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kat7385 09-19-2012 02:59 AM

Help! macros and advice!
Hi, I'm a new comer, been trying this for 2 weeks, lost 12 pounds of water, but stalled. Doing a carb up today, very excited. :)
Well, here's my macros for 1500-1700 calories a day. I go the gym on a regular basis, but having a down week this week. Otherwise, activity level is, I work for starbucks and I walk around semi trucks all day in steel toes inspecting for damage. I get confused on how to do everything, but obsessed with numbers, so calculating things is my thing ( even when I eat lean, just needed to try something different for once in my life.) On this note, with atkins/ketsosis, I never went into full blown ketosis in the past two weeks (maybe once). My pee smelled gross and my ketostix never went past trace to small. Quite frustrating. Anyways, any tips or help would be great!
Anyways, here's the macros.
I'm 145 lbs now, 105 lbm, 5 foot four inches.
420 calories=105grams protein
1080 calories=125 grams of fat
I'd get carbs from 1 oz of mushrooms, 1 c spinach in my omelette in the am, 2 cups of spinach in a salad with 1 tbsp of mixed evoo & flax with turkey bacon and 1 oz of cheese. Also, 1 cup of avocado ( I split it and make either fries out of them or just mash it up to eat) I bring a few meals to my jobs all the time.) SO 3 net carbs from that off the bat.
maybe another cup of spinach in the evening, that's it, although I miss giant salads! I plan on adding atleast 2 cups of broccoli through out the day cuz I did that yesterday and felt a little relief if u catch my drift.

What could I be doing wrong? I know in the beginning, I got the metallic taste and drank a **** ton of crystal lite. Well, found out that a no no and that was probably a stall....I do already drink a gallon of water a day. I drink two cups of decaf coffee with a TBS of of HWC in the am, or evening...I buy the full fat one and even bring it to work so I have no carbs. I even bought fattier meats (I'm used to b/s chicken breasts, so it was a challenege to actually buy fattier meat!) It's been fun trying to cook new things. Chicken thighs wrapped in bacon, eye of rounds, top sirloin steak. Pork chops, oh man I'm excited for them. I weigh out all my food, the proteins cut down from 4 oz cooked portions for either 2.5 to 3 oz, depending on the macros. I use coconut oil per a suggestion as well, I'll cook my eggs in it or I did my chicken. Just mentioning so you get a feel on how I'm actually trying the full fat thing.

Well, thank you, I've been lurking for over two weeks. I feel like I'm trying to tweak and stuff, trying to be patient! This is just so different from what I've been doing for so long, but this is so awesome cuz I've never felt so full. I'm used to excess protein up the ying yang (used to eat 20 egg whites a day/ etc.) Thank you for your help!
Any criticism on how to keep going, let me know. Thank you in advance for the help,
Kat <3

reddarin 09-19-2012 09:32 AM

If you like numbers it is so much easier to live this woe I think.

Your protein looks too high. You are 5'4" so you probably need between 56-69 grams of protein a day to protect your LBM. Too much protein seems to stall people even if macros look about right.

Without the carbs, since you didn't list them as grams, your ratio is 72%fat to 28% protein. When you add the carbs in I imagine it will drop to something like 60%F/30%P/10%C

That's not bad but you are a bit stalled so you can tweak your macros to get the scale moving.

Ah. You should take your measurements. Today. Right now. Not later. Measurements will not lie but the scale will. It will show a stall or even a little gain but your measurements will usually go down even though the scale says otherwise.

And the measurements are a great way to relieve anxiety when the scale is being unkind.

Right off the bat, you should add organic coconut oil as a supplement not just for cooking. MCT oils create ketones.

Here is a great post about MCT oil:


Come join us on these threads:


Oh, as for the fatty meats thing, you can do that by adding fat to lean meats when you plate the food. Like a tbs of melted butter drizzled over the item or a tbs of CO or sour cream.

The really good thing about fatty meats is that it helps keep macros right without pushing calories too high.

ChrisWeightLos 10-31-2012 08:24 AM

Thank you for beautiful Thread

emel 11-05-2012 09:47 AM

May I chime in here? I'm looking at doing this plan.

I really had to work to get my fat up while keeping the protein under 67 g, which appears to be my maximum.

B-- 2 eggs, tsp butter, oz cheddar, half oz fatty ham, .4 cup mixed fruit. Tbl half and half in coffee (which I prefer black)

I'll make a salad of 1.5 c greens, .4 cup cukes, .2 cup red peppers, w/2 T ranch and a T olive oil. this will be split between Lunch and Dinner.

L-1/2 salad, the dressing and oil, 2 oz cooked ground round

D-1/2 salad, a cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup sf tomato sauce, 2 oz venison
an egg mashed with 2 Tbl mayo (gross)

crack made w/ 1.5 T CO and a T cocoa powder

That's 1,343 cal
105.9 g fat 70%
37.8 g carb 10%
68.1 g protein 20%

I'm not happy with that meal plan. I ate the fruit w/breakfast after reading Eat Fat Get thin meal plans. I'll probably omit the fruit so I can have more veggies on other days.

I don't get it. I max out at 1340 cal if I stay within the protein parameters. I made the meal plan up by sticking as much fat in there as I could imagine choking down (don't want the crack, don't want all the mayo in one measly egg). And 2 oz meat per meal is not gonna make me happy.

Am I missing something, or is this plan wrong for me?
The ratios you are describing seems incompatable with "eat freely of protein and veggies" like EFGT book says.

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