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jacky_ks 12-28-2012 02:57 PM

Power 90 or 10 minute trainer
Anyone have experience with either one of these workouts, or both?

I'm getting burnt out on Jillian Michaels and my turbo jam workouts. My body is getting a rest for the holidays as I had been over training and am suffering from tendonitis and hip pain. I need to start up again but I need more than walking or yoga/pilates, but less intense than insanity or p90x. Any thoughts?

translationmx 01-04-2013 02:42 PM

Hey there! I did Power 90 a while ago, and it's a good workout. If you enjoy variety the program might not be for you because you repeat the same two workouts during the first 45 days, and then you have two other workouts for the remainder of the 90 days - rest days included. While it might sound a bit cumbersome, I did like the fact that I built a nice foundation for things I'm doing now with ease, namely push-ups and tons of planks.

If you have shoulder or wrist issues it might not be for you, as you would have to do several sets of push ups during both levels. In terms of intensity Power 90 might be right up your alley though.

If you like turbo jam you might like turbo fire. If you follow the calendar you'll also be doing some strength training with resistance bands. I like the workouts and I do them on occasion following the low-impact modifier, as I can't do anything high impact at the moment.

A friend of mine did 10 minute trainer and I vaguely recall her complaining about the lack of setup time with the bands - I guess it's because the limited time frame with the 10 minute thing

Hope it helps :)

jacky_ks 01-05-2013 07:59 AM

Hey thanks for the reply!

I found some 10 minute trainer workouts on youtube and your friend is right about no set up time. I'm thinking I might like power 90 better but I do have a shoulder/elbow injury that's nagging me. I have the Turbo fire greatest HIITs, which is all of the turbos edited into a twenty minute workout. I've only done it once and it was fairly exhausting but once I learn it I think I will like it a lot. I do always seem to go back to Jillian Michaels though. I love her Banish fat boost metabolism workout. I also love her killer buns and thighs workout. It's actually quite a good hiit cardio workout as well. I guess I'm looking to maybe take it down a notch or two as I think I may have been taxing my body too hard before but I dread losing the fitness I've achieved so far. I'd like a workout with less high impact and stress on my joints. I have tried yoga and pilates in the past and it's slow pace bores me and I give up on it. I may have exercise add or something..:laugh:

Anyway, thanks again for the input, it was very much appreciated. :)

translationmx 01-05-2013 08:42 PM

Anytime! I'm glad I could help

I do recall my friend saying gee this is good stuff but I miss reps here and there because I can't place quite right my band on time. If you like Turbo Jam and grew bored of those DVDs then Turbo Fire might be a good fit for you. I have the old set, but the new one has low impact HIIT workouts. I've been thinking of getting those because I'm right where you are. I did all the hardcore stuff and now my body is asking me to be nice. I toned it down a few notches and I'm feeling better, less aches and pains and whatnot. It's been a good chance.

Yoga isn't for everyone. I like the more athletic kind, anything Bryan Kest or Baron Baptiste. You can actually get a pretty intense workout with that style. The more meditative stuff makes me yawn like crazy! LOL!

I really like Turbo Fire. Those are workouts that leave me all sweaty and smiling. They're good too because you can follow the low impact modifier if things get too intense.


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