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SweetMe678 04-29-2013 08:24 AM

In January I started delivering newspapers. It is about 2 hours of walking/stairs and throwing things. Physically, I adapted pretty easily, within about a month I was able to work without feeling exhausted every day.
I stretch right after I warm up ( about 2 blocks into it) and then really well when I am done.

Then I caught a cold, my DH helped me out quite a bit. Right after that I fell (tripped over something I didn't see in the dark) and hurt my knee. My knees had been bothering me a little previously, but not to the point of sharp pain, more like a caution pain, that I listened too. Ice compression Epsom salt baths, and in general being nice to my knee. I also started taking glucosamine, which helped dramatically, but I started having a reaction to it, and stopped after about three weeks. Knee starts feeling better after a week, THEN I started having pain in my feet, worst in the same foot as the knee hurting. So I immediately step on a sharp rock and make it worse. I go to my Doc, She calls it planter fasciitis. yep, I agree the tendons on the bottom of my feet are stiff and swollen. I do all the things she recommends as well as a few others I find online, such as alternating ice and heat. My feet start feeling better. Of course, i then step on a sharp rock again. . . but
Now for the weird part. This last week I have been having MAJOR cramps in my calves and feet. It isn't completely unusual for me to have a foot cramp every once in a while, but this is pretty bad. One calf cramp the muscle was so tight, I almost couldn't stretch it out. I also had an asthma attack (mild) which I haven't had since going gluten free last year. I actually don't even test out as asthmatic anymore. Luckily, I still keep a rescue inhaler on hand, just in case. I eat quite a bit of leafy greens and drink emergenC, with electrolytes. I also drink plenty of water.
There have been no major changes to my diet in the two months.

My question is: any ideas on what could be going on with the sudden and severe muscle cramping? What I described above all kind of flowed together, from week to week since about the middle of March. I'm at a loss for what to do to stop the cramping, as it is really interrupting my sleep.

GME 04-29-2013 09:04 AM

Potassium helps with cramps for me. I just buy it from Target or wherever.

What kind of shoes are you wearing? I would recommend going to a store like Red Wing to get fitted for some work shoes. Another option would be a running store. They will watch you walk and fit you for appropriate shoes for your gait. If there are hazards where you deliver your papers or you walk around in the dark a sturdier work shoe might be needed.

When you are on your feet like that, shoes break down on the inside way before they look bad on the outside. Maybe your shoes were OK to start, but the pounding wore them out. When my running shoes start to wear out I can tell by little aches & pains that crop up everywhere- knees, hips, feet. They look fine to anyone that might look at them.

SweetMe678 05-02-2013 06:02 PM

I'm going tomorrow to get fitted for shoes. I decided to get some 'lite' salt for the potassium to see if that helps.

I have been going through shoes like crazy, but I've been going cheap too (think payless shoes). So I'm going to just spend the money on a good pair of work/athletic shoes.

The muscle cramping has eased off slightly, but I also started taking a daily Epsom salt bath again, instead of just soaking my feet.

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