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SkinnyNikki 09-26-2012 08:00 AM

Joining in here! :)
Hi all :) I have been a very sucessful low carber in younger days (high school/college) going from 170 to 130's maintaining for a while. Fast forward - life events (divorce namely) living on my own, sedetary desk job bla bla bla... you guessed it. Put the weight back and then some. I am bouncing from 180-185 lately. Well, I am comitting today to Low carb and high fat. I was reading a lot about this as well as Jimmy Moores recent experiment and how he lost about 50lbs. Its all very encouraging. I am also taking thyroid (raw) glandular as I believe I am hypothyroid. (please don't preech that I need blood work etc, I am very in tune w/ my body - feeling much better since supplementing and seeing minor losses w/o much diet change as well). I also come from a ED past and low carb just feels good to me. I have been vegan/raw for almost 2 years as well and did lose weight as well as my health and muscle tone! So, i have a lot of rehab going on right now. I need to be patient w/ my body even though I don't want to be. I take enzymes to help now that I eat meat/fat again and lots of other supps since I am not going to be eating much fresh produce.

Looking forward to joining you all in your October challange but will be starting today! Looking to keep my fat at a minimum of 75% possibly higher as it seems that is the best way to enter nutritional ketosis. I am going to track my #'s daily, and am bracing myself for a major loss here - just want to post this so you all help keep my a$$ accountable! My biggest weakness is going out / alcohol =/ which normally doesn't affect my weight too much, rather the day after food cravings/weakness is what gets me every time.

Some q's - Is coffee ok? I am trying just to eat 2 meals to watch my calories (since fats really add up fast) so just breakfast and dinner for meals, and kind of create a fast over night and during the day (but i will be having coffee and cream / stevia during the day to keep me going).

I am also monitering my body temps - aiming to keep them nice and high.. which the thyroid supps will help with.

Anyhow - excited to be here! And looking forward to getting skinny and helping out you all as well =) :up:

sillykimmie 09-26-2012 10:40 AM

:welcome: Best of luck to you as you start your weight loss journey!

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