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CTIgrad 04-07-2013 05:43 AM

So I've decided....
That I'm going to run an Ironman.

I hate running, I hate biking, but I love swimming. I figure one for 3 aint bad right? I'm already doing 5k's so I just need to add in the other stuff, and start training more. Goal is for the summer after next (summer 2015), with possibly a half or something a bit shorter next summer.

After reading a lot of Batlou's posts and topics, I figured that if he could do it why couldn't I? So here I am. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm reading everything I can get my hands on at the moment. I'll try to keep ya'll updated on my progress, or lack there of.

CTH 04-08-2013 05:23 PM

Chris, that is a lofty goal... akin to saying I like to go on hikes so I'm going to climb Mount Everest!

I think if you have the time, re$ources, and dedication you may be able to do it. I have a friend who does Ironmans... she's done several and I am in awe that anyone can accomplish that. 140.6 miles in one day!

It's about 14 hours straight on average to complete one. I've read some training regimens and it takes 3-6 hours per day... especially to get the biking miles in.

You need to start with small triathlons, then standard olympic triathlons, then 1/2 Ironman triathlons... then maybe, if you're lucky, you can even get registered for one... I know the one here in AZ sells out in minutes!

CTIgrad 04-08-2013 07:12 PM

Agreed, the plan is to start small and work my way up, hence the two plus year time line. The time I have, no kids, just a dog and a soon to be new wife, if I'm ever going to have the time to do it, its now. Money isnt an issue.

As far as dedication goes. I'm an only child, so when people tell me no, or you cant do something, I usually get the F-u attitude and do it anyway. Well I'm full on that right now.

This is happening. I've already started biking, 7 miles yesterday and 9 today. Going to start swimming tomorrow. Goal one/step one is to drop the weight. Just weighed in at 282 tonight, so the serious training regime wont start until im in the low 200's.

mom23kids 04-09-2013 03:11 PM

Wow, what a great goal to work towards :notwrthy: My friend's dh did his first full one last fall and it was an intense road to get to there, but it was an amazing journey for him and his whole family. He also started small and worked his way up over the course of a couple years. He was in good shape beforehand (works in law enforcement and was fit for his job), but he's older-I believe he was 45 when he did the full Ironman? My friend says he wants to do another one :)

Good luck!

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