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vicki786 12-21-2012 01:07 PM

LCHF for dummies
Hello My friends,

Can you please provide a lists of item which I should work on? So, I can start this diet.

I am 5' 2" and my weight right now is 134 and I like to lose 10 pounds. I have used HCG diet however I like to use this one for the reminder of my losing weight journey...

Happy Holidays!

CarolynF 12-21-2012 06:08 PM

Hi Vickie..

The key is to watch your protein intake. Since you are shortish, you probably should be in the 70-80 grams range. This is spaced out during the day. You are very close to goal, so the portions can't be huge. Keep your carbs around 30ish..and only veggies..Avoid grains like the plague and don't worry about the fat too much.

It will be interesting to see how you do after the HCG plan..I'm sure you will do fine..

AprilMarshall 03-01-2013 12:25 PM

Hi! I am a newbie that has been lurking :) I read both of Groves books and I think I have found a WOE that actually fits me!! YAY! I have been up and down all of my life. I have done WW, Atkins, ect ect... This summer- this winter I have done 3 rounds of HCG. First round went great, started a second round WAY too soon after first round and as soon as I hit P3 I lost it and pigged out on anything and everything.. So, I did ANOTHER round through the whole month of January and lost most of the weight again. I ended my last HCG round at 124.4 lbs, first couple weeks I stabalized ok, didn't need to correct my weight with a steak or egg day.. then I decided to up my protein in attempt to up my calories. Well, that upped my weight! LOL, so I did an egg day and lost almost 2 lbs overnight. It was 74% fat I ate that day, which got me thinking if it was fat that my body wanted. So, I had seen fat fasts before, and looked into it further, found you guys, found the books, read the books and started.
First day of high fat /low carb was Wednesday, keep in mind I had been eating around 1600 cal a day prior, anyways, I ate 2200 calories with 70% from fat.. next morning I was SO scared to look at the scale, but to my suprise I was doen almost half a pound!! YAY!
Yesterday was day 2, ate 2200 calories with about 67% from fat, down 1.8 this morning!
AND, I feel awesome! Not deprived at all!
I am at the moment watching fathead, and the more I read or watch about low carb/ high fat, the more I am "getting it"!!
Anyways, you seem like a really nice bunch on this thread and I wanted to say "hi" since I have been lurking here :)
I thought this was also a good place to post my hello since the above person also has previously done HCG. Obviously we cannot stay on HCG forever and need to find our healthy WOL, so I am exploring this and I think it suits me perfectly.
Thanks for having this efgt forum, it has helped me a lot!

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