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AshSmith 02-10-2013 01:59 AM

1200 calories a day? - Can't get above 1000 at all.
Hi guys, so I have decided to go low carb as a lifestyle choice and not simply for weight loss. The thing is, I am:

26 years old
176 cm tall
Around 70KG (have not weight myself for awhile)
Full time student (the arts, so no sitting reading books all day, but actually moving around)
Have a part time job as receptionist - 12 hours a week.

So, I am not really overweight but I am tired of feeling like crap every morning, having no energy (heavy drinking student life and pasta for dinner), and seeing my skin turn ugly and worn out with all the poison that flows inside me.

Therefore, I started a low carb plan on Sunday the 03/Feb-2013, and I am not following a specific plan like Atkins or South Beach cause I am trying to do my own thing, however I have really read a lot about both online and have made my plan based on both.
Since Sunday I have been successfully around 20 - 25g of carbs a day in 4 days out of 7. The remaining 3 days, I ate about 50 - 75g of carbs (at that point I did not understand how much carbs there is in fruits - which is a lot if you are doing 20g a day!). But now I feel I have a better hang of it all.

I try to eat <20g of carbs and around 50g of fat, while the rest is protein. But the real problem is my calorie intake as I can not seem to reach the 1200 calories mark a day at all.

I eat 3 times a day, have very little appetite recently, and since I do tend to walk a lot (average 3 times a week for around 2hrs or so), my calorie intake has - at its worst been around 600 - 800 a day only. I hit the "carb wall" on wednesday and was extremely tired, dizzy and not myself for approx. 3 days. However I do feel better now though the tiredness still hits from time to time and parts of my body gets cold once I am tired too.

I am not losing weight as fast as many of the people I have read stories off, but I know I am losing as I pee a lot and can see changes on my body (I dont have a weight scale at home so have not weighted myself since I started). The speed of the weight loss is fine with me as I originally aimed for a 0-50g carb intake a day, but now I am thinking that I need more fat to raise my calorie intake.

The thing is, I am a broke full blown student, so money for huge amounts of meat is not available for me and my appetite is really low as well. I wonder if anyone has any ideas for me regarding this issue of calorie intake as I am scared that my body may go into starvation mode at some point and deny doing anything at all.

Any constructive comments would be appreciated.

ps: as many out there, I am doing low-carb on my own and have avoided commenting it to friends as there is much ignorance and negativity around the subject out there, which I believe to be de-motivating so thus; 'lowcarbfriends.com' are my only friends at the mo. haha.

thank you for your time in reading this. :help:

CarolynF 02-10-2013 05:04 AM


You do need to up your fats with butter, olive oil, cheese, cream, etc..That is where you are going to get your energy from if your carbs are low.

It is often hard for people not to fear fat after years of thinking lowfat is a good thing, so we must get over that.

However, make sure you get enough protein daily..at least 60 grams or you will lose muscle mass and this is not a good thing at all.

Do you have a kitchen handy or are you eating in the dorms? You can make some cheesecake or cheesecake muffins. Eggs are cheap and the perfect food.

Be sure to go to the Recipe Help and Suggestion site on this board for lots of great recipes.

AshSmith 02-10-2013 04:31 PM

hi carolynf..

yeah I have a kitchen available, but I can't really bake.. I have started on some pepperoni sticks to up the fat and calorie intake.. but now I am confused if my division of grams are correct.. <20g carbs, about 50g fat and about 120g- 140g of protein... it is very confusing to understand if high-fat or high-protein is the way to go and when and how..

CarolynF 02-10-2013 06:58 PM


High fat is the way to go. Too much protein can act like carbs. You probably should have no more than 90 grams tops.

Bryonykate 10-15-2013 02:06 PM


I actually have the opposite problem..I find on low carb I struggle to keep at 1200!! What do you typically have for breakfast? If you were to have
2 fried eggs- roughly 140 cals
1 tbsp of EVOO used for frying- 100
1 rash bacon- 60 cals
Coffee with double cream- 80 cals.
That's 380 just for breakfast. You could even half half an avocado or something with that for a few extra cals.

Lunch try and go for oily fish like mackerel and salmon. They're high in cals (I know the mackeral I have is 250 for one fillet) and a salad with some goats/feta/blue or whatever cheese you want! Have you ever heard of "flax bread?" its an amazing and simple recipe= just ground up flax seeds, one egg and a bit of baking powder. Pop in the microwave for 90secs and you have bread! that's easily another 250ish cals.
Dinner- beef/pork/chicken with veg. A favourite of mine is steak with a creamy cheesy sauce that I make from sour cream and cream cheese. Steak is around 300cals per one.

Snacks- pork rinds are awesome..most packs have about 200 cals. Thing like celery dipped in peanut butter, deviled eggs, tuna mayo with some celery..
Like I said I actually find that now I am eating high fat a lot of the foods I eat are higher in cals...like one tablespoon or full fat mayo or one tablespoon of EVOO is around 100 cals. You can very easily add on extra cals just by adding little bits of extra things here and there so maybe add some butter to your vegetables? Also full fat yogurt makes a great snack :) and nuts of course!

Bryonykate 10-15-2013 02:08 PM

also I agree with CarolynF definitely have extra fat not extra protein..for a while I was on a high protein, medium carbs, low fat diet and lost no weight at all. Most people on atkins/keto diets eat over 100g fat a day. Do you know what "macros" are? Try and aim for abotu a 70/20/10 split. (70Fat 20Protein 10Carb). some even go higher with theirs fats, so an 80/15/5 split.

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