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Elizabeth779 09-16-2013 01:58 AM

I think EFGT is for me....
Hi, I'm new to EFGT, I've been doing different low carb diets, but have been most successful when I was eating higher fat -- found this section of LCF and decided to introduce myself -- the below is a (too long...sorry) account of where I have been and where I want to go with my weight loss (translate FAT loss) journey.

Hi there -- I'm Elizabeth779. I started with low carb (high fat) less than 20 net carbs a day in January 2013 and lost 50 pounds getting to my lowest in late May with a weight of 248.

Since then, for many varied reasons (AND excuses), I've gone up and down from 253 to 263 and back about at least four times now.

I'm letting so many things side track my plans.......looking back I can see which ones were legitimate reasons, such as dealing with an elderly mother issue that was time consuming and emotionally exhausting....but even with that issue (it has resolved), I see that I was taking care of someone else instead of, in place of taking care of my eating and health issues. That I wasn't using as an excuse, I just had to get through that the best I could.

But getting off low carb, and then back on each time, it seems so hard each time to get back to being ON the low carb plan to the point the cravings go away.

So last week I was getting back on track -- oh wait a minute -- I was eating subway sandwiches and calling it low carb -- and sneaking candy from the candy dish at work -- I'll not kid myself BUTTTTT!!! then I came down with a cold and was sick from last Wednesday (and am starting to feel much better today). I have been eating CARB city while sick also.....

So, it's very late and it's 9-16-13 in five minutes....and starting now I'm back COMPLETELY on low carb.

I decided to get involved more with Low Carb Friends and Century Club to for some support on the LC WOE (and EFGT since I found you after Century Club)

My plan is to do what worked for me before -- I ate moderate net carbs (20 grams net carbs), and ate high fat. I ate about two cups of vegetables a day and about a 2 cup salad.

And as soon as I can walk around without having to have a kleenex in each hand I'll get back to the gym and improve my stamina again.

I started out needing to lose 150 -- I now need to lose 110 to get to goal.....so it's time to get it done.

So EFGT gals (and guys) I have read the stickies about the percentages, and changed the percentage numbers on my ****** software....I'm going to track this as I get started....I think adjusting to the numbers you suggested in the stickies will help a bunch.

THANK YOU for being here and I'm looking to getting to know you....Is there a general chat thread? I'll look around some more among EFGT threads....

Thanks for listening......:newbie:

SpunkiMama 09-16-2013 01:13 PM

Hi and Welcome I am new here to this website/forum also... I am finding my way around, and trying to fit in somewhere!! lol


Elizabeth779 09-16-2013 09:31 PM

Hi spunkimama -- I agree -- time to find a spot, land, get to know some of the posters and soak up some mutual support and trade information.

So how long have you been on low carb?


ZEP1959 04-25-2014 03:49 AM

hi there i an new here also, i have been doing atkins for two weeks today down 7.5 pounds starting stats 169lbs today i am 162 pounds, i want to be 10 1/2 stone i think thats 147 pounds, i am 5ft 4 inch tall with medium frame,i must say i think my clothes are fitting better, can now do up zips and buttons, so i guess its working i also bought the keto sticks and everyday they have been dark pink so i guess thats a good sign, im off in two weeks for my holidays so another 7 pounds would be fantastic, ill just keep going i havent really found it to hard as i am a definate carnivore, but i do indulge everyday with an atkins endulgance bar which are really great, choc dipped in my hot choc, i use 70% cocoa powder 1 tsp mix with hot water and thick cream with 1 tsp of splenda just great,(try it), i also make my own throthy milkshakes, 0 sugar fizzy soda drinks add 2 tbsp of thick cream and stir, i drink threw a straw, i have also indulged in a low carb pancake with lemon sprinkled with splenda and thick cream yum 3g carbs, all these little things make me happy, i looked at a pkt of pasta yesterday oh my goodness a 25g portion was 43g carbs, until you take a good look you just dont realise how many carbs your consuming, ive turned into a major label reader, also i thought i would just add that i actually basically eat what i want as long as i dont go over 20g of carbs a day and it is defiently working, anyway nice to say hi to you all, i must confess i am a talker so better stop now other wise the page will be filled up, good luck to us all xx

sunshine235 04-29-2014 03:27 PM

Hey Elizabeth!!

I can sympathise with you when it comes to getting back on the low carb horse! It is TOUGH! But together we can do this - I always tell myself that time is gonna pass whether I'm low carbing or not , so I may as well be low carbing so that when I look back I can be proud of my achievement! I've been low carbing for about a year now and I'm from the UK ;-) here any time day or night for support!!

Lots of love!

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