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OverIt25 04-18-2013 10:31 AM

Post-Workout Snack
My post workout snack has always been peanut butter or roasted peanuts, and that's always seemed to work for me.

However, I've recently read that fat in a post exercise snack blocks the quick absorption of carbs that you need to replenish your muscles after a workout.

So I'm looking for a high protein, low carb (less than 6-7g) low fat (less than 10g) snack that's pretty easy and quick to make.

What are some examples of your post workout snacks? Can you think of anything that can fit those categories?

My last resort will be protein powder and water (that stuff makes me want to be sick!:down:) or boiled eggs. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

Thanks, Sydney

**P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong board**

dariasen 04-19-2013 05:18 AM

I've been having greek yogurt or cottage cheese after my runs. High protein, carbs may be higher then you want, and you can get them in different fat percentages.

I also can not stand protein shakes in water. I use unsweetened, vanilla almond milk and use 16oz/scoop vs. the recommended 8oz/scoop.

avid 04-19-2013 08:13 AM

My favorite snack after a gym workout is some sour cream (sweetened with torani sf syrup) with some berries and chopped walnuts.
It's delicious, nutritious. I feel satisfied, and also can feel it balancing out my blodd sugar levels that got depleted from the workout.
love it!

peretroika 04-19-2013 08:50 PM

Do you need one? After a workout I go home and make dinner, so it's a good hour or two before I eat. What time are you exercising?

High protein low fat- beef jerky? Tuna? Egg white?

Big_Al 04-22-2013 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by peretroika (Post 16383766)
Do you need one? After a workout I go home and make dinner, so it's a good hour or two before I eat. What time are you exercising?

High protein low fat- beef jerky? Tuna? Egg white?

Same here ... I work out after work so I just wait for dinner which is typically high fat /protein.

nh4forh20 04-25-2013 10:19 AM

My Ketosis Regime
I need support guys, I've been really off and on this ketosis and VLC diet since the beginning of this year, but I fell of february-march. I weighed 165 last week now i'm down to 155 this week after doing induction all over again, I"ve been one week on a ketosis low diet strict regime of only about 1100 calories. I'm 5'9 155lbs right now. I've been running and jogging approximately 5 miles a day since I started the diet and doing calisthenics, yoga and aerobics all for about 30 minutes to 1 hour a day (push up,sit ups, crunches, you name it). It's been a week now since doing this strict routine and I'm feeling flu like symptoms today like coughing up phlegm, clearing my throat, I had a scratchy throat upper mouth last night. However, I don't think it's because of my diet and exercise, I'm thoroughly convinced that its the Spring Season Allergies kicking into high gear down here in the gulf of mexico. I live in the gulf in Houston and the weather was like 80 degrees two days ago and now its 60 degrees and the pollen and pollution are like killing me during these out side work out routines. But just to leave no stone unturned I want to know what I can eat post work out, as a snack, and what I should be incorporating in terms of very low carb veggies into my diet. I am not taking any supplements, other than fiber-flax seed pills for regularity. I have dairy and lactose problems so I NEVER eat anything dairy. Btw, I'm starting to feel the anoretic effect of the ketosis diet, as I am not wanting to eat anything because I'm too paranoid that it will make me gain weight, I'll only eat it if its meat or a small portion of a very low carb veggie.
This is my diet :
Breakfast 9AM - Green Tea 18oz., no sweetener or sugar, strong brewed (3 lipton bags)
Running 2.5 + miles in 25mins or less
Rest for 1.5 hours
Running 2.5 + miles in 25 mins or less
Lunch - Skipped 1pm-3:30pm
Rest for 2 hours
Running 1.5 miles in 25 minutes or less
Dinner 7:30PM - 4 oz. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, baked, broiled, or grilled with either 1 cup of artichoke hearts, asparagus spears, green beans, or spinach.
My biggest problem with the keto and VLC diet is the carb restriction. I've been keeping my carb intake to less than< 15g of carbs a day.
My appetite is very suppressed, my stomach grumbles and tells me its hungry, its not an agonizing feeling but it does create discomfort and hurts when I run. I'm really scared and paranoid of eating anything other than lean cuts of meats past 4 oz servings because I'm afraid I will get out of fat burning and weight loss mode. But seeing as today as I do not have the energy to run even a mile or do aerobics I need a fix in my diet to supply me with my highly active lifestyle.
Here's a list of foods that I do like and would like to know if its okay to incorporate these :
  1. Low Carb Tortillas (Mission 5g net carbs, La Banderita 5g net carbs, Ole Wraps 5 g net carbs)
  2. Nutrition Planters Chocolate Chip and Cherry Peanut Butter ( 11g Carbs for 2 tbsp serving)
  3. Mixed Nuts with macadamia, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts,etc (Planters Brand, Walgreens Brand, CVS Brand)
  4. Avacadoes, gucamole,pico de gallo, salasa
  5. Black Beans
  6. White Rice
  7. All kinds of salads and mixed greens (kale,spinach,romaine,raddachio,etc) the Dole brand mixed bags
  8. Mostly all veggies I've cut out because I'm afraid of their carb counts like butternut squash, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms,bell peppers
  9. Dried cranberries, dried cherries
  10. All corn products like chips
  11. Bacon,eggs, pork rinds chicharrones, hamburger meat ground sirloin, skirt steak,jerky,sausage,lunch meat,tuna
  12. All fish and seafoods
  13. All fresh fruit
  14. Pumpkin
  15. Cherries,raw
  16. Chocolate, dark
I completely went cold turkey and withdrew from all of these foods completely, because I felt they were making me fat. I'm probably not drinking enough water and I am starting to believe I need a pre-workout shake/snack and a post-workout shake/snake, otherwise I'll collapse, dehydrate or pass out, which has happened to me in the past. When it comes to whey protein shakes and peanut / nut butters and almond,soy,rice,lactaid milks I'm afraid to go those routes, because of the carb counts and they're very calorie dense and I dont want to consume anything other than water. I just woke up today and lost another 2lbs

avid 04-25-2013 01:51 PM

nh4h20.... wow lotsa stuff here.
May i suggest that you cut and paste this post and place it as a new thread in the main lc lobby? There is way more traffic over there than here. You will not doubt get lots of responses very well informed people.
But to answer you questions...My post work out snack is a little carby but only by the strictest LC standards. I find that it puts my blood sugar back in balance after depleting it at the gym. I eat alot of greens usually a mixture of spinach and kale. I also eat some colored veggies daily. Usually broccoli, cauliflower, squash, zuccini, and carrots. It sounds like alot but the veggies come frozen in a bag from birds eye called "Normandy blend" I just reach in a pull out a small handful and mix it with the greens twice a day.
This keeps me in ketosis most of the time, and I am still losing weight albeit slowly. I am however very close to goal so that is to be expected.
Again, I would hate to see this post not get the attention it deserves.
good luck to you

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