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emel 11-09-2012 06:56 AM

Am I doing this right?
I've read EFGT book twice.
I hear all the talk about 60 g carb being too much for many women.
I hear I'm supposed to limit my protein, based on LBW, to 50 or 60 g per day.

EFGT says I can eat all I want.
THat's not what the math says, but I suppose I could drink a tbl of olive oil or coconut oil if I'm hungry after my nutrients are maxed out.
Why don't my menus look like what's in the EFGT book? Are they not counting the protein in cheese and veggies and coffee?

1,299 cal
107.1 fat
39.8 carb
52.4 pro

2 cups black coffee
1 oz Chicken, leg (drumstick and thigh), skin eaten
1/2 oz Cheese, natural, Cheddar or American type

2 T cream cheese
3 med stalk Celery
1 oz Walnuts
1 oz chicken
2 T olive oil
2 cups lettuce

1/2 cup raw cucumber
2 cups lettuce
1.75 oz Chicken, breast, roasted, broiled, or baked, skin not eaten
1/4 cup cottage cheese, full fat
1.5 T Olive oil
1/4 Avocado
1 Tbl Butter
1Apple, med, which I'll break up throughout the day.

I keep hearing about people eating up to 11 oz of meat a day.
I'd max out at 6.5 oz.

This menu would be within parameters, but I'd be starving, and I don't like to eat that much fruit. But there's more protein in veggies than in fruit, so I couldn't fit any more veggies in without giving up some meat.

1.5 oz chicken leg w/skin
1/2 cup raspberries

2 oz Chicken, leg (drumstick and thigh), skin eaten
1/2 apple
1 celery
1.5 T olive oil
1.5 T coconut oil

3 oz Beef, NY strip
1.5 T olive oil
1.5 T coconut oil
1/2 apple
1 Celery, raw
2 cup Lettuce

emel 11-10-2012 08:00 AM

Alrighty. Thanks to Carolyn, I have this thing figured out, at least for how to do it for my body's needs. everyone is different, but I feel good about how my plan will be for me.

B- 1/2 cup full fat cottage cheese and a devilled egg half.
All Day party:
4 oysters
a hot dog and a burger from an organic/premium/no fillers/ specialty farm.
2 devilled egg halves
veggies from a veggie tray (so probably celery, broccoli, radish and baby carrot)
2 bourbon and diet pepsi if I want them, and I'm taking a carafe of coffee with 2 oz heavy cream in it.
And I'll have a fat bomb when I want it.

That's 1350 calories plus 210 cal from the booze if I drink it.
1350 calories
112 fat
22.8 carbs (not netted)
64.7 protein

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