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CherylB 04-20-2013 07:51 PM

Need advice on buying a gel seat for bike
I want to start using my bike around town and also do spin classes at the gym but my bum doesn't do well with the regular seats. I go numb in the front and just experience pain all over. I'm looking at gel seats online and reading mixed reviews.

Some say that the seats that are missing the hub make you have to apply more pressure on the handle bars (:dunno:) and if that's true, that would also be a problem cause I go numb in my right hand if I grasp things continually. I know. I'm a mess.

Do they make gel seats that slip over the bike seat that's already on the bike (both stationary bike and regular bike) or do you need to completely uninstall the current seat and attach the gel one? If I can get one that slips on and off, at least I can use that one when at the gym. I don't mind changing the entire seat out on the regular bike.

:help: I'm 50 years old and although they say you never forget how to ride, you sure can get rusty. I appreciate any information you ladies and guys can share with me. I'm in the low 200 lb range right now and 5'4" tall.

Thanks so much.

CherylB 04-21-2013 02:58 PM

No one?

Deosil 04-22-2013 03:02 PM

I have a full gel seat (no scoop in the middle) that slipped over the regular seat and I find it helps a LOT! You can go into any sporting goods store that sells bicycle items and find them. Or, check Walmart etc, You can also get them on Amazon and other places online. Just be sure to have the seat and handlebars adjusted correctly. You want to be able to have your feet flat on the ground while in the seat and make sure the handlebars are high enough that you don't have to lean over too much and put a lot of strain on your back. The good old 10 speed racer position is for folks that don't weigh as much as I do and I find the bit of extra handlebar height helps tremendously.

CherylB 04-22-2013 06:35 PM

Thanks for posting! Can you share the brand of the seat you purchased? I was shopping on Amazon but there are a couple well-rated seats that have little horn. I am excited to get pedalling and I appreciate your input. I will definitely get the bike adjusted just right.

What pressure should the air in the tires be? I bought a nice bike pump with gauge. I have a "dirt bike" with the wider, knobby tires. I think it's a 12 speed. I've only ridden it a couple times, after dark, when lubricated. :hyst: I used to live on a very quiet street and I was embarrassed to be seen during the day, but I'd do a trip or two up and down my little street after dark.

I got the bike at a thrift store for $20 so it's not a racer, but it will do me just fine until I gain some experience and see if this is something I want to pursue.

Thanks again, Deosil!

Deosil 04-23-2013 10:42 AM

I have Schwinn-Adult-Double-Bicycle-Saddle but I did not buy it off of Amazon where I found a link to it. I am not sure of the policy in this forum of linking things so just search that on Amazon. It is $11.96 with free shipping atm. You really should look in your local Walmart or any place like that though. I am sure you would find the same thing and maybe a little cheaper at that allowing you to be able to buy something extra like a bottle holder or under seat pouch.

You will also have to measure your bike seat to be sure the dimensions fit that cover. I purchased mine at my local sporting goods store along with a bicycle pouch for my keys and a bit of money, a small handheld air pump that snaps on the vertical strut and a snap on water bottle holder.

If you look at the sidewall of your bike tire there should be a PSI rating. This is how much air pressure you should have in your tires.

Happy Biking!

CherylB 04-23-2013 11:19 AM

Thanks alot! I appreciate it. :clap:

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