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Lovamelin 02-08-2013 03:14 PM

Should I stop taking preworkout supplements on a Keto diet?
From what I can tell exercising on this diet isnít an issue. I currently do cardio 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes (3-2-1s on elliptical) and then 3 days a week I do high intensity circuit training or other weight training. Plenty of athletes seem to have used this diet so thatís not a concern. But I was wondering if I should be concerned about supplements that I take? I donít take much, in addition to my daily vitamin and fish oil, I take protein 3 days a day, itís a whey isolate 30g/130 calories. I have recently started taking creatine for lean muscle retention, not gains, and then Iíve also recently started taking Hemavol and White Flood for a preworkout energy boost and also in aiding of retaining lean muscle mass and having muscular recovery and endurance to get through my workouts.

I will note that I donít like taking supplements like this but in the short term felt it necessary to help retain muscle, lose fat, and see the best benefits from my training. Obviously I donít see the protein being an issue or the creatine really for that matter. The creatine may even help on Keto since it helps give the muscles water, granted Iíll need to drink even MORE water but no biggy. Iím mostly interested of the effects of something like Hemavol and White Flood. White Flood is just caffeine and some other energy stuff whereas Hemavol is a vasodialater with amino acids and other things to help muscle recovery and endurance. I would love to hear you input and feel free to search the nutritional info on Hemavol and White Flood, thanks!

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