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Slider09 02-27-2014 08:58 PM

Low Carb, low sugar. No weight loss. Day 10. Being good. Advice?
Been doing high fat, lo carb and no sugar and really annoyed the pounds aren't falling off. I've worked out about 3 days in this time. I'm 35 and 5-11 195 pounds. Trying to get to 180.

Bacon eggs cheese and coffee and cream most mornings. Sometimes just coffee.
Lunch Usually salad with chicken and egg and half avocado....just oil dressing.
Dinner chicken or pork or burger. Eggs Or fish. Lettuce wraps, veggies, or more salad.
Some cheese and sausage when snacky.
Sometimes 3-4 handfuls of salt peanuts

The first 3-4 days I was overdoing the bacon and meat as I was overeating. I get that wasn't great.... But I don't see what I'm doing wrong here. I could cut the peanuts. And the one tbsp of natural (low sugar 3g and 6g carb)peanut butter late night. But really feel like I'm doing what I set out to. Lots of water. Kind of pissed. Help?

Cut out the cheese/lessen the bacon/, lose the peanuts?
Constipated and bloated. Been taking occasional laxative.
I understand tough week 3 but 10 days of nothing?

cheri 02-28-2014 01:53 AM

It is still a little early to be adding peanuts to your diet plan. Especially 3 or 4 handfuls.. Nuts can stall you because people tend to over eat them.. It is hard to have just one serving.. and even one serving can stall you if you are sensitive to nuts. and I'd also cut the spoonful's of peanut butter as well.. That is a lot of carbs for a snack.. Why not make a bunch of chicken wings that you can freeze to take out for a snack every now and then.. You can also do a little more eggs.. maybe deviled eggs as long as it is low carb.

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