a 100+ calories per hours.

I'm not sure that the presence of CHO during exercise will kick off ketosis. I've never read any studies but I do know that when I ran in ketosis and took CHO, when I tested myself an hour or two later, the keto strip showed that I was in ketosis.

westside 07-12-2013 10:23 PM

Something about VESPA. I think you have to be somewhat trained and have a fat burning system to begin with, it enhances a fat burning system.

westside 07-12-2013 11:03 PM

I don't mean to keep posting but you said a 'glycogen replenishment during exercise' again, from everything I've read there isn't one. It has to do with the insulin response being muted. CHO ingested during exercise isn't stored as glycogen in the muscles but depending on the type goes from your gut to the blood/muscles or through the liver then distributed to the muscles Something like fruit goes through the liver. that's why maltodextrin which go from the but to the blood is more popular but I don't think it really matters in a long distance race. I've lived off watermelon and potato chips in the middle of nowhere.

creseis 07-13-2013 08:39 AM

I personally have a problem with bonking no matter how many gels I eat. It's a real problem for me. I have metabolic syndrome, so I have to be careful. This is not to say that a seasoned athlete who has never had metabolic syndrome would not be able to use maltodextrin, but I know it does nothing for me, especially in the long term. Volek explains the chemistry better than I can at the moment.

creseis 07-28-2013 06:37 PM

I did the race and it went awesome! I ate all low carb foods. My friends had all kinds of carbage out, even peanut m&ms, my favorite, but I did not want any of it. I had LC sandwiches with turkey and pbj, nuts, and cheeses. I felt awesome the whole time, I slept a few hours at night because it was raining and lightning and everything, the course got really sloppy and my arms fatigued from gripping too much on the brakes, but overall I did what I expected myself to do and had a great time. I bonked on the very last lap, likely because I did not have any food in 1.5 hours and well, I was pretty done after riding 67 miles climbing 8000ft on a muddy, slippery course!

westside 07-29-2013 08:41 PM

Good Job! 67 miles with that elevation and those conditions must have kept your attention. Congrats!!

Ntombi 07-29-2013 11:07 PM


creseis 07-31-2013 09:42 PM

Thanks :) Now it is a well-earned "rest" week... and another race on Sunday that seems really really short (13 miles! piece of cake!!). And of course my front wheel "exploded" so I have to get that fixed !!!

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