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Quail_Chick 03-27-2013 07:42 AM

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!
Good morning all! I'm hoping to start a motivational thread for all us newbies and not so newbies about our reasons for low carbing, successes, setbacks, personal trials and strategies for sticking with the lifestyle and not reverting to old habits.

It's really important to have support to do this, and for those of us who don't have a real world friend or spouse to do it with us (like me), hopefully people will respond so we can get a fun discussion going.

I'll start first...I am a 32 year old female attorney. I was an athlete all through high school and college, and maintained myself at 132 until about age 24. It was during and after my first year in law school that I developed a taste for wine and no longer had the time for sports. And that was the beginning of the uphill slide. Now, 10 years later, I am at 197 as of today, which is down from 200 on Saturday when I started seriously knuckling down. The last 20 I put on in the last 2 years, which, coincidentally was about when I met my husband...who is a fairly heavy drinker when we are on a party night and we party at home 2-3 nights a week.

I generally eat quite healthy so cutting out the last carbs was easy, but my problem is portion control and having a drink or two in the evenings. Ive been really good about staying at or under 20g of carbs per day, but have not been able to nix the 2 captain and diets I allow myself per evening. This is going to be the hard part for me, especially having to watch my husband, who is not doing this with me enjoy his own libations.

Any suggestions on strategies for booting the booze in a house where habit is 1-2 per evening?

Looking forward to hearing all your stories! I'm off to make breakfast....mmmmmm.....lamb chops and eggs with hot sauce.....:yummy:

CarolynF 03-28-2013 12:37 PM


Welcome..I went on the LC Cruise last year and the consensus was for a lot of the
people that drinking and losing weight don't mix. Most peeps could maintain while drinking a glass or wine, etc., but not lose weight.

On the Main Lobby there are probably more drinking questions and answers, but we know that alcohol burns first, then your carbs, then protein, then fat.

Here is something I found on-line about alcohol and losing weight:

Weight Loss

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, which is only 2 calories less than fat. These calories are considered "empty" as alcohol does not have any nutritional value. According to the Berkeley Wellness Letter, when you drink an alcoholic beverage, your body will immediately begin to use the alcohol for energy, ignoring the three macronutrients -- protein, carbs and fat. Therefore, drinking alcohol slows the body's ability to burn fat.

It is a choice you make. I was at the weight you were in my early 50's..Believe me, it is easier to get off in your 30's than your 50's..:)

Best of luck.

Aimee 05-16-2014 10:03 AM

I will say this. I ate extremely healthy and I drank (3-4 drinks a night for over 10 yrs) and quit almost a year ago. It was THEN and only THEN I was able to lose weight. I'm down almost 40 lbs since I quit drinking. Food for thought.

tkleinfelder 05-16-2014 03:36 PM

Thanks for this thread. I, too, am missing the daily glass of wine. I have switched to whiskey, which isn't nearly as soul-satisfying as nursing a glass of wine. I'm ready to give it up for now. I am also having a hard time finding appropriate lunch foods. I work in a very small office; and have gotten into the habit of sharing everything with a coworker who eats all sorts of stuff, favoring sweets. (that's where the extra 30#s came from). Anyways, I'm working on it; and appreciate all the support and ideas I find here on the forum.

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